To The Girl Who Wants To Make Six-Figures

business strategy May 14, 2019

Did you ever wonder how I came to start my business?

I am going to tell you what happened the moment I decided to build my very own personal brand (and the magic and mess that happened after.) If you want to hear the whole story be sure to check out this episode on the Lauren of Love podcast.

I was 24, and working as a television News Producer for CBS. (I know, cool right?)

Maybe to some people... but deep down I was miserable. I was surviving off of credit cards trying to support an expensive life in the City, and living on the outskirts of Manhattan in a five-floor walkup in a really poor neighborhood of the Bronx.

It was so bad, the drug store on my corner of the block had regular shootings and robberies, which was really scary, considering I worked an overnight shift and had to walk to that corner to catch a taxi to work at 11 o'clock at night.

Financially, I was struggling to make ends meet, and creatively and personally, I felt totally unfulfilled.

I kept hearing this little whisper that my life was made for more but I had no idea what steps to take to make that happen.  

One Sunday afternoon I was sitting on my couch reading a memoir written by a man who had some incredibly dark baggage and rough past and I instantly thought, "I wish I could make a living helping others by sharing my life story."

"I'd love to help women overcome body image issues and sexual trauma like I have been through...."

"It would be amazing if I could share my story about addiction and help women leave abusive relationships just like I have..."

"Imagine if I could build my own business, create my own personal brand, and make money doing what I loved and just help people all day."

And then I started thinking about the time freedom and the financial freedom that would be possible if I actually built something as magical as that.

That is IT, I thought.

I will start a blog and build my own platform on social media!

I didn't know how to start a business. I didn't know what the steps were to online marketing and I had no idea how to make something like that profitable.

The next day I went to the Apple store and invested in my very own desktop computer (on credit of course.) I remember being so scared of the investment but being so eager and so ready to change my life.   I didn't know any strategy. I didn't have a clue about how to build a brand. I didn't know what coaching was, or how to market myself or grow an audience. I had NO idea how to even sell anything at all.


So I got my computer.... got ready to launch.... and I waited.   One year later, I still hadn't really taken any action (aside from buying that Mac computer.)   I kept thinking about all the time I had wasted, and that whisper of "you were meant for something big" just kept getting louder ... and more annoying.

 I went home one day and told my boyfriend who I was living with that I wanted to quit my job and go all in on my vision of creating an online empire.   In the year I had sat around and let my fear and ego get the best of me, I had watched other people grow big beautiful brands.

 I took that anger I had for not taking action and I channeled it. "If these people can build success, why not ME too?"   

"If I actually went all in like I told myself I would a year ago, maybe I would actually be making money right now," I thought.  

That fire fueled me. And together, Matt and I came up with a plan.  

I put in my notice at my corporate job.

I moved in with Matt's parents and left our apartment.

We put all of our furniture in storage (aside from my mattress and computer desk)  and I moved to an entirely new state to give my dream an official "go-ahead." I made a promise to myself, "you wasted one year Lauren, make this one year that comes next count."

And so for 12 months, I gave it my all. I hustled, I worked hard, I made mistakes, and I cried.... a lot.  

Yes, I was scared.

Yes, I doubted my ability to actually be successful, and yes, I road the rollercoaster of emotions of entrepreneurship with very little money coming in.

 And right when I was about to give up, at the very end of that one year,

 I hit my first $200 month.

And then I hit an $800 month.

And then a $1,200 month.

 And that February I hit my first $8,000 month.

 And every month after things just kept getting better.

 Today, I have a lot of experience in growing an online business. And Lauren of Love is a multimillion-dollar brand that's mission is to transform businesses and the women who run them (because both go hand in hand.)  

And Six Figure Biz Babe is the program I created that shows women how to do exactly what we did to create an empire.    

The minute I hit a monthly income that equaled a Six Figure Year, I took all of the things I learned and poured them into a course.

Every single strategic thing I did.

Every single piece of inner work I did.

I poured it into one beautiful Six Week program.

(From the actual strategies we used to grow to six figures, to how to start a business from the ground up, to Money Mindset, inner limiting belief work and ideal client, marketing strategies, and content creation plans - it is ALL in Six Figure Biz Babe.)

Six Figure Biz Babe is the precise methodology of what we did to create a Six Figure online brand.

Network Marketers, Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, Brick and Mortar owners have all gone through this course. We have had so many success stories from students who graduate this course, that we proudly consider it a non-negotiable study for all women in business.

If you are enrolling now, congratulations. I am so happy for you!

My heart's intention is that you take all of this information and run with it towards the vision of life that you desire. My goal for you and every woman out there is to create the aligned life and business you always dreamed of having.

Even if you are just starting...

Even if you've been spinning your wheels for a long time...

Even if you have reached an upper limit and can't seem to shift into your next big financial milestone...

This course will change the trajectory of your life and business forever.