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Explore this page for some of my recommended tools, goodies, and favorite products on your business, self healing and spiritual journey! Explore the page for some discount codes too!

The Business Babe Workbook

Written by me, Lauren Eliz Love

A while back, when I was operating under my OG title of "Business Babe," I made an incredible workbook that transformed so many women's lives. It's available on Amazon and even though it talks about my old company, Business Babe, It's still an incredible tool for creating the business of your dreams!

Checkout the Workbook on Amazon!

Herbal Support with Organic Olivia

My new non-negotiable support for wellness. Gut support, Liver support, Hormonal support, and all the things! 

Checkout the Organic Oliva Shop

Ceremonial Grade Cacao

The only brand of Cacao I will ever work with! Straight Guatamala and infused with a lot of prayer, click the button to get a discount and learn how I make cacao!

Visit my page about Ceremonial Cacao (with a discount code)

Microdosing Mushrooms

I found this amazing company I started working with that offers reasonably priced microdosing and has an incredible quiz on the site to identify which blend is most supportive for you based on your unique needs.

Checkout my favorite microdosing company and use code OFLOVE for 10% off your order

Ceremony tools, Hape', & More

This is one of my favorite shops to get my shamanic tools for spiritual ceremonies. Order Hape' and other incredible items from a reputable source in right relation with the tribes! Use code OFLOVE at checkout and get a discount 

Checkout the FourVisions Marketplace

My favorite online medicine shop

My favorite place to shop for medicine drums, palo santo, sage, and more

Explore Shamans Market

Red Light Therapy 

I use my red-light regularly and I feel like it is a total game changer for my mental health! I highly suggest it and recommend. use code REDLOVE at checkout for a discount 

Get a red-light for therapy & healing

Intentional Jewelry

The only jewelry I wear these days is from Awe inspired. The energy of each piece feels so special, the quality is incredible, and I absolutely setting intentions for each piece I own! Use code LAURENOFLOVE at checkout and get a discount 

Checkout the Collection

My coffee enema protocol

For one of my favorite heal and wellness products, get a discount on any at Happy Bum Co using code OFLOVE at checkout!

Explore the Coffee Enema Shop

This entire site...

is run on Kajabi. And I could not recommend them highly enough.

Get started with a trial here

Instagram Strategy

Get my software for automated conversation lead generation support on your instagram

Checkout Many Chat

Train to be a certified coach!

My friend Ashley runs an amazing certification for life coaching. Tell her I sent you! Her program is amazing.

Checkout QCA