EP.219 I'm Still Blocked: Studying the Integration of Healing

lauren of love podcast Mar 30, 2021
When we are stepping fully into our power, we are often faced with fear of judgement and criticism. The deeper we go into our truth of who we are meant to be, the deeper these wounds will become. These wounds present an opportunity to heal the stories we have around insecurity and change the way we react to them. We do this in a process called integration. 
Integration is a part of the personal growth process that is usually completely ignored, but for me, it has been the MOST IMPORTANT part of my healing journey. After our healing process, we return to our 3D lives with a shift in perspective. Integration is the action that we choose to take after we heal which reflects this new shift in perspective. It accounts for 70% of the work that we do in our transformations of the mind, body, and spirit.
The most crucial time for integration is when our old wounds resurface. For so many of us, our first reaction to old wounds is, "Ugh, really? I thought I got through this." but it is really a moment where we are being challenged to take pause and choose to react differently. We become masters of our emotional states and choose power, confidence, and alignment over the insecurity that was present before we healed. We can change the meaning that we give these old wounds and reclaim our power in a deeper way than ever before.  
I have two questions that I want you to ask yourself if you are struggling to process what is coming up for you and get past old wounds:
1. Have you shown up to take action to integrate this new identity for yourself?




2. When the old stories come up, what are you telling yourself?

Integration is an incredibly powerful step of our healing, but it helps to fully know what it is so we can navigate the experiences of our journey's better. 
Topics Discussed in this Episode:
  • What is integration?
  • Where transformation unfolds 
  • Wounds and triggers coming up after healing
  • Choosing to react differently
  • My personal experiences currently with integration
  • Questions to ask yourself when deciding if you are fully integrating your healing 
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