Two Rules of Doing Business You don't want to ignore.

Two Rules I run my business by: The rule of resistance and the rule of ego.


Rule of Resistance: If it feels heavy, it probably isn’t right for you. Whether it is setting standards for how often you show on social, the niche you pick, or the programs you decide to create or the products you rep: if it feels heavy, it isn’t right.


The minute I find myself thinking, “That doesn’t feel exciting,” or “I wouldn’t really actually want to do that regularly,” I immediately let it go (or hand it off to someone on our Team)


Any sign of resistance is a sign you are doing it wrong. (Unless that resistance is ego-ic. Then see item number 2.) In our current phase of building the Company, this is super important. After all, if you hate what you are doing, and then create “success” doing it, how miserable would that feel?


Rule of Ego: If the only reason you AREN’T doing something is because you afraid of failure, losing money or disappointing others, then you HAVE to do the damn thing. Back in the day, when I wanted to go live on FB or Insta, but I was scared of being seen, I had to do serious inner work.  I asked myself, “Is this a resistance based thought or an ego-ic fear-based thought?” If I was scared of judgement, failure, losing money, or not being loved, that was a sure sign that I was just operating out of ego (and operating out of ego is the source of all failure in life.) Now, any time an ego-ic fear comes up related to an idea or plan, I immediately look at that fear, challenge it, and overcome it. The ability to rinse and repeat my inner work is the KEY to my financial success (Check out my process for this in the course, Good Enough. Reprogramming.) When you constantly challenge the old bullshit stories, you run to success faster.


Which of these rules do you struggle with the most?



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