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Are you a spiritual woman ready to manifest, self-heal, and transform?

Keep reading my love. This is for you.

AboutAbout The Sacred Success Membership


The Sacred Success Membership is a subscription based platform that gives you access to monthly ceremony calls and trainings designed to propel and awaken you into your next level. 


You receive monthly ceremony calls with spiritual-expert facilitators in the art of self-healing, personal power, and manifestation. Study with the best spiritual teachers on the planet to come home to you truest self. Every month you'll also receive trainings from me Personally designed to help you awaken into the woman you know in your heart you were ALWAYS meant to be.


In this month's Love Talk, I am dropping a master class training on How to heal the body. In this training I'll share with you my entry level pillars for how I have been able to heal Chronic Lyme disease, depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety and more. If you struggle with any physical ailment, this training (a piece of the HEAL. program) will be powerful for you!

Join the 14 day slay success challenge today!

what our members are saying

I absolutely LOVE the trainings that come out every month...I absolutely love the Membership. It
is TOTALLY, totally, worth it for me. 
Stephanie Synder
I love being a part of this community. I’m so happy I was drawn to all of you and find such support and love that propels me to pursue my dreams. And know it’s OK to do so!
Kathleen O’Sullivan
I’ve been able to unleash a confidence in me that I’ve never known before. I feel more confident and powerful in my messaging and in my ability to lead others. My business feels more aligned than ever before and I’m excited to see where it goes from here
Sarah Howard
.. I have spent the past five years foundering, throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something, anything, would help me grow my business. Now I have the clarity, direction, and tools to actually create the business of my dreams. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!”
Amanda Kintz


Every month you get a new ceremony call with top spiritual experts and teachers in the healing space! Swipe through to see some of the magic that is INSTANT access inside your course portal (and you get a new ceremony every month!)

AboutAbout Ceremonial Coaching....

  • Once a month we have a magical 90 minute LIVE group coaching call Ceremony style. Virtually, we come together as sisters to grow, to heal and to do deep work together. These calls are powerful! They are a sacred space for you to come once a month and do your transformation work! 
  • These calls are a combination of healing modalities, sacred spiritual ritual, coaching, q&a, and healing work! Bring your dreams and desires to every call!

What would it feel like to dedicate 90 minutes hours to your healing and growth only to get epic quantum shifts in your life? 

THE breakdown:

What’s inside the

  • Once a Month LIVE Ceremony Coaching Calls
  • Once a Month Love Talk Masterclass Training Exclusive to the Membership
  • Monthly support with meditations, journal prompts, e-guides right to your email.
  • Suggested book of the month & self study guide

PLUS, you get access to my entire personal development and business strategy
archive library! SIX Years of content inside!! Thousands of hours of trainings!

  • Business Babe Success Plan, 14 Day Slay Success Challenge Pack, Unleash Your Badass Business Workbook, Dreams, Desires and Destiny Worksheet
  • Goal Setting Clarity Training
  • Outsourcing and Hiring a Team Training
  • Goal Setting Intensive Strategy Training
  • Facebook Ads Strategy Training
  • 30 Days of instagram calendar
  • Hashtag strategies
  • Six Ways to Show Up On Instagram Training
  • How to Attract Clients on Instagram Organically Training
  • Website & Insta Audits Video Series
  • How to Make Videos for Instagram with Graphics and Text
  • How to grow, build and create an engaged Facebook community
  • How to Run a Summit Series Training
  • Email List Building 101 Part 1 & 2
  • Emal List Explosion Part 1 & 2
  • Rock That Inbox with Lyssa Jackson!
  • Content Creation Calendar Building
  • Lauren's Schedule 
  • Personal Branding 101 Masterclass 
  • Organic Brand Building Master Class
  • Stupid Simple Graphics 101
  • Stupid Simple Social Media Graphics Pt 2
  • Pinterest Ninja Tips
  • Pinterest Part Two
  • The power of video and how to create compelling content
  • Welcome to Niche! Let's have a chat.
  • Identifying Your Niche Power of Three
  • Niche Round Table Hot Seat of Niche Exercise
  • Niche Hot Seat Pt2.
  • Flow Formula for Niche
  • 5 Day Challenges tips, tricks and do's..
  • How to Find Soulmate Clients Training
  • Building Your Team and Knowing Who to Hire and When
  • HOw to Create a Membership Site Masterclass 
  • Goal Setting for the New Year Masterclass
  • Growth Tracking (Why numbers are critical and how to use them) 
  • Daily to-do lists and when to delegate video training
  • Honoring the Masculine and Feminine In your business video training
  • Lauren’s personal Manifestation process
  • How to create a high vibration for your business
  • Full Moon 101 Intention Setting practices
  • Manifesting form a space of self worth
  • Meditation Series Pack (4 part meditation program)
  • The Magnetic manifestation model 
  • How to Rock Your Retreat: A masterclass for Event Creation
  • Stephanie Bellinger - Behind the Scenes of Spiritual Boss Babe and how to Turn Your Gifts into Gold
  • Stephanie Schultz on Body and Business Connection: getting healthy to make more money.
  • Ashley Gordon - Busting Through Limiting Beliefs and how she trusts and lets things unfold in her business
  • Stephanie Snyder on momming+running a business: Time Management for Moms
  • Brand Archetypes
  • Canva Templates
  • Document Resizing Tutorial
  • Facebook Cover Tutorial
  • IG Story Build Up
  • IG Story Shareable Tutorial
  • Branding Questionnaire
  • Mood Board Training
  • Online Resources for Design
  • Social Media Square Tutorial
  • The Activated Library 
  • Align With Abundance Guide by Brianna Rose
  • Prosperity Meditation with Sandy Vo
  • EFT for Financial Fear with Stephanie Bellinger
  • Moon Sign Workbook with Racquel
  • Activating Abundance Using Breathwork with Erin Nicole Porter
  • Leveraging Your Human Design in Business
  • The place to heal, transform and expand

Hey soul sister

hey soul sister

I’m Lauren,

your Healing Soul Sister, Spiritual teacher and coach!

In 2015 I quit my job with one goal: I was going to build an online business helping people by sharing my STORY. I had been through a LOT in my life, and I wanted to fully embody who I was and make a living sharing my rock bottom success story.

I realized the secret: Personal Development was a STRATEGY of my success. The more I worked on myself, the more money I was able to make.

Not only that, but the more I worked on myself, the more my dreams started to unfold. I manifested my dream partner, the home of my dreams, I lost 60 pounds, healed trauma that had been lingering in my body for so long, and finally claimed my power.

I have spent nearly half a million dollars on my healing path studying with expert teachers, shamans and spiritual guides to help me expand into the woman I have always wanted to be. 

And with that expert knowledge and study, I have been able to pour all of that into the teaching I get to provide to all of my magical students.

Whether you run a business, or not, I am taking all of those personal development strategies I have learned and pouring them into each and every one of you inside this membership!


  • You are a spiritual woman looking to go deeper into her work.
  • You are ready to create new levels of freedom and expansion.
  • You are determined to create the life of your dreams.
  • You are ready to learn how to break your limiting beliefs

  • You are ready to get results in your life
  • You are ready for deep spiritual study and mastery of self-healing

what our members are saying

If you’re on the fence about joining, just do it. The training alone is worth every penny and it’s only one part of so freaking much! This is the most valuable training I’ve ever gotten in my business. Straight up F***ing Gold.
Business Babe Member Christine Mingin
That was my first group call and the energy was insane - I've honestly never felt anything like it :purple_heart:I felt massively emotional through a lot of it and I'm glad I've found this safe space to be vulnerable and open. My personal breakthrough was that I need to make my business challenging for me and make it feel new and interesting every day!
Katie Hodgkinson
I have learned so many new and refreshing things inside the Membership site! The trainings are amazing! The Membership introduced me to so many amazing women. It is unlike any other site out there. Team Business Babe is always evolving and helping us evolve as well! Come join us!
Business Babe Member April Nikki Tapscott

READY TO BEGIN? let's do it sister!

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*Enroll with any of these commitments and cancel after your subscription is up!


+-Is this right for me if I don't run a business?

Yes! The Sacred Success Membership is not just for business women. This is a personal development focused membership that also includes a portal of business trainings, but that's just an epic bonus for all of the business women inside!

+-Where is my email confirmation?

Be sure to check your promotions and spam folders in your inbox. To make sure this doesn't happen again please whitelist us so you will always be in touch with us. If you haven’t received an email within 24 hours please email our team [email protected]


+-How do I access the link for the monthly coaching calls?
  • To find the times of your Membership coaching calls and links, please log in to your course portal at:
  • Select "start course" on MEMBERSHIP inside your course portal.
  • Navigate to the section that says "Monthly call links, replays and important dates".
  • Click on the call you are looking for. Enjoy your content!
+-What is the cancellation policy on the Membership?
  • Your cancellation is dependent upon which Membership price point you enrolled in.
  • If you enrolled at $33/mo you are able to cancel your membership after 12 months
  • If you enrolled at $44/mo you are able to cancel your membership after 6 months
  • If you enrolled and paid in full you are able to cancel your membership after 12 months
+-How does billing work?

If you signed up with a monthly membership you will be billed on the day you enrolled. From there you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled. If you paid in full you have a full year till the payment will process again.

+-Why don’t I see an option to cancel my Membership?

If you have completed the appropriate time and still don’t see an option to cancel please shoot our team an email: [email protected] 

+-How do I access the private Facebook group?

The Membership has a special access Facebook group for our community. All the information is listed inside your welcome email.


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