Why your Body and Business are so DEEPLY connected

business strategy May 07, 2019

You guys...you guys... YOU GUYS.

I am SO excited to feature Stephanie Schultz as our guest! 

This girl is FEARLESS AF. Her energy is infectious, and her vibe is incredibly soulful.


Not just in business, but in life.

I remember when I first found her on social media. She was showing up to create content around her fitness journey but was also educating women on building businesses. I found it incredibly inspiring that she was doing both.

As someone who has personally struggled with balancing her business and health, I saw Stephanie and thought, "This girl has the secrets - for sure."

I reached out to her, and she agreed to create an exclusive training of the month for our VIP Supported students all about creating a vibrant healthy lifestyle as an entrepreneur. 

Her amazing training drops May 9th! 

As our featured mentor of the month, Stephanie and I sat down to riff about her journey of entrepreneurship. I ask her a million questions all about the secrets behind her success, and how she scaled her business building Fitness offers AND business offers.

In the online space, it is so common to hear from business coaches that you have to choose ONE thing to represent as a personal brand. Stephanie had a love for fitness but also knew there were SO Much mindset and inner work involved in getting results. Fitness and Wellness is an inside job. She also was deeply passionate about business coaching and at one point, felt stuck as if she had to decide what her mission was in the online space.


Instead, she let her mission choose HER. She let her business unfold and evolve naturally and today she runs a beautiful multiple-six-figure brand that does ALL of those things.

 In our sit down Q&A (which is available below for you to listen to on the Lauren of Love Podcast) she shares her behind the scenes story of entrepreneurship and how she went from working for a very well known online influencer to running an online empire of her own. One of the biggest takeaways I had from our conversation was how bravely Stephanie listened to her intuition instead of what other coaches were telling her to do with her business.

Someone, somewhere along the line, told her that she had to choose a niche and that she couldn't be a business coach, health coach and mindset coach all at once.

Stephanie said hell no, kept following her intuition, and it worked. That inner connection of trusting her gut feeling (which she also attributes to a healthy lifestyle) was what led to her success today.

She has the business and the body that so many women aspire to have. Which of course is why we were so excited to feature her training in VIP Supported for the month of May

Her training of the month in Lauren of Love  Membership is all centered around the Business and Body connection, and how caring for your body affects your energy, vibration, and financial reality.

"Keep caring for yourself," she says in her special edition of the VIP Supported Magazine. "So you can continue to do big things."

Every month we bring in new content to the Membership so that our students can learn from new voices. Our mentor of the month provides an exclusive trianing, a beautiful Q&A and is featured as a special guest in our monthly interactive magazine.

We wanted to bring Stephanie on because....well... we adore her!

Stephanie is such a strong expander for so many of us out there. You don't need to choose between two niche's you are passionate about and you don't need to choose between your self-care AND caring for your business. You can have BOTH.

Enjoy our Q&A of the behind the scenes of Stephanie's business on our podcast episode today, and if you want access to Stephanie's magazine and VIP Magazine spread, you can enroll here!




Enjoy this episode! And be sure to check out Stephanie on her social media accounts here: Courageously Confident FB Group | Stephanie's Instagram account @xogingy | Stephanie's Group Coaching Program