Business Babe Podcast Episode 187: Finding my soul sisters & a chance to join us on our next trip!


Today on the Business Babe podcast, the girls and I sat down and recorded an epic chat for you all about our journey as soul sisters.

In the episode, we talk about how we found each other, how we healed the sister wound, why we take these trips together, and some of the qualities of our...


Pausing to create profit in your business

Hey gorgeous! It's Lauren here! I am writing you while I'm chillin on the couch playing the old '90s Disney movie in the background (thank you Disney+) banging out some work.

 Also.... did I just write "chillin?" Oh boy.

This morning I woke up feeling SOOO creatively inspired, something I'll...


BBP156: Akashic Records, Spirituality and Business with Ashley Wood of A Line Within

In this episode of the Business Babe podcast, we are jamming out with Spiritual thought leader Ashley Wood, the founder of A Line Within.

Ashley’s tips for activating your line and how to navigate the Akashic Records:



BBP155: My Health and Wellness Journey


In this episode of the Business Babe Podcast,  I am sharing an inside story about my health and wellness journey.

-How My body has held me back in business

-Where my old stories and patterns of unhealthy body image come from

-How your body and health might be holding you back...


BBP154: Brianna Rose on Kundalini and Business

BBP154 Brianna Rose on Kundalini and Business

On this episode of the Business Babe Podcast we have Brianna Rose, an incredible leader in the online space and my dear friend. Brianna is the creator of the Light Leader Community, helping visionary women build an intuitive empire.

She is a total...


Bonus Business Babe Podcast: Transformation Sneak!

business babe podcast Jan 30, 2020


In honor of Transform Success being open for enrollment, I dropped a special BONUS episode of the Badass Business Babe podcast. 

Give it a listen below.



Time is such a funny thing.

Take a moment to think about something you were scared to do three years ago that you...


4 Ways You May Be Blocking Your Success


BBP152: 4 Ways you may be blocking your success. 

TEXT ME! 631-449-7314

The Transform Success Group coaching program is now open for enrollment! 

Join the free Badass Business Babe Facebook Group here..

P.S Did you know the Business Babe Podcast used to be the Badass Business...


BBP151: My Transformation story and HOW to Unblock yourself for Success

In this episode of the Business Babe podcast, I am going to be sharing my Transformation story with all of you.

How I left an abusive unhealthy marriage to start my life over in 2011, and the secret shifts that allowed me to BE, DO and HAVE the life I have today.

In addition, this is the...


Badass Business Podcast: How to Transform Into a Sucessful Person




Are you ready to make 2020 better than all the years before combined?

One of the biggest things I learned to do to master my physical reality was TRANSFORM… and in this episode of the Business Babe podcast, I am going to be sharing my tips for how to Transform into a...


My Experience with Ayahuasca

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to travel to  Rhytmia to participate in multiple Ayahuasca ceremonies.

A few weeks ago I got back from my trip to Costa Rica. And I feel like I am STILL processing what happened.

seriously.. this was if not the HARDEST week of my life, and yet...

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