EP 231: Energetic sovereignty, boundaries, and triggers from others

lauren of love podcast Jul 20, 2021

  Today, I want to have a conversation about energetic sovereignty; what it means, how to set more deeply into it, and why it is so important. 

  Many of us are trying to become the best version of ourselves, to create the life and person our souls desire, and with that,...


EP 230: What Actually Stops Us From Creating Success

lauren of love podcast Jul 16, 2021


Are you ready to dive into a dialogue about creating success? 

  Creating success is a deep study. We are continuously deepening our study with many energies in our life including our relationships with love, wealth, success, freedom, happiness, etc. It is really important as we...


EP 228: The Game of Life and Mastering the Ego

lauren of love podcast Jun 29, 2021

  Over the past month, a lot has come up for me. I have been moving through some big challenges and I want to spend today talking about those things and what the collective is experiencing and navigating together.


  I spent some time in Vermont with my husband and then we went to...


EP 226: Healing Trauma for Success

lauren of love podcast Jun 08, 2021
BUT FIRST: This topic is in honor of my free five day series: MAKE HEALING A REALITY which is now open for enrollment!
Make Healing a Reality is a free five day series that teaches you how to master your mindset and remove all the limitations that are holding you back from achieving...

EP 225: How I Healed My Life

lauren of love podcast Jun 01, 2021



Why do you believe your life is not healed yet?


  A lot of times, we see evidence like unhealthy communication patterns, we don’t make time for ourselves because we feel like we aren't good enough to, we have an unhealthy relationship with our finances......


EP 224: My Relationship With Plant Medicine

lauren of love podcast May 25, 2021


  I believe plant medicine has transformed my entire reality. My relationships with my husband,  my peers, and how I show up in my life has all changed significantly since I first started using the sacred plants of Mother Earth.


  In our lives, the external resistance...


EP 222: My Spiritual Perspectives on Covid, BLM, Vaccinations & Cancel Culture

lauren of love podcast May 06, 2021


 Today, I'm talking through some current sensitive topics and how the fear around speaking about them can reflect on your own healing journey to your higher power. 


  For so long, I fed into fear with the stories of what I should and should not say and not...


EP 221: Mastering Big Leaps in Your Life

lauren of love podcast Apr 20, 2021


When you think of taking a big leap in your life, do you feel a lot of fear?


There are three steps of taking a big leap:


1. Jump off 

2. Whatever happens during the leap

3. Landing


A lot of fear comes up when considering a big leap due to the unknown of if we will...


EP 220: ft. Dylan Kidder, Founder of Ethos Earth Medicine and Sacred Kambo Medicine

lauren of love podcast Apr 13, 2021


  I was so excited to interview my dear friend and Kambo teacher, Dylan Kidder for this week's podcast episode. We dove into all things Kambo and helped you guys get to know the person who guided me through so much healing and transformation with this sacred medicine.


EP.219 I'm Still Blocked: Studying the Integration of Healing

lauren of love podcast Mar 30, 2021
When we are stepping fully into our power, we are often faced with fear of judgement and criticism. The deeper we go into our truth of who we are meant to be, the deeper these wounds will become. These wounds present an opportunity to heal the stories we have around insecurity and change...
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