Three Steps to Creating Your Own Meditation Corner

spirituality tips Mar 25, 2019

I swear.... silence and quiet time is the most MAGICAL gift for channeling your creativity.

When I am tired, burnt out, and uninspired, all I have to do is create some silence for myself and the ideas flow in like a crazy rapid river.

This weekend, on the edge of burn out, I stepped into a spiritual cocoon for 24 hours (this is a ritual I have where I literally shut down every piece of technology and stay in my house for a full 24 hours heal my overwhelm or to create the breakthroughs.)

And BOY did the breakthroughs happen.

I can do this inner work quickly now (recover from burn out, heal old limiting beliefs, and grow my creative channel) because I have created a space in my home to do it: My own meditation corner (known as my zen den.)

My little zen den is the place where I reflect, journal, meditate, pray, dig in and discover my next level steps. In addition to being the space where I spend most of my "spiritual cocoon time," It is also the space where I come to in my morning routines.

Every morning, I meditate, journal, and read here. I've had this morning routine for about 4 years now, and it has drastically transformed my life, my connection with source, and my financial reality.

So today, I wanted to give you some tips so you could make a sacred corner for yourself too.


Step One: Pick a Special spot in your home to do The Inner work in

I work from home. So creating spaces of intention in our house is SUPER important. If I don't have special places in my house designated for important parts of my routine, lets face it, I don't get anything done and I am trying to do everything all of the time.

Without a designated work space, for example, I end up working all over the house and then I feel like I can never relax or disconnect from work.

After years of working from home, I now know better.

  • I have a special place where I work and create (my office,)
  • a space for where I can disconnect from work and be present with my husband (our entertainment room,)
  • and a space for myself (my zen den.)

Pick a designated spot where you will do all your inner work. Make sure it is a place that lights you up and feels good to spend a lot of time in. I am blessed enough to have an entire room of my house for this, but it isn't necessary. You can pick a favorite couch corner, or a nice recliner to do your work in. 

You don't need an entire room. You can create a simple meditation corner next to your bed or in your living room somewhere (or even next to your desk.)


Step Two: Pick the type of work you will do in this space

 I love being really intentional and creating rules for specific areas of my home. My rules for the entertainment room, for example, are that I am not allowed to do any business work in there (this allows me to be really present with my husband.)

When it comes to your meditation space / self development corner, I encourage you to make a list of the types of work you will allow in that corner, and also the types of things you will NOT allow.

In my zen den, I allow myself to journal, write, meditate, pray, post on social media (if I am feeling inspired)  and reach out to clients (if I feel called to) - But I do not allow myself to scroll facebook, watch television, or take calls from anyone during that time.

Write our your rules for what will happen in that space. (in the video at the top you can see my list of rules for my own space.

Creating rules allows me to be super present in my personal development work. Rather than trying to read in the entertainment room (which is a place of connection for my husband and I) I read in a very specific chair meant for that work (it allows my mind to focus and be present without distractions or guilt.)

Find your space, then make your rules.

Step Three: Make sure your tools are accessible and that you feel super inspired.

 Lately my spiritual space wasn't feeling high vibe or inspiring. I felt antsy when I sat down in my room and I felt like every time I was going in there to journal or meditate, I wasted too much time rearranging furniture and trying to gather all my spiritual tools. 

A space where I can meditate, find joy, and ground myself in ritual has all my tools available exactly where they need to be at any given point in time.

Some tools I ALWAYS have in my meditation room:

  • Journals
  • Permanent markers
  • Thick white card-stock (for my vision exercises)
  • Crystals
  • Sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Meditation Pillow
  • Cards to Pull
  • My Go to Spiritual Books
  • Candles
  • Oils
  • Diffusers 
  • Incense 
  • Pretty decorations that inspire me
  • Plants (to symbolize life and earth. I am after all, an earth sign)

To figure out what I needed in my room, I walked myself through my daily routine pretending like I was going through hit, and asking myself "What tools do I need available here at all times?"

Also, "does this feel inspiring to be here?" If it doesn't feel good, it won't create good results.



 What are your favorite go-to tools for your space?


Lauren Eliz Love