EP262: A Three Part Series of How I Healed Chronic Lyme Disease

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2022

Hello my gorgeous love bird! I am so honored to be putting together this blog post for you containing one of the BIGGEST stories around my self healing journey: 

How I fully healed Chronic Lyme disease.

 But this story goes beyond LYME and into the depths of the narrative of FULLY healing your body mind and self.

If you haven't been in my energetic space for a while, let me get you up to speed: In 2019 I manifested a severe case of chronic Lyme disease that left me extremely debilitated and near death. To paint a picture for you, my illness was so bad I lost my ability to walk, drive a car, or even hold a grocery bag.

I struggled with Hashimoto's, Fibromyalgia, Epstein Bar, Gut issues and hormonal disfunction in addition to being diagnosed with Lyme. So If you are reading this and struggling with any of these health conditions too, I just want you to know that ANYTHING you feel, you can FULLY heal. And I hope this journey shared in this blog post and in these podcast episodes inspires you to fully believe in your own self healing power.


My journey is a wild one... Skin on Fire rashes, parasites, and total mental health disfunction led me to a really deep prayer and calling to SELF HEAL.. This story here is the entire journey that created and birthed the HEAL program.



In this three part series of the Lauren of Love Podcast, I break down the entire story and journey for you of how I healed my illness, took back my life, and came into my full embodiment of self love, health, empowerment and personal freedom.


This episode is really for anyone who is struggling with symptoms in the body that they want to heal. I really hope it inspires you and touches your heart!


In Part One of the episode series: The Story- I dive into the entire story of my journey of Lyme disease. You'll learn about my process of finding a diagnosis, the journey of when my symptoms came on and what happened in navigating my healing journey looking for answers. You'll learn about healing BEYOND the body to discover the roots of all chronic illness in this episode and how to navigate healing beyond just trying to "fix yourself."


In Part Two of the episode series: The Protocols - I walk you through every single protocol I tried on my path of self healing. While I do go into depth on these protocols inside the HEAL. Program for my heal students, for anyone listening, this protocols episode (pt2.) will be an amazing study and explanation around all the things I tried to heal the body of my symptoms. 


Finally, in Part Three of the episode series: The Spiritual Perspective- I share the deep seeded source of all chronic illness and how healing through spirituality was really the game changer for my entire healing journey. 


I know these episodes will inspire and motivate change in anyone who is on their healing path...


And most importantly, that you know you are not alone.


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 I love you deeply, I believe in you, and you are not alone.

For more information on the HEAL program you can visit laurenoflove.com/heal