Bonus Lauren of Love Podcast: Transformation Sneak!

lauren of love podcast Jan 30, 2020


In honor of Transform Success being open for enrollment, I dropped a special BONUS episode of the Lauren of Love podcast. 

Give it a listen below.



Time is such a funny thing.

Take a moment to think about something you were scared to do three years ago that you actually did.

Was your heart racing? Were you feeling nervous? And did you do it anyway? How did it feel?!

In 2, 5, 10 years’ time, none of these little fears or worries we carry on our shoulders will actually matter anymore.

All the doubt, all the worry, all the insecurity: NONE OF IT IS REAL.

None of it.

So what if you tried to hit a goal before and didn’t succeed?

So what if you worked hard once and reached an upper limit?

So what if you tried to achieve something and failed several times?

So what if you invested in yourself and put it on a credit card (I know I did that plenty of times to get where I am today)?

So what if that family member doesn’t “get your business” or fully understand your dreams the way you want them to?

So what if you spent a bunch of money on building yourself and transforming your life just to get one small step ahead of your business?


None of this matters. Years from now, we will look back at all the “struggles” we faced and all the B.S. stories we told ourselves and we would have just ONE regret:

I wish I took the scary leap sooner.

I wish I did the thing I wanted to do sooner.

I wish I tried going after my dream sooner.

No lie…

There is no better time than right now to go after your dreams - someday is a lie and a moment that doesn’t exist. All we have is the here and now, and this sacred wisdom deep within us. All we need is within ourselves, it’s about time you start tapping into that, babe!

The best, most magical decisions in the world SCARE us, but when we look back, they are the greatest transformational moments of our lives, and we wish we didn’t wait to create them.

I have this recurring dream where I go back in time to when I was in high school and I drop out early to run my own business (in real life, I didn’t start my business until my mid-20s.)

I have this moment sometimes where I imagine where my life would be if I went after my health goals sooner or invested in those personal development training courses and programs earlier than I did (I didn’t start taking action to change my life until I was in my mid-20s). 

And most of the time, when I am really honest with myself, I realize that the whole reason I waited was just because I was scared . . .

I was scared I wouldn’t succeed.

But the truth is, by WAITING to take action, I was putting my dream life on hold . . . All because of the B.S. (belief system) that I COULDN’T have what I desired.

I promise you, one day you will be so extremely successful that you’ll look back and laugh about the worries you have today. When you take the steps to transform your life, and success starts to show up, you will realize that you could have had your dream destiny this ENTIRE TIME.

So why wait?

Where would you be one year from now if you took massive action to change TODAY?

What would life look like and feel like for you if you FINALLY made this change?

What would be different in your reality if you finally had the secrets to Transformation and Success?

You can defy the odds. Your dreams are WORTHY of pursuit.

Do it for your future self.

Because your future self is calling you to follow your dreams. Your future self needs you to take leaps. And your future self is ready to create a life more incredible than your wildest dreams.




Relentless pursuit of your dreams: This is what creates success.

If you are a woman who knows without a shadow of a doubt that you are meant for BIG, magical, and INCREDIBLE things in this world, and you are ready to make an impact, change your life, and create success with Transformation,  The Transform Success Group Coaching Program was created for YOU.

This is the FIRST time I am ever sharing this with you all, so the program is at a discounted price.

AND it ONLY opens ONCE a year!

This program is a LIVE program… which means we will have LIVE group coaching calls EVERY single week so I can personally support you as we apply and integrate this new transformational energy into your life.

When you join the Transform Success Group Coaching Program you get instant access to the Transform Success Starter kit so you can start manifesting success before we even begin the journey live together.

This program is taught with LIVE coaching calls, video trainings, audio files, and PDF workbooks that you can print out and work on at home.

The best part is that ALL of this content is recorded and by enrolling once in the program, you have lifetime access to ALL trainings…

This is my favorite, because no matter what goals you set for yourself in the future, you can come back and repeat the manifestation process again and again.

You will get when you enroll in Transform Success

  • THE DESIRE ROADMAP (DRM): Most people fall short of their success because they aren’t being clear on what they want, why they want it and what is truly stopping them. My DRM system will help you navigate, select, and solidify the desires you are calling in. (This is the first step in removing any block of manifestation.) You will receive video modules, audios, and the DRM workbook to walk you through this powerful transformation.
  • THE VISIONARY BLUEPRINT: Have you ever set a goal in your business or personal life only to give up a few months or even weeks later? Have you self-sabotaged, lost track of your dream or found your motivation dwindling? The Visionary Blueprint you’ll receive in week 2 of the program will show you the HOW of your goals. Together, we will unveil your very unique strategy for achieving any desire based on your very unique blueprint (there are four.) In the Visionary Blueprint section of the Transform Success program, you will finally discover your unique HOW to achieving your dreams in ANY area of goal setting in your life.
  • THE UNBLOCKING TOOLS: Most goal-setters hit upper limits, get stuck, or plateau on their journey of achieving goals that they most often give up. In week three of Transform Success, you’ll learn how to remove any of the resistant energy that disrupts our channel of manifestation while also activating the subconscious magnet inside of your soul (this is how we can start to call in our desires with little to no force.) Call on the tools inside of this week’s modules any time you feel stuck, frustrated, or a little foggy in your Transformation journey.
  • THE MAGNETIC MANIFESTATION MODEL (MMM): “Why can’t I just fully commit to my goals?” and “Why can’t I stay focused?” “Why is it so hard to believe in myself and find the motivation to actually do this thing I want to do?!”  If you ever asked yourself one of these questions, this module inside of the Transform Success Coaching Program will teach you how to manifest your desires by making your change A MUST; not just in your thoughts but in your entire being. This is how we truly activate the magnetic force of energy within us so that we can have all our desires and create MASSIVE space and leverage to change. This is the week when you become the woman who NEVER self sabotages her dreams again.
  • THE BE-DO-HAVE STRATEGY: Most people WANT something, but they do not identify as being the person who has it. Aka; you want success, but you don’t identify as a successful person, or you want a healthy body, but you don’t consciously see yourself as someone who prioritizes her health and wellness. If you have ever found yourself manifesting obstacles along the way of achieving a goal, aka random bills and expenses when trying to achieve your financial dreams or manifesting health issues or setbacks in your schedule when trying to prioritize your wellness, the Be-Do-Have strategy will realign you with the woman you desire to be. This is true identity work and the most seamless way to manifest our desired outcomes.
  • TRANSFORMATION WEEK. The entire last week of the program is dedicated to your personal Transformation. This is the week where we say goodbye to the woman we used to be and completely step into our new reality where we can achieve anything we set our mind to! Again, with the weekly workbook, audio, and video files (and our intensive transformation coaching call) This is the powerful week that transforms your reality to create the financial, physical, and emotional destiny of your dreams!

Wait! There’s more! 

JUST for enrolling in Transform Success, you also get these incredible bonuses to support you on your journey.

  • THE FEAR & FAILURE MASTERY PACKAGE: Ever get stuck in your fear? Ever find that little voice in your head that pops up and says, “No, you can’t do that” or “You’re going to fail?” When you enroll in Transform Success, you will get instant access to the Bonus training called Fear & Failure Mastery where you will learn how to combat the energies of disbelief. At any point in your life when blocks come up, you can call on this bonus content to support you and realign you with your desired outcome.
  • THE RELATIONSHIP REPROGRAMMING: Many students who apply the Transform Success principles start to see so much change and result in their life that it feels challenging to integrate their results into the relationships they have. Family and friends may not get the changes in you, or understand the transformation journey you are on and it can feel unfamiliar to navigate these changes without support. The Relationship Reprogramming bonus inside of Transform Success will help you shift the reality of your relationships and teach you how to get the support, love, and encouragement from the people around you that you care about.
  • ENERGETIC BOUNDARY TOOLKIT: Do you ever notice how you’ll set a goal for yourself and maybe tell someone and then their reaction makes you feel frustrated, confused or almost like you CAN’T have what you desire? Learning how to protect your energetic gift and establish boundaries on your journey to Transform Success is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, but we need to know how to do it the right way. This bonus module inside Transform Success will teach you how to protect your boundaries and how to prevent and repel any triggers, discouraging feelings or lack of support you may be worried about receiving. If you ever struggle with worrying about what other people think or getting approval, this bonus module will blow your mind!

So, if you’re a woman who is ready to BE, DO, AND HAVE it all…

If you are ready to breakthrough and receive ALL The abundance, success, and freedom you desire, 

And you’re ready to elevate your business and personal life, and take that dream and make it a reality so you too can become a wealthy, consistently successful businesswoman who has tons of time freedom . . .


When you join me inside the Transform Success Group Coaching Program you’ll also access the following:

  • 6 WEEKS OF LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS (and their replays): Go from overwhelmed, confused, and unclear, to focused, unstuck, and unstoppable with these recorded breakthrough group sessions. The content, interventions, breakthroughs, and strategy sessions in these 6 hour plus long calls will BLOW your mind. (worth $10,997)
  • 18 TRANSFORMATIONAL MODULES OF WORKBOOKS, VIDEOS, AUDIOS, AND ENDLESS POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH: You’ll get the exact same resources and guides I used within my own business and life to scale Lauren of Love business to a million dollar online business and manifest the experiences, health, and life of my dreams!
  • 2 FULL 90 MINUTE Q&A SESSIONS: Reserved JUST for TRANSFORM SUCCESS students, jump on a 2 live calls with me and I’ll answer all the questions about your business so you get personal support from myself and the BBBTEAM. 

AND… on top of everything, when you sign up for TRANSFORM SUCCESS, you will get my EPIC BONUS BUNDLE I talked about above: 

  • The Fear and Failure Mastery Package - Never again get caught up in your fear or your worry of failure.  ($3,997 value)
  • The Relationship Reprogramming Module -  Get your family, loved ones and relationships totally on board with your vision. ($2,997 value)
  • The Energetic Boundary Toolkit - Never drop your focus or dedication and learn how to protect your energetic boundaries once and for all!  ($1997 value)

 The best part?

You can move at your own pace because EVERYTHING inside Transform Success  is available to you for life!

You are WORTHY of success and your dreams are worthy of investing in.

Everything you need is here for you.

If you’re ready to…

*Learn all the strategies, and transform your business and life forever

*Stop playing the guessing game in your business or personal goals ever again

*Have a step by step plan and ditch self-sabotage for good

*Do away with struggle and make things EASY to receive 

*Create wealth and prosperity in your business and your personal life

*Get all the “done for you” processes that you need to build ANYTHING in your life step by step

The Transform Success Program is for you.

Babe, I believe in you and I absolutely cannot WAIT to watch your wildest dreams come true <3.

P.s. The cart for Transform Success is closing in JUST 4 days and will not be open for an ENTIRE year after this! Don’t miss an opportunity that will completely change your business and life forever. 

Cheers to your abundance and this amazing journey you are on.


Your coach,

Lauren Eliz Love