Success is not just reflected in your bank. It's something you embody. 


Introducing - Sacred Success - The Digital Course. The space to learn, rewire, and BECOME the embodiment of success frequency.
Your best support for navigating the journey of healing your relationship with success, money, and personal freedom.
This video program (complete with slides, journal workbooks, and meditations) is designed to help you activate and recode your conscious and subconscious mind so that you can feel in total alignment with the energy of success. (And actually create, attract, and manifest magic success in your life!)

I have been a full-time entrepreneur for the last eight years.

I healed myself out of poverty and unworthiness so that I could create a multiple, high-six-figure business that has allowed me the freedom I always wanted in my life.
And to do that, I needed to learn all of the principles that I am so excited to share with you in this program.
We hear it all the time that "success is an energy" - but what would your life look like if you finally became an energetic match for that frequency, and knew exactly how to grow a business from a soul-aligned, success-embodied place? Welcome to the journey my darling. This is the program where the game changes.
Sacred Success is designed to walk you through the education around how to liberate yourself from your own suffering, resistance, and self-sabotage of success. Whether you have been limiting yourself with unworthiness patterns, creative blocks, burnout, or resistance to freedom and ease, this do-it-yourself program contains everything I teach my one-on-one clients about the embodiment of this energy. And now it's YOUR turn to embody that freedom TOO.

Inside Sacred Success.

This program is a study of the most important foundations of freedom, success, and worthiness of abundance. You can see a breakdown of the topics we dive into deeply inside this program below. Once you enroll you get instant access to all of the content and lifetime access to any and all updates.
There are nine video trainings inside this program. Each video training will help you learn the things you have NEVER learned before about success, abundance, aligned entrepreneurship, and business mastery.
Each video will code your subconscious to rewrite and rewire your relationship with success so that by the end of this program, you will not only have tangible strategies and actions to take, but you will be empowered and liberated, with a clear game plan on how to feel FREEDOM and SUCCESS regularly in your life.
This program is delivered inside my online course portal. You'll get instant access the moment you join and you will also receive audio versions of each of the trainings so that you can listen on the go if you choose!
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Sacred Success comes with 9 powerful video trainings, three journal workbooks, and two meditations.


Here's what's inside!

  1. The four energy processes to master success at any level of your life or business.
  2. How to heal resistance.

  3. How to transmute low vibrational energy. 

  4. The mother method of business creation to birth anything powerfully abundant.

  5. How to Quantum Leap in your business. no more slow-moving success trains.

  6. Healing the imbalance cycle and getting off the train of resistance at any moment it pops up.

  7. How to Navigate Failure and the FEAR of it.

  8. How to combat negative energy as it shows up on your journey.

  9. Understanding the frequencies of doubt, self-sabotage, fear, and avoidance: In this training, you'll develop a new-found understanding of these things as they show up in your life and learn how to break your patterns once and for all so they don't continue to hold you back.

  10. How to identify and embody your unique energetic blueprint for success: Ever wonder why some tasks work for others and they just don't work for you? If you ever tried to get to a goal trying to do it the way someone else has done it, this program will be a game changer for you in finding your unique path and knowing exactly what to do on your journey.

  11. Fully BECOME an embodiment of success: Through some incredible study I will show you how to tap into your unique frequency of success and how to harness and hold that energy in your life, your body, and your spirit!


"Working with Lauren has given me the clarity to leverage what I have already created in my business and shown me exactly how to execute and up-level my launch strategies to go from $20K to $50K months!"


-Ashley Gordon


And I spent years feeling unsuccessful. This would manifest in my relationship with my body (making promises for my health only to never follow through.) This would show up in my relationship with money as I never had enough and lived on maxed-out credit cards. And this would always show up in my business. I constantly felt unworthy, chased the next-level, and made growing my business feel like the most painful uphill climb on the planet.
When I was in the early season of my entrepreneurial path, I became obsessed with studying the simple question: "What makes people successful?" I constantly grew my mind only to be disappointed by the beliefs that "hard work" and "pressure" were the only ways people were preaching about impact. I knew I wanted to hit big milestones and achieve, but I felt like no matter how much I listened to the experts and poured hard work into my vision, my egoic, limiting mindset just constantly got in the way. I wasn't building a business from alignment... I was trying to escape the feeling of not feeling good enough.
And that's when I realized: Success was an energy that I needed to master.
Since that realization years ago, I have learned the empowering truth that holding the energy of success and learning how to embody my own belief in myself was the key to achieving the things I wanted. I have healed my bank account, my debt challenges, my financial resistance, and client blocks, simply by healing my true relationship to success within myself.
That is why I am so excited to share this study with you. It is time that we all learn how to fully embody our SUCCESS energy so we no longer hold ourselves back, and become the powerful leaders we have always known we were meant to be. If you're resonating with this story, take it as your sign to join the journey and study the craft of Sacred Success.


It's time to BECOME the embodiment of success.


Sacred Success


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