EP260: 8 Quantum Shift Perspectives to Change the Game on Your Self Healing Journey

lauren of love podcast Mar 08, 2022
For the first time I am opening up a high level three month mastermind container for any coach, healer, spiritual teacher, or course creator who is looking for the accountability and safe space to scale her business to six figures!
This mastermind is designed to be a sacred portal of support, connection, accountability and teaching to hold you in your evolution and expansion.
Today, we are talking about eight quantum perspectives that have changed the game for me in my life and will create miracles in yours.
I've recently come home to myself after a period of disconnect with myself. I've come into a higher power within myself that I did not know I was capable of and it feels amazing. The best thing about all of this? It is available to all of us. 
Let's dive in to these life changing shifts:
1.  Old versions of me are like spirits asking to be healed.
When you think back to a version of you, say 17, you can see that the person you were then and the person you are now are very different. Sure, some things are the same but is she who you are at all? On our journey of healing, we morph and we shift. We look back at these old versions of ourselves and we sever the tie between that version and the new. But this aggressive severance causes the traumas that the old versions of us experience to continue to play out until they are healed. We must tend to the version of ourselves that went through these things. We need to reunite with her, console her, nurture her, and honor her. Give her permission to express and heal to remove those patterns from yourself and rewrite them. 
For so long, I would blame myself for problems that existed in my relationships with family, my partner, my health and I would feel so terribly about myself. I couldn't stay consistent in the changes that I needed to be better but I finally understood that these problems couldn't change because they were patterns from an older version of me from my childhood. I was playing out old behaviors and needed to ask myself, "What does my inner child need?". I learned the behaviors of soothing my inner child so I no longer had disruptions in my life from triggers that brought that old version of me to the surface. 
2. My drive to be successful must note delete my dreams of freedom.
For a lot of us, we have conflicting parts of us that we feel can't work together. This idea that you have to choose between success (of any kind) and freedom (of any kind) is because we often have hyper-restrictions around one of these parts. We have to come into balance by removing the heaviness around these areas. A lot the time, these hyper-restricted areas have the deepest wounding. We have to start to believe that giving more time to the parts of us that make us feel free, then our drive for success will be more powerful. The more your drop into your freedom, the higher your frequency. These two parts of us work together. 
3. My life is a miracle ceremony to honor.
During the process of a ceremony, your job is to be present and connect constantly to source. Everything that happens in a ceremony space is a reflection of prayer and presence and our lives have the ability to be seen from that perspective as well. How can you make every moment beautiful? How can you live more in celebration and joy? Of course there are things in life that are challenging, but we can take the time to correct them and shift them so we can come into a place where we are connected to every moment.
For me, I started by getting rid of anything in my environment that was not special to me. I found sacred spaces for everything and learned to connect to source intuitively in smaller tasks that I would usually not spend connecting to the Universe. I was wasting time not being present. If we take accountability to find the parts of life we don't honor, we can then cherish our lives and create more magic for ourselves.
4. Every set back is a study.
Life is a study and the challenges we face are all a study. You can see it as a setback, but it is not. It is an opportunity for building your study and becoming more experienced in navigating the disruptions that come up. Find the gift that these challenges are giving you. 
When I was struggling with my chronic health issues, I was just not where I wanted to be. Part of my healing process was trusting my highs and lows as they came. When you're healing and think you're seeing setbacks (ex. a series of days where everything is great then followed by a longer period of feeling bad), it is important that when these experiences happen we understand that this is to deepen our spiritual study. When I realized this, those periods of lows wouldn't last as long. I would support myself instead of blaming myself for how I felt. Don't miss the mark by avoiding the shame of a setback, but look into it to understand what it is there to teach you.
5. I am worthy of celebrating myself right here in the moment.
I'm going to start this off by saying... nobody is where they want to be. But does that mean we aren't worthy of celebrating our lives? We all have goals that we are always chasing and changing as we reach them but it is so important that we recondition ourselves to celebrate every single change, big or small. Growth is a process. If we look at it through a never enough perspective, it will kill us. If we feel that nothing we do is enough, we won't grow. Celebration is the foundation in which we can build upon more. I encourage you to be in your love and your appreciation. 
What works well for me has been implementing times in my day/life where I take time to myself during my align time practice to journal on this question, "What do I have to celebrate?" and I capture everything that I am happy about to cultivate a high vibe energy for the day. It is SO powerful. 
6. A fulfilled life allows me to be fully all parts of me.
This is the path of returning home to full embodiment and allowing all of our qualities to be expressed. We are taught as humans to put a damper on certain qualities of ourselves that others deem as unlikeable. We fear rejection or judgement, but there is something so special about being in a frequency of full embodiment. 
When we accept ourselves and all of our qualities, we are whole. So unleash and be the wild being you deserve to be. The entire point of life is to be fulfilled, so what are you going to do differently to remove the masks and stories that prevent you from being fully seen?
7. The entire goal is gentleness and it can be achieved right now.
When I first started my journey with plant medicine, I had some really challenging sits. I was in pain, suffering in my body, just miserable. One of my medicine sisters was trying to help me by guiding me to holy water and I was hectic trying to rid myself of this feeling. She told me, "No, gentle." and when I slowed down my movements, I was able to find the calm in my body and begin to heal with this medicine. When we are in gentleness is when we receive. It is such an act of love to be gentle and you are worthy of a gentle life. It is up to you to find where in your life that you need to input gentleness. Gentleness is forgiveness. It is compassion and love. So, where can you be more gentle with yourself?
8. I am fully healed and also healing. All at once. And it's perfect.
I spent a lot of time trying to chase healing and now I'm in this place of being healed and still healing. I'm integrating and embodying feeling good about how far I've come. I'm expanding and growing all while knowing that I am worthy of cherishing my journey. You deserve the same. 
So, which of these are you choosing to embody more deeply?
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