3 Tips to Manifest More In Your Life and Business

Every month our VIP Supported Members get special access to an expert coach in the world of business and personal development. This month, we are super excited and honored to feature Ashley Gordon from Manifest with Ash.

Ashley is a Manifestation Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, founder of the Badass Manifester Brand and Badass Manifester Podcast! She is obsessed with helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers and Coaches on a mission to change the world!

We sat down with Ashley for an exclusive Q&A inside The Lauren of Love Membership where she shares a behind the scenes of our business. She also has a kick-ass training dropping this month for our VIP Supported Members about how to crush old limiting beliefs and correct your path to abundance with the power of the subconscious mind. We are SO honored and so pumped to have her share her wealth of knowledge with you this month!  

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1) Give yourself permission to want what you want! It doesn’t mean you are materialistic, greedy or selfish. Whether you are craving success in your business, money, love, vacations or to take a yoga class. Your desires are not wrong, they are sacred!


  • Action Step: Take some time to write down what you want and to allow yourself to want what you want. No shame or strings attached. How does it feel to allow yourself to desire without limitations? Jot down anything that comes up!

2)  Ask for what you want! Sounds super simple but for real, you actually have to put it out there! To that big thing we are all apart of and live in: THE UNIVERSE! Write it down, say it out loud while you are driving (sometimes I sing it! lol) and always create affirmations for my desires!


  • Action Step: Repeat after me: “Universe, I allow myself to ask for what I wish to create. I am so grateful to create ___(Insert your desire)_____in my life.  I allow these desires to manifest or something better, for my highest good and the highest good of all involved.”

3) See it, feel it, attract it.  You have to want it so bad that you can’t help but see it. When you sit down and spend time on these desires the universe can’t tell the difference between if it is actually happening or being imagined. Everything is imagined before it’s created! Seeing it in your mind creates the feeling which cues the universe to send you the doors to open and people to meet to attract your inspired action and outcomes!


  • Action Step: Most common block that many people who are focused on manifesting get stuck on is their current reality. And one of the biggest tools taught in manifestation is Visualization. If you are too caught up in “what is” you probably are not visualizing on the regular and you can’t open the channel of receiving your desire.

Spend time imagining what it would be like and feel like. Allow the feeling to flood in. Spend time here and then when it passes, smile and know that it is on the way. Spending time in this imaginary state takes your attention off of the “What is” in your current reality that doesn’t yet reflect your imaginary state.

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Anyone who has ever created anything didn’t know how they were going to do it, they just knew they were going to do it! You got this!