EP254: Lessons of My $50,000 Heal Program Launch: New Lessons of a Successful Business

lauren of love podcast Feb 08, 2022

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Today, we will be having a conversation abut my most recent HEAL. Program launch. I took a break from talking about business to focus on my souls mission of helping women through their self healing journeys but I realized that there are so many women who follow along my journey because they are inspired by my ability to create a successful, profitable, online business. So I’m taking the time today to discuss what has been going on in my own development of my business. I’ve always had to move through doubts, fears, and stories but I’ve realized its not really about what you are doing, its how you are doing it. So, no matter what your mission and passion is, you can be wildly successful doing what you love. Any story coming up, we are here to do things differently and that is what we will be diving into right now.

Hitting milestones requires a healthy relationship with money and what the numbers mean. For many, we tie our worth to the revenue we receive, but really shifting the perspective was the biggest game changer for me in this launch. HEAL. was our HIGHEST selling enrollment of any HEAL. launch we have done and I really did a service to myself doing the work to rewrite stories around my own success and worthiness. When you show up in your heart and in your purpose, money and prosperity flows.

First I want to highlight, if you launch something for the first time and it doesn’t perform the way you want, holding faith and rinsing and repeating to find what works is truly the way. We tend to blame the offer, but anything created with passion and heart has the ability to be wildly successful. You have to be able to sit and process through what is working and what does not. Something I’ve realized is that usually when a launch doesn’t go well, it is because of me and my mindset at the time. 


So, let’s take it back a bit and discuss my previous HEAL. launches. Before I created HEAL, I was a student of this work before it existed in the online space. I was deep in my dark night of the soul, I had a lot of success and responsibility but I was sick and struggling in my health. I started healing my life through the use of plant medicine and began to shed the paradigms, story, and ego that was telling me that my identity was wrapped in being this successful business coach in my “Business Babe” brand. I really had to separate from this identity and just be with myself and figure out who I was beyond a business coach. It made me so scared. The journey of healing I went through is now the HEAL. process that I bring all of you through. 


And what I realized through this journey was that I wasn’t put on this Earth just to help women make money, but to guide them through much more in depth healing work. I think like many people who tap into spiritual connection and intuitive gifts, we find that the fear lives in the unknown of “Who am I to actually say I have the authority to do this?”.  But to me, I think some of the most sacred and abundant gifts we have in this lifetime are God given gifts and sometimes navigating the decision to use those gifts can take time. So, in the early days of launching HEAL, I had a lot of fear around its creation and whether it was right. The first year, every time I was in this place of restricting and constricting the number of people who came in because I didn’t feel safe to hold the container to receive more. I was mitigating my own risk all of those times but I knew that this time, it would be different. I rewrote my relationship with leadership and worthiness, I honored what was moving through me and I think this is something SO IMPORTANT for all entrepreneurs to do. 


What if your job in this lifetime is to be a conduit for this energy of gift that is moving through you? Your message and mission, what if you are holding space to channel the brilliance of something outside of you? This belief system spoke so true to me this launch. My job is to hold space for something beyond me. To celebrate and hold it. 


I played so small because I was in my fear of not being enough. I realized I needed to be gentle with myself and let these changes take as long as they needed. I gave myself the permission I needed with all love and compassion for myself. I didn’t run from my offer, change it, or get frustrated by it, I let each launch be a step to allow myself to sink in to my power in this offer. 


So, how did I show up differently in this launch?


I had to change how I showed up energetically and move myself from reaction mode when I launched. I made sure that in the week of my pre-enrollment, I showed up in a place of service with detachment, pouring my heart into the women that signed up for the free experience prior to open cart. I trusted that if I showed up in an open heart energy that the right women would come into this program. And what this looks like is giving and being embodied in your power at the same time and offering your medicine to the world with 100% certainty of your being and your medicine. It is holding faith and trust in the unknown and not worrying about the numbers or your goal. 


My launch strategy is a six week process. The beginning is getting people into the free experience and once that is done, cart is open for five days. It can be really tempting to obsess over who is coming in and what the numbers are, but your energetic frequency is the most important thing to focus on. It is this energy that cultivates and collects the wealth and prosperity that you need to focus on. If you are in reaction mode, there are a series of triggers that can bring up discouraging stories and fears that affect your energy. 


I also want to talk about selling. I offer discovery calls to connect with the beautiful souls interested in the program before the cart opens. In these calls, I used to have the energy of needing to land the sale which caused me to show up nervous and hesitant. Now, with some help from my friend Jen Casey who taught me some super helpful tips for dialogue, I show up completely detached and in a space where I am offering support and creating connections that feel genuine and safe. I’ve also made this round of HEAL. a place for so much celebration for every woman who joined. I wrote down names, lit a candle with intentions, and joined other women in the program in celebrating the new souls joining the journey. I focused on how grateful I was for each student without carrying any ego ties to a financial milestone. I was just grateful and appreciative for the new journey and not at all focused on the numbers. There was no comparison to past launches or other people and I knew that this is the energy I would show up in for all future launches to have that same magical experience that I just had with this past launch.