What does success really mean to you ?

mindset mastery Apr 26, 2019

At least once a week I take out my permanent markers, lay on the floor and do some prompt exercises to shift my perception and improve my mindset. “What is the next level version of me doing every day?”
“What is my soul calling me to step into?” Prompts like that are constantly helping me grow.

Lately, I’ve been challenging my old beliefs and definitions of success and wealth with my prompts. “Is success really about how much money you make?” I know a coach that makes a million dollars a year but has 30 one on one clients and no time to do anything but sit in front of her computer all day. “Is success is about how many followers you have?” I know people who have 60k followers on Instagram and are lonely AF.

So that’s not it. “Is it how smart I am?”
“How much recognition I get?”
“Whether or not I write a book?”
“How many accolades I have under my belt?”
“How many events I get invited to?”
“How much free time I have?”
“How many six figure launches I run?”
“How big my email list is?” Sorry. It’s none of that.

Then I looked down and my paper and realized that success is being able to do an exercise like this in the middle of a week day, from my home, with my fur baby by my side, while continuing to make money effortlessly.

For me, success is simple: it’s being able to live in a state of pure joy for majority of my existence on this planet. It’s about being able to experience my life, slow down my day and be more present.

Did I laugh today?
Did I have a balance of time freedom and work that feels aligned to me? (This is different for everyone.)
Did I have space in my schedule to self care, spend time with family/friends and have plenty of room to make a mark on this planet?

Money is the resource that allowed me to do those things. Money is the tool that gives me the opportunities to BE successful. Money is not the definition of success, but rather the gateway to living a successful life. Because success is not a goal post or a milestone: success is a state of being.

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