Hear my interview with Sandy and Melissa from Ladies Aligned


This weekend I am going to be traveling to Saratoga to speak in front of 150 woman for the Ladies Aligned event, Aligned and Rise !!!! 

Sandy and Melissa are absolutely incredible for putting this event together, and I cannot wait to meet all of the amazing women who are showing up for this beautiful experience.


Being one of the featured coaches for the event has warmed my heart and got me so excited (Remind me to do a podcast episode about how I manifested this Gig in the most beautiful way!)

But anyway, Sandy and Melissa sat down to interview me prior to the live event and I turned it into a podcast episode for all of you! Enjoy this one. It's super juicy.

Scroll down and press play to have a listen or subscribe on your preferred podcast platform here. Stay tuned with us on the Lauren of Love podcast.

 Enjoy this! 




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