A monthly immersive container for your personal ascension to becoming your limitless self.


You know that soul's calling of knowing…

‘'I am meant for more in my life than what I have been settling for?"
Or that feeling when you suddenly realize you desire bigger, more expansive dreams for yourself, but forcing them to happen feels hard, heavy, and overwhelming?
Do you know the feeling of wanting to expand, grow and change into the best version of yourself, to manifest a life of play, freedom, joy, and limitless possibility but feel like your resistance just keeps getting in the way?
Or the deep longing of wanting to embrace a more spiritual approach to your personal growth & personal life, but not really knowing how to take those steps or how to really master that spiritual connection?
What would your transformation journey look like if you stepped into your soul to find the answers?
The invitation is here. Welcome to the Soul Portal Experience.

The Soul Portal Experience is a sacred study of your own self that brings you into a life of power, possibility, and potential. Every month you receive magical content to walk you step by step through the journey of building a more empowered relationship with yourself, your purpose, and your power.

The magical life you want starts within your soul.

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You want confidence & self-love. You want to be able to share your dream self with the world and feel super awakened in the knowingness of who you are. You want to feel total limitless unconditional love for yourself and know how to meet your needs for deep self-care.
You want alignment & activation: You want that magical feeling of being deeply connected to yourself and the Universe. You want to feel like you are always on the right path, and walking with a strong feeling of inspiration, excitement, and clarity in everything you do, like life is always happening for you and not to you.
You want empowerment and embodiment. You want to be able to believe in yourself and feel a strong essence of personal power within. You want to feel centered in your identity and feel truly anchored into your truth. You want to feel passionate about who you are, and completely safe to express the highest version of yourself fully embodied in your essence.
You want strong intuitive knowing. No more second-guessing, fear-based living, or doubting yourself. You want a strong power center of belief within yourself so you always know what steps to take, and how to create the life of your dreams.
You want a life of flow. You desire it all: Creativity, inspiration, play, and freedom. You want a life where you thrive in all that you do and feel fully joyful. You want a life experience that just feels easy and magical. Like miracles manifest around every corner.

The Soul Portal Experience is a spiritually centered virtual container that teaches you, guides you, and supports you on your journey of your true BECOMING.

SPE combines the art of astrology, human design, & earth-based medicine with spiritual practices and self-healing modalities to bring you a monthly offering of content to walk you home to who you are truly meant to be.
Inside SPE every month you receive:
  • 1 in-depth astrological forecast for the month's immersion study.
  • 1 new moon virtual ceremony call
  • 1 expansion study training of the month
  • 1 Meditation Activation to support your expansion
  • 1 Journal Workbook
  • 1 Monthly study of Earth-based medicine practices
  • Access to the 3-month archive of content
  • A 20% Discount on all DIY courses in the Lauren of Love Shop - exclusively for SPE members
  • The SPE Facebook community

Your desires are what you deserve.

Every woman deserves a safe space to blossom into her highest self.
Every woman deserves to master the art of loving and believing in herself.
Every woman deserves a connection to her soul, her spirit, and the Universe.
Every woman deserves to feel in alignment with herself and her world.
Every woman deserves to invest in the art of learning to love, know and trust herself.
And EVERY woman deserves to step into the portal of her SOUL to become and receive her WILDEST dreams.

The Philosophy of SPE:

We all have a true soul's purpose.
To "know thyself" is the greatest journey we can ever take in this lifetime.
Self-Love is your birthright.
When we learn how to work with the Universe, we thrive.
Your potential is limitless, and it's never too late to transform into your highest self.

SPE is perfect for you if...

• You are dreaming of a container that allows you to go at a balanced pace (that doesn't take up a crazy amount of time in your schedule)
• You are longing to walk a path of transformation and deepening that has structure and purpose (and doesn't feel like you're all over the place trying to work on yourself)
• You crave a process that takes the guess-work out of your expansion (no more overwhelm around your inner work and self-healing journey)

How the membership works:


Here is what's included, and how it works:
Your monthly invitation: At the start of every month you will receive an email that lists out all the details of your content topics, training release dates and ceremony calls. You have the option to attend live events if you choose or you can mark your calendar for the replay release dates! Your email will also contain astrological insight, self care practices, and earth based medicine ritual tips to get you really rooted and embodied in the study of the month. Feel free to share along in your participation with the community!
1. Your Expansion Training of the Month:
Every month you receive a training on topics like:
  • Reframing your subconscious mind with beliefs about money, identity, relationships, and general life.
  • Creating and breaking habits (and how to make those changes stick).
  • Bringing your purpose to life through your career, business, side project, or in day-to-day life.
  • Increasing the 'selfs': self-worth, self-belief, self-confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Creating a life plan that you can work toward right away.
  • Dealing with fear, balancing, and processing emotions.
  • Cultivating happiness, gratitude, inner peace, and a positive mindset.
  • And so much more!

Each month you’ll receive a deep dive into topics like this. The content is easy to digest, actionable, and packed with value.

You can work through the content at your own pace, and the best part is that you can go through the content the way that feels best to you - video training, audio, or read along with our transcripts!

2. Your Monthly Meditation Activation:

Every month you have a Meditation Activation to dive into. These meditations are custom-designed to the astrological calendar and theme of study for the month. They are one of the most powerful manifestation tools inside SPE! Download the meditations inside the SoundCloud App or you can listen right inside your SPE course portal with your own personal login.

3. Journal Workbook:

The journal workbook is designed to deeply integrate the new empowered identity you are calling into your life as it relates to the topic of the month. You get a new workbook each month and the questions in each magical PDF are sacred activations to rewire your subconscious in the direction of limitlessness.

4. The Online Community:

How amazing would it be to be part of a group of people who really get you, can relate, are motivated, kind, passionate, inspiring, and supportive? That’s what our community is. This is where you can ask questions, bounce ideas around, and share stories. We’re all here to support each other! This will be hosted in a private, members-only Facebook group.

5. Monthly New Moon Ceremony Call:

Once a month, we as sisters come together to gather with the new moon virtually and walk through a sacred ceremony-style experience to call in what we truly desire. Get ready for a powerful spiritual experience that connects you to your highest self!

6. The SPE Members Only Discount:

As a student of the Soul Portal Experience, you get the opportunity to purchase any digital courses in the Lauren of Love Shop at a discount! Your coupon code is available to you once you join SPE and you can use it on any course you'd like!

Start creating a magical life through the soul portal.

Come into your truest, highest self,

Tap into your deepest spiritual connection,

Build the greatest sense of self-confidence and self-love,

Join a supportive community of people who really get you,

Step into your soul portal, join the journey today.


I’m Lauren.


I'm a self-healing teacher and a spiritual mentor for women in their transformation era. I’m here to guide you to your personal power and help you activate your truest sense of embodiment so that you can manifest your wildly beautiful and free life.

"Within the first ten minutes of our first call I already got my money's worth for the year! I felt like I was transformed on that call and it was exactly what I needed. I'm so glad I joined!"

- Lindsey M.

"I have learned so many new and refreshing things inside of this membership! The trainings are amazing! The membership introduced me to so many amazing women. It is unlike any site out there."

- April T.

"The investment I made in The Soul Portal...phew man for the stuff I get I feel like I should have paid $2000+! I am just LOVING the value of the content. Thank you so much!"

- Holly U.



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Monthly Payments


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