Common Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

In this episode, Lauren shares 5 mistakes she made while building Lauren of Love. 


  1. Rushed to grow an audience
  2. Focused on small menial revenue
  3. I didn't hire a mentor 
  4. Not knowing what a worthy investment is
  5. Not having a supportive group of people around you


"The problem isn't finding clients the problem is converting customers"

"When you act out of fear nothing works"

"I must take action for a soul-centered space and I must take action that solves the current problem of my business"

"The reality is you could have an Instagram following of 200 people and be a fucking millionaire"

"If you're listening to this podcast there's something fucking brilliant about you. There's a reason why you're being called to this work. There's a reason that your soul is being deeply called to share a message"

"The reason it was so transformative for me was that it was the first time I showed the Universe I was fucking serious"

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-Lauren of Love