My Relationship Transformation

When you start to grow, everything inauthentic falls apart.
Sometimes that includes our relationships.... I’ve never shared a picture of my first marriage on social media.

But I know so many evolving women who struggle with shedding old relationships that aren’t serving them as they grow on their personal development or business journey... Here’s what happened to me:

In 2011 I got married to a man who was struggling with a secret drug addiction.

I wasn’t awake and had low self worth at the time, and my reality reflected that. My inner thoughts of not being enough manifested A reality that was simply less than what I truly deserved.

But as I started to grow and change, I noticed he felt uncomfortable and threatened by my evolution.

And then we would fight about it.. a lot.
But deep down I was just triggering his own insecurities.... he didn’t want to grow.

And when his secrets came out, he chose drugs over me.

We got divorced a year later.

In the moment I felt defeated and broken... I felt like I was destined for pain and that I was victim to an unhealthy cycle of sadness. But like I shared in Episode 151 of this week’s Business Babe Podcast, this was actually the greatest gift and the best thing that happened to me.

It was the pivotal quantum moment that shifted me into my a Transformation in 2012.

I went on to grow, raise my standards, manifest my dream business and my incredible soulmate who we lovingly joke is Matt 2.0 (yes...the universe has a sense of humor and my first husband’s name was Matt too.) I learned so much from this dark moment of my life, and it was the first step in me discovering my self worth, my purpose, and my true hearts calling.

We are opening doors for our Transform Success™️ Group Coaching Program on Monday, and I want you all to know something: -You are worthy of raising your standards.
-It is safe to evolve and even if you are scared of letting go, being alone, or making certain decisions to evolve, you will find so so much love when you do and will create the life of your dreams when you follow your heart.

For anyone in the tornado of transformation right now: keep letting your heart lead you. 

If you're interested in transforming your own life be sure to check out Transform Success