EP256: Embracing Her Feminine & Creating Wealth with Paige Cole

lauren of love podcast Feb 17, 2022
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In today's episode, I share a conversation with Paige Cole discussing what life and business has been like for her since she decided to embrace her truth and come out of the "stripper closet". This episode is SO incredible, I can not wait for all of you to dive in. 

Lauren: Paige Cole. I'm realizing now in the in the seven years of being in this space and knowing you for like almost, we've known each other for a while, this is like the first time we're actually sitting down having a legit business conversation. 


Paige: Yeah. Well, I interviewed you on my podcast way back in 2018 before this was when it was the Paige Cole Show. Before I was out of the stripper closet, before I even made $1 in my coaching business. Yeah.

Lauren: You looked so different back then. Oh, my God, and you were doing it with like another girl too. Right? Like you guys were growing the business together.


Paige: That was a different Yeah, yeah.

Lauren: Crazy. Okay, so five years. Wow. That's crazy. Okay. So like, I know, we've just been on this path of like being connected in our sisterhood and like, watching each other grow businesses side by side. How do you introduce yourself now? Like, how do you identify yourself?

Paige: Paige Cole. I usually like if I'm like, you know, doing a training or something I say like Paige Cole, I'm the creator and founder of the Rainmaker Institute of coaching and healing, and the creator of the Rich Method Coaching Certification because as my business has grown and developed and pivoted, as we've seen yours do and so many others in the online space, you know, I started manifestation and mindset coaching. And then I, as we call it, as I call it, coming out the stripper closet. So then I was a stripper business coach and coach strippers on, you know, on running their dancing business, like a six figure business and money manifestation and business building. And then through all of that, now, I've taken that all the NLP, all the coaching, all the business and created a coaching certification. So, I guess that's how I would introduce myself now.

Lauren: I think what I'm hearing, which is so crazy, and I'm just getting this realization, like, the journey that you and I have been on side by side in the last five years or so is so true of so many of us in that pool of like, we did this for a little bit. And then we did this and then we're kind of like merging all of our brilliance into this like one big thing. It's so cool. It's so cool. I want to like ask you so many questions about so many different things today, because you inspire me in so many different ways Paige. And I think that first piece is that element of like, when you did come out of the stripper closet and putting yourself out there in such a real raw way of like, this is who I am. Can you talk about that journey for everybody who's listening? Like what was that like? 


Paige: Oh, yeah, I would love to, um, I started stripping when I was 19 years old. I'm 32 now at the time that we're recording this, so I have been a stripper for 13 years. For my entire like, growing up adult life, like stripping was my main source of income and I started other businesses outside of the club. But you know, I would quit too soon because with stripping it's instant, right? You go in, make 1000 bucks, give or take, leave, work half the month, make $10-15 grand as a 19 year old. So you kind of get used to a certain lifestyle, certain work ethic and stuff. So when starting a business of quote, real business, it's like, Yo, you got, you got to be committed, you got to put more time in than just six months. And so I would start and stop and start and stop and start and stop. But, um, so anyway, so I did all that. And then, you know, I went through my own trials and tribulations of life and drug addiction and all this kind of stuff. And in 2017, end of 2017, I went on a trip to Ireland and London, which is where I didn't have access to drugs for the first time in like a week. And so I had a clear head and it was on that trip that I was like, alright, no more we're done. Like, I have to do something, I have to start online business. And that was really my inspiration. So I came home started studying all this stuff for online business, on the coaching world. So I started my coaching you know, business, but I was terrified that if people knew I was a stripper publicly right like my friends and most my family knew but like you know, from a professional standpoint, if people knew I was a stripper, no way would they respect me, no way would they pay me, no way would they enroll in my programs, and none of that stuff. So I hid that and I was a manifestation and mindset coach, which I was I just totally hid the s stripping part and the needle wasn't moving at all in my business. Like wasn't making like any, I think I made like 100 bucks in like nine months total. And then I started working with a coach of mine Ashley, and she knew just from being friends and like the DM and stuff I was a stripper and she was like, I'm not gonna work with you if you don't come out of the stripper closet, essentially, I was like, wow, I said that's off the table. Absolutely not. Because then that meant I had to tell my dad, because my dad was the one person in my family, he's very Christian. He thought I was like a server or whatever. And then we got the call. And I was like, you know what, I've stripped at this point for 11 years, no matter who knows or not, I still did it. I have no problems with it. Like, fuck it, like nothing else is working might as well do this. So I just said, okay, let's do it. So I told my dad finally, and I quote, "came out of the stripper closet", with my business publicy and pivoted to stripper business coach. And that's when my business started, like, fucking taking off. And finally, for the first time, in like, 11 years,  something outside of the club, like, surpassed the income, I was making the club and it felt so good for like, my own even though like I know, you know, like, don't seek validation from external circumstances, how much money you make any of that, but it felt good for myself to prove myself that like, yes, you can be successful in places outside of the club, even though it doesn't matter if you're just a stripper and only successful in there. Um, but for me, that was like a really big theme. And it was just, I was so well received, like, I was so terrified of all these things, right. But when I actually just like, owned my shit, it like, it was so well received from so many people. And it really allowed me to, like, show my actual, like, personality and vibe and branding and energy, and like all of that, like, beautiful elements of myself, that was so hidden before. Um, so yeah, it was like literally the best decision of my life to come out of the stripper closet.

Lauren: I think the the story you're sharing has so many through lines that are so important for people like like points of resignation, when I say through lines, right? And I think, first and foremost, the wealth and abundance coming in, when you decided that you're going to actually own all of you is so powerful to really sit on and really embrace. How did you, you know, you're talking about it now and you're like, yeah, it's a no brainer, like, fine. I'm just gonna do this, like nothing else is working. But like, what did you have to let go of to be able to really make the decision to say, yeah, I am going to do this. Let's give it a shot?


Paige: Yeah, so I had to just let go of like, I honestly had to just let go of worrying what other people were gonna fuckin say about me, and just let go of letting anyone else's opinions hold me back from expressing my truth anymore. Because it's something Ashley said to me that was so like, pissed me off, but in like, a good way. Right? She was like, you're living a double life. Because I always I find myself to be very transparent and very authentic. And I am very about telling the truth. And just, you know, and when she said that, I was like, no, I'm not, you know, but I was, you know. And so that was like, kind of like a, you know, like a, it planted the seed for me. Um, yeah, it was just, that's what I had to let go of. And also, I just had to be like, alright, time to fucking just have a clear conversation with my dad, like, here, here we go, like, whatever. So, yeah.

Lauren: So your life has grown more abundantly throughout the last five years. And at the same time, your sense of owning yourself has grown immensely. And your sense of letting other people see that, right. Like putting that wall down is grown immensely. So much has shifted for you in the time of going from being just a stripper coach to now putting everything together and saying, yeah, I'm actually going to teach you all the things right, like, money mindset, how to coach. And I think this element of really embracing all of you, which is like carrying through in all of your content. What is that like today, like marketing yourself and still owning the stripper quality. Do you ever feel like you're getting judgment? Or do you ever feel like the old wounds come up? You know, to face.

Paige: This is a beautiful question right now. Because yeah, so it is very interesting because even as like, my company continues to grow. Like I'm spending less and less time in the club, which is totally fine, but it's like, for how many years I wanted to desperately get out of the club and now I'm like, I don't want to use the word desperately. But now I'm like holding on to it like I don't want to let it go. Like it's that that that part of me or whatever you know, so like, that's been interesting like coming into play because I don't necessarily as much resonate just because I'm not in there as much I used to work 5,6,7 days a week, seven hours in the club now I'm like, one day a week, maybe two. Um, so I love being able to still incorporate that into it. Another thing I want to say is like coming out of the closet for myself, stripper closet, and for just like take business and all of that shit out of there on a personal level for it to come full circle for me for such a big thing in my life for me to go through it, like, hate myself or judge myself, this is all I'm ever gonna be all this stuff feel stuck, and then to heal my relationship with dancing, it's like what the actual, the positive beautiful benefits has been just for a personal note so healing. And then to be able to also be successful in business has been, like, so beautiful for me. And for example, that we just started Facebook ads, I just started using Facebook ads for my company and my main profile picture for like two years it was a picture and it's a gray blazer and I have like my titties are showing, of course, you know, like lots of cleavage, but I have a blazer on. And we have that picture on one of the ad graphics. And it's not even that bad. Like I'm like, well, I have way worse pictures like we could have like, way more provocative pictures, right? And on that ad holy fuck. Like, I had to hide so many comments like, I can't even count like, people were saying like, um, this has to be a joke. You're disgusting. What an example you're setting for other people. Like, why don't you get a real job before you're old and wrinkly? Someone said, this looks like if you ordered Kim Kardashian off the wish app. I was just like, I was like hiding all these comments. And it's just like, you know, it comes with the territory, like I get it. Like, I'm not gonna be for everyone. And that's fine. But the people who I'm for I'm fucking here for them, you know? And also my ads manager was like, dude, should we make maybe pick a different picture? And well, I'm human. And of course, I don't like seeing these mean, nasty comments come in. I'm like, no, fuck that shit, it's a good filter. Because if they don't like the picture on my ad, they're not going to enroll in my program anyways. So like, no, we're not changing the pictures.


Lauren: Oh, my God, you got to come to terms with the fact that you're not for everybody. I feel like you're really going to be at that's for anybody out there listening, right? Like you got to be able to put on that thick skin and be like, yeah, my mission is very special and personal. And it's a very certain thing. And if it's not for you, like that's fine. Yeah, imagine if we morphed and changed ourselves, we'd be fucking so miserable. 


Paige: Yeah, or if we tried to please everyone, like I used to do back in 2018 and I'd be making no money, no thanks.

Lauren: Yeah, I feel like like those comments like when you get the comments that really upset me is that you're setting a terrible example for young children. When I personally think that you are setting an amazing example, for women and how you embrace your body and how you accept yourself like the images you share on social media even you don't, you don't Photoshop them, right. Like, it's just you. And embracing sexuality I think is something that we're taught is like wrong to do as women. Do you have you have thoughts or perspective on that?


Paige: Yeah, you know, someone else made a comment. Like the comment I made like this post about apparently I trigger people. And this lady, I didn't know who she was, but she made this long post about I hate when people say that about "set an example for girls" and all that kind of stuff. And she was like, why are you the one to like, leave an example for our children. Like, we're the ones who are teaching them and I was like, that's a really good point. Um, but also like, as far as like, setting a good example, like, I genuinely believe I set a really beautiful example of like, owning yourself, like loving yourself and like, yeah, like I'm sexy. I like being sexy. But there's, there's so much power in women as far as like, just allowing themselves to feel sexy and be embodied in that and just, like, it's so funny, because like, it's something like I don't even, I can't. It's something one of the things I just do I don't even think about it's just so embodied but people think I'm just so like, tapped in sexually and I was like, I don't know, that's just like, how I am you know, and, but the confidence in it gives other people permission to like, do the same. And also, with my specific body type, I'm not a skinny girl, like, sure, of course, I'm fit, I go to the gym, but I'm not a skinny girl. Like I'm a thick girl. I have, you know, chubby thighs, a big fat booty, like, you know, I got cellulite and it doesn't stop me from posting like scandalous photos, right? And like, I'd also like all my photographers, like, well, I only work with a couple but they know like, do not fucking Photoshop that shit. Because like, yeah, I have tons of cellulite on my leg, but like, and also like rolls and stuff, but it's just like, this is me and this is my body and it's perfect for how it is. And I like to set an example of like loving yourself and also owning like, no, I do also care about what I look like, of course, like I work out, I take care of myself, I spend money on my appearance you know and all that kind of stuff. And there's like this balance between yeah, you can care and of course, put energy and attention, but also like your work doesn't come from the way that your body looks, from the number on the scale, from the money that's in your bank account. And it's really like coming back to like, fuck yeah, like I'm sexy just because.

Lauren: And it's that frequency when you accept your body and you accept your whole personality and you were like in that place of just pure adoration for self, right? You're basically showing up to tell the universe like, yes, more of this. Right and how you treat yourself, which I think could lead us into our other conversation of topic today, uh, money and abundance. And I know it's such a big part. So let's talk about that, like money. I know, we're gonna be having you as a special guest in something really awesome coming up and you have this beautiful, beautiful certification, right, this rich method of coaching, and in addition, the method of manifestation that you teach in there, right? So let's hold space to talk about manifestation by your definition, because it's so different for every teacher of this and I'm really curious for you to share.


Paige: Yeah, so with my coaching certification, it's been you know, as we talked about earlier, pivoting right in within my coaching certification, there has been a massive pivot in that because it was like history repeating itself, I'm just realizing that right now. Because I like seriously, I have this coaching certification and it's an NLP certification and all this kind of stuff. I didn't have any of my own flavor in it. It was inside of a box, the way I thought it was supposed to look. Right? And it was, you know, because my audience and doing all the business of course, like it was successful, and I got students enrolled and stuff. But then there came a point when I was like, relaunching it again and again, and like, I wasn't getting the enrollments. And it also just didn't feel it didn't I didn't feel connected to it at all. And like, the thing is, with my whole business, um, I've talked about money from the very beginning from about money manifestation, right? Because like strippers, why are we in the club, we're in there to make some money, right? So like, I coach on money manifestation, my very first group coaching program ever was a money manifestation program, I wrote a book, The Universe Is My Sugar Daddy: How To Manifest Money Like A Stripper. Like, I love talking about money. I love talking about normalizing the conversation around money, and just really working through people's like, limiting beliefs and the limits they put on themselves in regards to money and what it means about them, because at the end of the day, like what do we all want, right? We all want freedom from some form or fashion, and how do you get freedom? From many ways, but also from money. You know? And so it was like, okay, like, let me throw some Paige Cole flavor into my certification. And so then what I did is I took all of my all of my manifestation, all my money manifestation, money mindset, all of my coaches and programs and stuff. And what I did is I like reverse engineered it and broke it down into proprietary techniques and tools and methods of how to coach your clients through their money mindset blocks. Which is like, it just feels so much more aligned. And I'm just like, I get to talk about money again. And like, this is also like so needed I believe, in the coaching industry is you know, just in an all industries is like money mindset coaching, because it doesn't matter if you're if you're not a quote, money mindset coach, because you actually are, because any coaches out there that's worked with clients, they're going to be like, I want love, and I want money, and I want grow my business, amongst other things. But money is a huge thing for people to work through so how powerful to be able to give you that coaches tools to be able to do so.

Lauren: Yeah, and how the coach learns to communicate with the client is also how the coach is learning to communicate with herself, right?

Paige: And entrepreneurship is like yeah, we're learning these tools for our clients but really, it's secretly like personal growth and development like on steroids underneath. Yeah. 


Lauren: Okay, so what's like, what's your biggest like, manifestation practice?

Paige: Oh my gosh, my biggest manifestation practice. Okay, so you know, I get really I'm like a real extreme kind of girl. So I'm like, I'm going to do this for 40 days in a row and then that's going to be done, then what's next thing right? So like, I get on these like kicks of things, you know, and I'll go through periods of having really rock solid morning routines, and then you know, after some time, they'll kind of go and then I'll start doing other meditations and all that kind of stuff. But instead of like a manifestation practice, I think what's coming through for me what I really want to say is like, one of the biggest things I've learned as far as manifestation of money and at manifestation of anything, is removing the validation from what it is that you want and detaching your self-worth from what you want to call in. So if you're coach and you want to make $5,000 months, $10,000 months, $50,000 months. And you have all of this self worth and self validation tied into this number like that's not how you're going to get there, right? Detaching your validation, finding internal validation instead of external validation is the fucking key to manifestation and to bringing more money in because we're gonna have slow months, we're gonna have banging months, right and either way, it doesn't mean anything about you. And the more you detach, the better energetically, you're setting yourself up to, like, receive and be like a vessel for like even more to come in, in my belief.


Lauren: Yeah, and what's very weird, because of course, we're so freakin connected all the time. Before we jumped on our call, I was putting post-it's all over my computer because I'm in the middle of launch. And I want to keep myself anchored. So I wrote launches do not define me, my worth, my skills, or my destiny. And I think that it's so accurate, right to say that, like, dude, that validation, I'm going to tell you right now, like, it fucking kills you. If you are going to show up and put validation on any outcome and start feeding that belief system that your worthiness is outside of you, you're in for a total disaster in my experience from my thought process, right? Because you'll get there and you'll be like, well, this actually sucks. Like, I'm not happy. I don't have what I want. This isn't fulfilling me. Yeah, and then the universe is like, No, I'm not bringing you that you got to find your own self worth, you know?

Paige: Yeah, exactly. Because then you have like, the best month of your life, and you think I'm the shit cuz I made $50k a month or whatever. And then the next month, you have like a low like, $8,000 month, and it's just like, that's something I feel like a lot of people in the online coaching space, don't talk about, right. It's like, they're all of the vanity numbers. I had $50k a month, I had a $10k cash day, I had a la-la-la. You know, I've done it before, of course, like I love sharing about wins and stuff. But it's like, I feel like, there is ups and downs to this, right. And we do have slower months, and we have months where our expenses are higher than the cash that comes in because of whatever's going on in our business and stuff. And I think that like, it's really important to show all aspects of that too. And for like audience and for if you're starting a coaching business, and you're starting to get into the online space, and all that kind of stuff, just know there's a whole picture to the whole thing, not just like the highlight reel.

Lauren: Yeah, and I think your your level of success is really honestly determined by how you can emotionally hold space for the lower vibrational stuff. Like if you're a type of person that is going to have a breakdown or a crash, or disappointment in yourself, anytime you don't hit a certain goal or get to a certain level, like you're not creating a safe container to expand, right? It's just going to create more of that same energy. So yeah, it's so true we don't talk about it enough in the online space, like, hey, sometimes you're gonna have lower months. What do you do for you in your mindset around money, right? If money isn't validation then what is your relationship with money? How do you see money? How do you communicate with money? What's your perspective of what it even is? 


Paige: Yeah, so I, you know, like, five years ago, I remember being in like, the worst financial situation of my life. Over $50,000 in credit card debt, like, you know, I had $200 cash to my name. I didn't trust myself and like I was just not in a good place, you know, and I would remember, you know, like, I live in Southern California, I live in San Diego, like my living expenses are very high. I live by myself, you know, all this stuff anyways. And I just remember times when my anxiety would like start freaking out and I would just always go back to like, I'm provided for, I am provided for, I'm provided for. And that was just such a deep affirmation that I would just tell myself over and over and over and over again. And so it was kind of like a fake it till you make it kind of thing in the beginning, you know, and like, of course, as I've grown with, like myself, and dancing and with my business and all this kind of stuff, my relationship with money has changed. It's like, I've grown and I've learned more and, you know, like, I just so deeply understand the fact that I am deeply provided for and it allows me to kind of like release the anxiety around it. Not to say like, to be completely honest, I still sometimes of course, like if I you know, I've been sick for the last two weeks haven't worked as much, so I'm like, oh my gosh, like, I feel behind you know, like, I still deal with the same sort of things with money. Um, but I just like move through them much faster. And, you know, maybe something will bother me for one day versus bother me for like, a month. Or like, I'll be able to, like, you know, make better decisions and you know, the more that you do it, the more you're provided for, the more you're provided for, and the better it gets, the better it gets. And the more that you understand money, the more that you trust money. When I say that, the more you trust money, it's more that I trust myself too. It's like the trust that I felt  with myself to be like, I got this. I know I'm gonna, like always get out of any situation I'm in. I trust myself to make smart financial decisions. Like I you know, it's just it's, it's just growing it's growing that trust and belief and certainty in myself in regards to money. And and also that expectation of like I am provided it is gonna work out. Because sometimes when I'm looking at numbers, and I'm like, oh shit, how's this gonna work? I just always go back to like, whatever. The Universe will sort it out, I got it. I'm just gonna, like, let it handle this one. So, yeah, yeah.

Lauren: I love that. I love that attitude. I remember, like something that I was thinking about today in my relationship with money, you came to my mind, maybe because we had this podcast actually, who knows why. But I just remember when we were in Ayahuasca together, and we were sitting, and I was at the time going through this, like, total hardship emotionally, where I felt like I couldn't be in my power. I felt like I wasn't going to make money, being able to, like, do my mission work. And I felt like I had to choose between, like, this medicine woman and me. And I was like, when is the business gonna grow. And I remember you just saying to me, it's like a slingshot, like you're pulling back this slingshot, you're just pulling it back, pulling back, pulling back and one day that slingshot is just gonna show up. And that thought has been with me ever since you said it. And I really want to say thank you for that, because it got me through some really tough times. Now. I'm like, shits gonna blow the fuck up like, exactly, like I'm watching it. And it's really beautiful. And like, honestly, I wouldn't be here and being able to receive that had I not had that conversation with you. And I think that's, like, really powerful. And just a testament to like, your own brilliance and showing women like holding faith for what you want is very important.

Paige: Yeah, that's beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. And wow, I even like, as you share that, you know, I remember that conversation, I remember exactly where we were sitting. And I remember in my head saying, like, should I say this to her or not. Like, because I wanted to, but it was like, you know, I've worked with you before, and I you know, so admire you and your business and like, you know, you like growing your business and all this kind of stuff. And so for me, it's like, as like a client like looking at like her coach being like, can I coach her on this? Like, is it my place to even say this to her when Lauren's made so much more money or business has been so much more successful than anything I have yet accomplished? And so that came up for me, like, who am I to say this to her, but then I was like, oh, fuck that shit.

Lauren: I'd be so mad at you if you didn't. Because honestly, I think, you know, part of this industry that I think we really need to like lift the veil on is this idea that like, one of us is far more experienced than the other and incapable of ever being a sister or getting support from someone else. And like, you know, that's so fucking lonely. If you think that, like, the more successful you are, the less people are available to help you, you know what I mean? Like, I don't know, I just I feel like we're all helping each other and we're all showing each other, and mirroring to each other growth, the clues to growth, so to speak, you know what I mean? And yeah, I'm just I'm really grateful for that in our relationship, because that was a big moment, helped me on FUCKTON man.

Paige: I'm happy to help!

Lauren: You and your money magic. I love it. I love it so much. Okay, so Money Honey, let's talk because I know we have this special, amazing business bootcamp coming up. And you have the Money Honey Process, right? And so what magic if you could give us just a taste and we talked a little bit about how it looks and all those things, but tell us what you're going to teach all the women inside who are going to receive that training from you. 


Paige: Oh, okay. So I'll just give a quick like high level overview of like, what the money honey method is right? Like, I love me an acronym, right? So money, M O N E Y. So this is basically like the principles behind the money, any method. So M stands for mastery, right? Because we want to feel like a master, we want to feel like an expert in an area that we're talking about teaching about coaching about. So there's that element of it. O stands for own it right? Because I'm all about owning your shit. But owning your shit with your finances, bossing up with your finances, facing it, being brave to do that. N is all about network. So it's all about creating new neural pathways to create a higher net worth and you know, wealth consciousness and all of that kind of beautiful stuff. E is energetics because you know everything is energy, money is energy, we are energy, everything. So energy, energetics, embodiment, immersion, all of that kind of stuff. And then Y is for yes. Because the universe is always saying yes. And so Y is all about like making the money moves and saying yes to yourself, and also the universe saying yes. So it's all of those beautiful aspects of coaching on money and money mindset, wrapped into a beautiful package called the Money Honey Method.

Lauren: AH! I love it so much. I hope everybody says yes to coming and learning the magic of the Money Honey Method. And for everybody who's listening to this podcast page, can you tell the world where they can come find you? 

Paige: Sure can. So I am most active on Instagram. My Instagram is @the.paige.cole. Head over there if you want to see some booty pictures. I'm just kidding. But not really. But also all sorts of great content. And then I have a podcast. It's the Make It Rain podcast. Lauren has been, well, she's on there once and then she's gonna be on there again so make sure you come and listen to our episode over there. And yeah, my websites are itspaigecole.com and therichmethod.com. So you can find us either place.

Lauren: Amazing. Thank you so much. And we'll put links in the show notes to all of the magic. And for more with Paige, you can come join us at the business boot camp. We'll see you guys soon. Thank you. I love you!


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