EP 220: ft. Dylan Kidder, Founder of Ethos Earth Medicine and Sacred Kambo Medicine

lauren of love podcast Apr 13, 2021


  I was so excited to interview my dear friend and Kambo teacher, Dylan Kidder for this week's podcast episode. We dove into all things Kambo and helped you guys get to know the person who guided me through so much healing and transformation with this sacred medicine.

  Dylan's journey with Kambo started with his interest in creating a documentary about plant medicine. He met a shamanic couple from Puerto Rico who served powerful medicines in Las Vegas. After creating a connection with them, he was invited to the jungle to film the documentary. While in the jungle, he experienced the full strength of Kambo medicine and understood that the documentary was really about his life and his healing. After these experiences and some deep study of Kambo, Dylan began serving Kambo in Sedona, Los Angelos, and Las Vegas. He is truly an amazing soul and I am so happy to introduce you all to his magic!
  We started off the interview talking about the experiences that we have shared together with Dylan as my teacher. I started my journey with Kambo to heal unhealthy patterns in my life as well as chronic Lyme's Disease. Dylan explained that he could tell I was most engaged and ready to take all of the next steps to heal myself with this medicine and come back into balance with my mind, body, and soul. 
  I then wanted to dive into what Kambo is/looks like and some really important questions regarding what calls people to Kambo, resistance, and how to set the safe space that people need to feel comfortable in their calling to experience the medicine. 
*Before getting into detail about Kambo I want to mention that it is so important that everyone does their own research if they are interested!*
  Kambo is a frog medicine that is administered through small burns on the top layer of the skin. It is a medicine that allows a deep connection to the Earth and the feeling of being renewed. This medicine was discovered by sickly tribes who received visions of the Kambo frog to heal them of their severe sickness. It makes the body believe a pathogen has entered and causes purging to release all toxins from the body from places that typically can not be purged without the help of the peptides in the medicine, essentially creating super immunity. 
  Many feel called to Kambo when they are feeling unsafe and unworthy. This mostly comes from trauma experiences and a disconnection from intuition and ancestors. Kambo can be extremely beneficial from those who experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer, aids, and chronic, untreatable illnesses as long as the proper protocol and terrain are in place. 
  When seeking a teacher, it is important that you feel empowered and know that the teacher has a connection to the medicine and takes your health seriously. They provide the setting and should be fully present in the process by listening and connecting with all who choose to receive the medicine with them. Dylan does such a great job with this in his space which is why I had so much trust in letting him guide me in my journey with Kambo.
  Something SO exciting about this interview was our discussion about the retreat that Dylan is hosting in Sedona from April 23-28th (that I will be attending)! The Kambo Reset Retreat is a 5-day experience focused on the integration process of plant medicine. Over the time of the retreat, we will be going through three sessions of Kambo and integrating core wounds and flipping our paradox of power to be centered in our power. We will explore the mind, body, and soul through different advanced services (massage, breath work, etc.) to make the impact of our experiences with this medicine long lasting. 
  I am so excited for this journey and would love for any of you who are interested to join me in this sacred space! If you are interested, click here to learn more and reach out to @dylan_kidder on Instagram to ask any questions and go through the pre-retreat processes! 

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