EP 228: The Game of Life and Mastering the Ego

lauren of love podcast Jun 29, 2021

  Over the past month, a lot has come up for me. I have been moving through some big challenges and I want to spend today talking about those things and what the collective is experiencing and navigating together.


  I spent some time in Vermont with my husband and then we went to Sedona for some deep healing work. It seemed like everything that could come up for me, came up. I’m finally on the other side but getting here was not easy.


  In any journey of life, we have moments of heaviness, struggle & difficulty that feels like an explosion out of nowhere. We can feel discouraged and screwed over thinking to ourselves, “Why is this happening to me?”. I was in that headspace for longer than I should have been. We cope and nurture ourselves as the victim which can be important for comfort but if we looked at these moments in a different perspective than feeling like a victim to our circumstances, we can rewrite our stories.


  Instead, if you think, “The Universe is testing me or pushing me into the light I want” we give a different meaning to the experience and prevent the attraction of more bad experiences. Toxicity can be bred and reproduced when experiencing bad things and our thought process afterward is what determines our future.


  Life is meant to be experienced on all spectrums. Do we come to only experience joy & happiness or do we need to experience sadness and other things to appreciate the joy and happiness? Our gratitude is what fuels the feelings of joy even more.


  These low vibrational experiences happen in our lives something they all have in common is that they are all things we don’t like. If we look differently now, challenging experiences are part of the past that you are writing from. They are there on purpose to challenge you and push you to strengthen you. We all have desires to do something which is a mirror of what our souls are purposed to have in life. Challenges are not a sign to give up, but to deepen our study and mastery to the soul’s purpose.


  When we look at what we want and it’s not coming, we get ego thoughts of “just give up, that’s never going to happen” and “it’s a sign it’s not working”, but we are missing the point of, “What is this here to teach me right now?” and “Why is this here for my greatest good?” That’s when we start to see that all these things happening TO us are happening FOR us. We all do this negative self-talk, and when we’re in this we are spending time in an entity that is not us. If it’s something outside of you, don’t become it.


  Observe experiences from a place of hope and positivity.




Why are your challenges here and how are they a gift to you?


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