My Spiritual Transformation

Tomorrow I will be 31.

One year ago I got this tattoo of the planets down my arm to signify the first 30 years of my life under the stars.

I had no idea the next year would be filled with the deepest most transformational moments of my life.

Up until that moment, I was “successful” but was hitting upper limits (aka the same level of income month after month.) Spirit led me to a new way. I discovered the principles of the Transfrom Success™️ Model, and went on to have my most lucrative cash flow month of $80,000.

I decided to spend the next year incorporating manifestation, spiritual alignment and flow of abundance instead of force in my business.

And my vibration started to shift and my world started to change.

A few weeks later, using the same principles of the TS model, I was able to get sober (after ten years of struggle) and then had an even DEEPER spiritual shift. So of course, I got another Tattoo.

My life is continuing to unfold before my eyes. And I keep looking back going, “wow I can’t believe how much has changed.” I am really excited to share these principles of Transform Success™️ with you inside our group Coaching Program when the doors open.