The most magical personal development event ever.

I am at the airport getting ready to board a flight to Malibu after one of the most magical weekends of my life serving the Lauren of Love Community LIVE at an event in CT called Transformation Weekend

If you haven't checked out my insta-stories I've been posting about it like crazy (don't worry.. there's a highlight on my IG Profile for you) 

But before I jumped on a plane to LAX (hi Miley Cyrus!) I wanted to take a minute to recap the goddess experience and share some of the moments we created with you.

I designed this event called Transformation Weekend,  to work closely with a handful of women on creating massive results in their mindset, spiritual connection and manifestation abilities.

I have been working on this with women for years in the Lauren of Love Community though our online group programs, but I felt a deep calling to hold space to create this magic in person for those who were ready to work with me more deeply beyond the computer screen and in person.

So this weekend, for two and a half days, ten incredible women from the Lauren of Love Community came together in Connecticut for a two and a half day experience with me to heal their old stories, transform their identity and expand their abundance mindset.

I'll share some pictures with you here in this email because it really was truly epic.


We created a really intentional space for the deep weekend work. Sometimes seminars can feel boring and uncomfortable sitting in a desk chair all day, so we made sure to create a vibe in the room that felt safe, open and expansive. The day was designed in a 9-5 style learning experience and split between classroom style learning and spiritual circle on the floor with blankets.

We set intention together in the very beginning of the experience, to decide what we were calling in and to share our hearts about the journey we were about to begin.

All of the women came to this experience wanting MORE in their life: More success, more joy, more love, more abundance and more COURAGE to live life on their own terms.

It was so beautiful how we held space to navigate that growth together as a unit. And we basically all became soul sisters in the process.

These women had incredible breakthroughs this weekend, and I am so proud of each and every one of them.

They did DEEP inner child work, had breakthroughs around their business, celebrated receiving abundance and new clients while they were in the room learning, and let go of their old stories once and for all!

I am so proud of each and every one of these women (and the babes who weren't in this picture because they had to catch a flight back home!)

Our next round of Transformation Weekend is going to be in June, and today and tomorrow you have an exclusive opportunity to get $500 off your ticket. I hope you come join us!

>> Details, Dates, and Payment plans for June Transformation Weekend are here <<

As one babe said: "I was scared shitless to sign up but I knew that meant I needed to be in the room. Best decision ever."

Congratulations to all these incredible women. Brittany, Sarah, Victoria, Vanessa, Emily, Ashley, Maria, Andrea, Amy and Lauren - I am SO proud of you girls. Go home and create magic.

 This experience reminded me that change happens in an instant: The moment you decide that you are meant for something more.


-Your Coach, 

Lauren Eliz Love