My Experience with Ayahuasca

Last month I had the amazing opportunity to travel to  Rhytmia to participate in multiple Ayahuasca ceremonies.

A few weeks ago I got back from my trip to Costa Rica. And I feel like I am STILL processing what happened.

seriously.. this was if not the HARDEST week of my life, and yet...


3 Tips to Manifest More In Your Life and Business

Every month our VIP Supported Members get special access to an expert coach in the world of business and personal development. This month, we are super excited and honored to feature Ashley Gordon from Manifest with Ash.

Ashley is a Manifestation Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, founder of...


Hear my interview with Sandy and Melissa from Ladies Aligned


This weekend I am going to be traveling to Saratoga to speak in front of 150 woman for the Ladies Aligned event, Aligned and Rise !!!! 

Sandy and Melissa are absolutely incredible for putting this event together, and I cannot wait to meet all of the amazing women who are showing up...