Do you know my story?

I wasn’t always a thriving entrepreneur. In fact, I was quite the opposite. And if you’re reading this trying to figure out how to transform your life or business feeling like it’s impossible – listen up. You are in the right place.

Hi guys, my name is Lauren Eliz. I am the life coach and business coach behind  the Lauren of Love brand. And I want to take a minute to share with you the crazy story of how I got where I am today- a business and life coach making multiple six figures in the industry. Hopefully this inspires you to go kick ass in your own life and biz too!

If you don't want to read a blog post about me, you can also listen to this podcast episode, where I share my journey of building a business from the ground up.

Before we get into all that jazz, let me ask you a question: Did you ever get that feeling like you were meant for something bigger? Like your soul was calling you to do something that everyone else around you said was absolutely crazy?

That was me my whole life. At a really young age I felt like I was on this constant search to find my purpose. And my purpose was to be something truly incredible in the world. I wanted to make my mark. I wanted to leave a message on this planet. I wanted to change the world! The problem was, life made me feel so far from the “inspirational person” I so desperately wanted to be. I was actually a pretty hot mess until my late twenties.

Baggages and lots of rocks in my backpack climbing up hill to get where I wanted to be.


Then I hit rockbottom. I won’t get into the long and crazy details because they are all over What is Perfection and the blog, but here’s the cliff notes version: At 22 I was an alcoholic married to a drug addict. I was mentally ill, heavily medicated, broke and depressed.  I was a hot mess express human being. NO JOKE guys. That was me.

When I finally came out of it, I developed a pretty good corporate life. I became a Television producer at CBS News and spent five years climbing up the later. I got my shit together, found an apartment, and started my life over. I spent those five years ignoring everything I had been through in my life – Rape, Abuse, Pain, Rock Bottom, Drug Life. I numbed all of it and pretended like it never happened. Totally ignored it.

But even though life was pretty great, I still felt like something was missing. It was like I had this deep calling to break out on my own and start something big bold and adventurous. Ya know, do the things that everyone says are impossible. I ignored that too.

Question two: Have you ever NOT listened to the universe and then got a big fat slap in the face? YUP. That happened.

So the universe turned my career as a television producer into a total shit show. I started working overnights and my health took a really bad toll. Management shifted, and I got a new boss that spent months bullying me – beating me down until I felt completely broken.

This was supposed to be “My dream job.” I had worked hard to get there, and everyone around me seemed so impressed by what I did. “You work at CBS News?” People would bug out in excitement over the stories of how I met this famous person and that famous person. But deep down it all felt so superficial. I felt like I was living this fake life. My soul was screaming to get out. I had hit a ceiling and it was time to get out.

I was sick and tired of being bullied in the office space, I had zero life and felt like I had spent all of this time trying to be perfect for other people to get promotions that never ever happened. I was so stuck. So I said F-This and walked away from a five year career.

Oh. I should mention something…. When I took the leap I had no job lined up. For the first time since I was 14 years old (yes 14) I was unemployed. I took the big leap with zero idea what was next. Oh and I was 60K in debt.

That was when the magic happened. I made space for the universe to guide me. And everything changed.

I started a blog – What is Perfection – and for the first time in my life, I started growing into my authentic self. I was sharing stories of my past traumas – and self improvement guides to show people how to heal and recover from whatever it was they were going through – How to set boundaries with people, how to set goals, how to reclaim your happiness and grow your self worth.

As I blogged more and more, I started to actually heal myself. I EMBRACED my narrative. And other people did too.

Then  I created online self improvement courses. And my business took off. What is Perfection LLC. became a six figure business – A business that helped women heal and transform their lives. Online courses, One on One coaching and More. – What is Perfection became a resource for women looking to be better than they had ever been.

Over the years, I realized there was a deeper journey and calling within my soul – TEACHING people how to become coaches and grow their own six figure businesses. You see – as I grew into the coaching industry and perfected my craft, I had more and more coaches reaching out and asking me how I did it. “How exactly do you coach people,” and “How can I actually start making money too?” These became the big loaded questions that filled me up with excitement.

The secret was about to be unleashed.

Today I coach hundreds of women through the process of transforming their lives and their businesses. Are you ready to be one of them?



-Lauren of Love