My Mental Health Transformation


In honor of the Transform Success™️ Group Coaching Program opening up on Monday, here’s another Transformation story for you: my mental health.

I started taking medication to alter my mood in 2009, after I was Raped and had an incredibly hard time coping.

I had experienced depression and anxiety before that...I am a highly sensitive being and have been my entire life, often told by people I was “too emotional” and did not know how to navigate being an empath & a highly sensitive being.

But my trauma pushed me over the edge and I found myself relying on medication to function.

On and off, on and off, I’d feel fine and stop taking meds only to feel my depression come back again full force.

My depression was a part of my identity. I wore it like a badge of honor. “I have a mental illness,” I would often tell people and myself.

As I started to evolve and apply the principles of my Transform Success method, I elevated into a new identity that no longer needed antidepressants or anxiety medication to function.

I healed my mental health and became the master of my emotional world and my physical reality.

I became more spiritually connected.
I discovered my true personality.
I created a new personal reality.
I found my souls creativity, calling and passion.

I share this with you not to tell you “everyone can heal their mental health” or “if you are on medication you should stop,” (I’m not saying either of those things.) But I want you to know that if you have a *desire* to change anything about your reality YOU CAN.

You have the power to create a new destiny. You have the ability to design a new life. You have all you need within you right now to be the Woman you always wanted to be and to create the life you always desired to have.

It starts with a simple step of deciding you will LEARN HOW.

Just decide.

The how will appear.


Ps. The waitlist is officially open for Transform Success™️ Group program.