Lauren of Love Podcast: How to Transform Into a Successful Person




Are you ready to make 2020 better than all the years before combined?

One of the biggest things I learned to do to master my physical reality was TRANSFORM… and in this episode of the Lauren of Love podcast, I am going to be sharing my tips for how to Transform into a Successful Person that you have ALWAYS wanted to be.

In this episode of the Lauren of Love Podcast, I share my tips for transforming into a a successful person

Learn how to make a dramatic change and accomplish your goals.

Some things we talk about in this episode: 

Vision: How to paint the picture and get clear.

Identity work: How to shift your ability to BE that successful person.

Unblocking: are you going back to old stories and rewriting your past? 

Magnetic Manifestation: This is how I let the universe come in and work with me.

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