What does it take to make six figures in your business?

I have strong opinions about what it takes to build a six-figure business. Here are THREE to wake you up!

1. I believe the most important work you can ever do to run you to the big digits is the work on yourself. If you have fears, insecurities, feelings of not being good enough or blocks around receiving money - you are going to get stuck. Fast. The inner work is the key to what has expanded me into the money I make today.

2. It's always going to be scary. I hate hearing big players act like they don't get scared, worried or have bad days. It's b.s. the truth is we all have ups and downs no matter what level we are playing at. If you are running your business like you are always growing, you are going to have moments of fear, doubt, and worry. "Can I do this, am I good enough, what if I fail" are thoughts that even NOW I feel. I have learned to not let them RUN me: That's the secret. You can feel fear and do things anyway. That's courage. So anyone who tells you that they completely conquered fears before they made six figures is lying. You have to learn how to walk WITH The fear and now have it run the show in your life and business. That starts with taking action - not waiting for the moment you aren't afraid.

3. Stop waiting for shit to be perfect. My first logo was crap.
My first offer was confusing. My first email opt-in lead page sales funnel was a big hot mess express. The point is I didn't wait till everything was perfect to claim myself as a professional expert in the coaching industry. I decided in my heart that I was ready the moment I found my passion. And you need to decide too. Shit is never going to be perfect. Take your messy action jumps now and stop waiting.


SIX FIGURE BIZ BABE IS OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT. So F-ing excited to welcome our new round of students. Lives and businesses are going to change forever !! I cannot wait to see you in this six-week program!

Btw which one of these three do you struggle with the most? We do work on all these things in SFBB !!