Episode 145: Deanna Sing How to Get Over the Fear of Failure - Finding Courage

 Deanna Singh is recognized as a leading authority in building innovative opportunities within underserved communities.  As Chief Change Agent and Founder of Flying Elephant, Deanna is a highly respected thought leader, who has spent almost 20 years researching, designing, and building asset-based solutions to complex social challenges.  Today she travels the world inspiring and educating audiences.


What we talked about:

-Imposter syndrome and how to overcome this.

-Age limitation

-Creating an inner narrative that empowers you.

-How to control the voice inside your head.

-Overcoming fear of public speaking

-Living in your purpose 

-Solving a problem and the qualities you should look for in your team when hiring.

-”Failing well” is such an important part of the journey. 


Learn more about Deanna and her mission:  https://www.deannasingh.com/about-deanna-singh

Follow Deanna on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deannasingh1/


-Lauren of Love