Three tools to use to create your first online course

business strategy Apr 25, 2019

There are a million bazilllllion tools out there for running your own online courses. Which tools are the right tools to use? In today's blog post, I'm going to share with you the three tools that we use to create our online courses so that you can build a solid online business that creates passive revenue for you!

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Three Tools to Use to Create your first online course.

When I first stepped out into building an online brand, I went and got a domain via bluehost and created an entire website from scratch with Wordpress. It wasn't so bad, but as my desires to be more professional in the online space started to come up, I felt like I wanted more from my website but I wasn't as educated or knowledgable about coding to do the things I wanted to do. Especially when it came to designing courses. Building a website manually, and then wanting to design and feature an online course or product is totally possible. (I teach students how to build courses online even without a website via our course Digital Course Creator) But overtime, I felt a desire to do everything in one place. 

1. Use a Platform that puts everything in one place. I wanted an interface that I could build an entire website in, and feature my courses, and build email funnels, and take payments. And I wanted it all to be drag and drop and super easy to manage. Kajabi saved the day, which is why it is my first recommended tool in creating an online course. Kajabi is how we built this website. It is how we take payments and how we have built out all of our email funnels. Everything is super easy to manage and all of it is drag and drop. Plus their customer service is FLAWLESS. I highly recommend them to everyone who is building a course, membership site, live group coaching programs or evergreen products. They are amazing. 

2. Find a video software you can use to record on the computer and have live coaching calls. All of our online courses have videos of me recorded. I don't set up a fancy camera and I don't spend much time editing my content. I use Zoom. And it's the easiest video tool on the planet, which is why I'm recommending it to all of you! Zoom is a conference tool that you can use to have virtual meetings on the internet with your clients, customers and team. It kind of works like Skype but it's even better because you can record your videos, share your screen, chat in the comments and save your content as a video and an audio file to redistribute. I love recording my course content on zoom because it is so easy and the cost of a zoom account is really affordable (I think they even have a free account option too.)

3. Buy a Domain Name. If you are ready to really dedicate your life to growing a successful prosperous online business, having a domain name is really important. It is the different between a professional brand and getting lost in the online space. We buy our domains through Bluehost and then activate the through Kajabi which is really easy to use! 




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