EP259: Being Spiritual and Building a Business That Is Successful

lauren of love podcast Mar 01, 2022
For the first time I am opening up a high level three month mastermind container for any coach, healer, spiritual teacher, or course creator who is looking for the accountability and safe space to scale her business to six figures!
This mastermind is designed to be a sacred portal of support, connection, accountability and teaching to hold you in your evolution and expansion.





We’re going to discuss building your wealth, prosperity, freedom, and business from a spiritually aligned place. This is one of the biggest things that stops us as spiritual beings because a lot of us have trauma and wounds from previous workplaces. I know in my experience, I would burn myself out and feel unworthy and overwhelmed in my corporate work environment looking for recognition from my boss. I needed the freedoms that I have now that I run my own business from a spiritually aligned place. I needed to rewrite these things, and I’m going to tell you how you can do the same.


We want to feel good. We want to be liberated of our internal suffering of burnout, insecurity, worry, and exhaustion. It’s important that if we know that our outcome is an internal experience most of all, that it is our responsibility to look at our internal relationships with what we are creating for this world and how those relationships are dysfunctional or not working for you any longer.


A huge block for a lot of spiritual people is the fear around making sales with our spirituality. We can feel unworthy, uncomfortable, not good enough. We fear what others may think. Fear is the essence of what stops us with everything. But all of these stories mean something and they are here for deeper understanding of what is really going on internally. First, we need to ask ourselves why. Why do we feel this way? Why am I having this thought/feeling? We may not want to be perceived, judged… 


What’s really important to recognize is that we are afraid to be on the receiving end of some energetic projection that we believe to be true. But, if you don’t feel that someone’s projection is true to you, you would laugh. You know you are walking in integrity and in alignment with your goals. You would be able to take that projection and not embody it, but still feel it. It is the Universe showing you that you need to heal your relationship with boundaries and know that what you are doing is truly what is right for you.. what is soul aligned. 


We want to develop firmness in our experiences and the Universe gives that to us to build trust in what we feel about ourselves and our mission. If you have any of these rooted problems in your business where you don’t feel good enough, you have to be embodied and cultivate your empowered energy. Take the medicine of you and give yourself what you need to change (exercise, alarms, meditations, etc.). If we tell ourselves we don’t have the time, if we make excuses, we need to fight for ourselves! If you want a life of empowerment, you need to show up to do those things.


Your dysfunction in your relationship with how you receive money is within you and it is your job to find out why, rewrite those stories, and cultivate for yourself.


But this is just one component. The other element is how we shop up. Your business can often become a projection of the experiences you had in corporate life re-manifesting itself. I know for me, I would 10-12 hours a day, burn myself out, and just be so exhausted. Even before work, in high school I would take on so many projects. I look back now and realize that I was playing out this pattern throughout my life that had been carried throughout generations of my family. We found validation and love through over exertion and hard work. 


I realized that I had to design a business that reflected the standards I want to have. Your business is nothing when it starts. Isn’t it true that since you are designing it, you have the ability to design it exactly how you want it to be? So what does that look like? 

For me, I wanted a business that allowed me the freedom to create what I wanted. I wanted to be able to evolve and change as I grow. I can create new programs, new content. I can use my creative channel however I want and apply that to my business however I want. 


I also wanted to be able to be creative as much as I want, but also be able to step away when I need to. I’m still doing work on myself, I’m still healing and improving on so many different levels. I need that space and freedom to cultivate things in my life other than business. So I wanted time freedom, multiple revenue streams, passive income, flexible hours, and a structure/system that allows me to work hard for a few days and then take a break. This is what works best for me and my body. 


You can not always be in a state of more, more, more! Climb, climb, climb! Expand, expand, expand! You have to integrate. Slow down and apply. Make it a part of your identity. This allows you to be more gentle, and not force yourself to create. Our business goes through seasons, and we have to be okay with that flow. There’s evolution, shifts, expansion that will always be happening in your business.


You have the opportunity to decide exactly what game you want to play. Meaning, it is a game of expansion, faith, healing, trusting, stretching, etc. What this looks like is entirely up to you. 


The game I play is I create my reality. I get to choose the meaning I give everything in my life. I decide who I want to be and I get to move through that with my business. I’m not waiting to feel good, I’m just holding space to create the life of my dreams.


Marianne Williamson, a great light teacher, shared a beautiful post about manifestation the other day that if you want to design a life that is abundant, happy, and joyful then you are responsible for creating that right now in your 3D reality with the resources you have available to you. A lot of us don’t feel safe to do that so we tell ourselves a story that we need to do this or that before we can be happy. 


But if you see yourself as a holy being, designing yourself, then you would know how powerful you are. Do you honor and cherish yourself that way? You should. 


We need to be the person that worships ourselves and allows ourselves to create the business that we want and deserve. Treat ourselves as the one that we would worship and do everything for. What would you change in life and in business if you were treating yourself that way? 


Building a business from a spiritual perspective means you are a super creator. You create something out of nothing. You get to build business that fulfills all parts of you. The souls calling has a deep desire to be expressed and lived through in your creation so that you create needs to be soul aligned. You need to take space with yourself to honor what a healthy business looks like for you. 


We are never failing, we are always ascending. 


Fall in love with you and what you create. When you believe that you powerful, you are unstoppable.


So get clear, align, and kick ass in your business. 



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