How Personal Development can allow you more success in your business

mindset mastery Apr 08, 2020

I used to be the girl obsessed with strategy.

I would spend hours researching email opt-in ideas, online marketing tactics and pinned wayyyyy too many posts on pinterest about proper google seo.

Growing my business from this space was hard. It was hard because - let's face it - strategy can feel exhausting for us as creatives and the learning curve can feel excruciatingly long and time consuming.

But it was also hard because money wasn't coming through.

Hours behind the desk trying to implement bro-marketing tactics wasn't getting me anywhere financially.

I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong or why I saw all these people talk about how these strategies worked for them but they didn't work for me. What was I doing wrong?

Then I realized: It was ME.

I was the one stopping me from success.

Not the strategy.

Not the game plan.

Not the hashtags I was using or the pinterest graphics I was plastering all over creation...

It as actually ME.

When you do not feel worthy of success, success does not come.

I was continuing to settle for mediocre in my business, because I was settling for mediocre everywhere.

So I asked myself this question: "where do I feel like I am not good enough and settling for less than I deserve?"

The answer was clear: 

-My body was out of shape.

-My relationship wasn't at the standards I wanted it to be.

-I was drinking all the time and feeling like I was on an emotional rollercoaster.

- I wasn't dedicating time to myself and was constantly overworking.

-I didn't have confidence, or feel good about myself.

How could I possibly be worth SUCCESS ( the feeling of all good feelings) when every day I was just creating a reality that was totally the opposite of the feel good feelings.

ALL of this was the secret stuff that was holding me back from generating revenue in my business

Who are you outside of your business?

Your inner representation of self and of your life is the container that allows your business to succeed or fail.

Do you feel good in your body? Do you spend time working on yourself? Do you invest energy in your self-care or dedicate energy to improving your relationship with your partner?

Who you are BEING is what creates your reality regularly. And if we are BEING a low vibration, we will only attract a low vibration.

So.. What can we do about it ? 

We can take action. 

We can improve. Be better. Work on ourselves. Spend time in the inner work.

 These are the seven pillars of Prosperity inside the  Lauren of Love Success Plan.

Spend some time evaluating these areas and rank yourself on a scale of 1-10. Are you doing a fair job improving all of these areas? Or are you just waking up every day obsessed with making money in your business?

What can you do to improve these areas of your life and become better? What small steps can you take right now to get a little bit closer to a higher standard of living?

How could you want to make more money if you feel deeply unhappy in your personal reality?

If you are reading this... here's the gift. You can change. You can shift. you can make a decision right now to just be better. To have better. TO live better and to raise your standards.

Step up. Become the woman you always wanted to be.

It's time babe!


-Lauren of Love