EP258: Dealing with Dark Energy Storms, Disconnect & Heaviness

lauren of love podcast Feb 24, 2022
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In today's episode, I discuss how to change your relationship with dark energy, disconnect, and heaviness so these experiences can be life-changing and supportive instead of hindering. My hope is that by the end of this episode you will be able to navigate through a dark night of the soul in a shorter amount of time and move quickly back to your higher frequency. 
Every challenging thing that you face in your life is here to help you, grow you, and teach you something about who you are. What stories do you need to let go of? What patterns are not serving you? These course corrections from the universe are all here for you
I recently went through a dark night and am just now coming out of it. I was on a strong frequency of taking care of myself, my business, my home, everything and then something in my timeline caused a shift. I felt so good and then suddenly, I was drained, tired, foggy and I am still trying to figure out exactly what it was that caused this shift. These are usually caused by 3D experiences that illuminate some kind of emotional challenge and I had a couple that happened one after the other. I had a weird dream and woke up feeling really off, I had a plant medicine sit that illuminated a lot of my shadows, and I also had a really difficult conversation with my father that led me to a lot of realizations about my relationship with him.  
It's interesting because you will know how this energy works with you by observing the patterns you exhibit over your lifetime. For me, I would be super busy for a while and then take a period of rest. All of this big life changes, emotional and energetic, would happen in a short amount of time. I would be at my peak and then drop to rock bottom. 
It's important to pay attention to the balance of our life's work. We all work in the 3D plane, emotional plane, and spiritual plane to heal our connections to our self love and our relationship with consciousness and creator. This all comes with the purpose of ascension to the depths in your relationships and abundance. When the heaviness arises, the first thing is to be in right relationship with this energy. 
Your symptoms are:
  • Manifesting hard things all at once
  • Manifesting emotional experiences all at once
  • Manifesting emotional drain 
  • Manifesting life style changes

So now, you sit with it and process it. 

We have to be in right relationship with ourselves where we realize we are going through a hard time and may not like the way we are functioning, but we know that we are on our way to what we really want. Give yourself a break. Part of these heavy energy experiences are to teach you how to mother yourself and meet your own inner needs. Tap into yourself and spend a day giving yourself everything you need. A lot of us have coping mechanisms that are abusive towards ourselves so it is important that we learn to be present with heavy energy and nourish ourselves without judging what we need.

We also have to identify what these experiences are here to teach us. Silence and space can be so powerful for focusing on what the manifestation is there to teach you. We tell ourselves a story that we are too busy to do these things, but the truth is we're really afraid to face it and get uncomfortable. We need an empowered relationship with discomfort and suffering to work through these challenging moments instead of avoiding them. 

You know it is a dark night when this one experience brings up emotions around more than just that experience. You start to see this energy popping up everywhere, but to move this frequency you have to give yourself permission to feel all of the energy that comes up. This can be through movement, sound, meditation, plant medicine, nature, reiki, anything that feels best for you. These experiences help you to learn your tool kit that works best for releasing what no longer serves you. Again, it's all here to help you.

We fear that it will be so painful to work through, but revisiting emotions is for the purpose of releasing, not to re-indulge in your suffering. 


It takes as long as it takes.


Part of the reason that heavy energy lasts so long is because we are not actively participating in the work. Instead of waiting for it to be over, find out what it can teach you. What can it do to further heal you? What can you let go through this dark night? 

Be patient and love yourself for where you are. Operate knowing that you are always being guided. Know that you are worthy of nurturing yourself. Release your understanding and teaching with a fear release work. This can be burning a letter, a list of what you need to let go of, a cleaning prayer, a cleansing bath. This work is so potent and can be so empowering to do. 

When you work through a dark night, make sure to integrate all of the work you do into your life. Make space to rebuild yourself and come back into your power. Give yourself the time you need. You deserve the time freedom.