My Top Favorites: Spiritual Development Tools for Abundance

spirituality tips Apr 04, 2020

When I entered the world of spirituality, I felt pretty overwhelmed by all the tools. crystals, sage, fancy wands? Oh my!

As a born and raised Catholic, I remember walking into a metaphysical shop for the first time and thinking I had just committed some deep grave sin.

Actually... funny story... I recently took my mom to one of those shops. She walked in, saw a book titled, "The modern Wiccan" and nearly had a heart attack as she ran out of the store.

Spirituality doesn't need to have a label, and it doesn't need to scare you.

But as someone who felt very overwhelmed when she first started to explore her spirituality, metaphysical shops offered some incredibly useful tools that allowed me to "tap in" just a bit more.

Why are tools important for your spiritual practice?

If you ever lit a candle before company came over, played some music while you took a relaxing bath, or put on some fancy perfume before a night out, you know how simple things can go a long way in changing our state and shifting our energy.

Things that activate our senses: smell, taste, touch, sound, as well as the ambiance of a room can really shape an experience.

Spiritual practice is just that: it is an experience. It is a process of going deeper into your calmed state and opening yourself up to receive downloads, new ideas, thoughts and breakthroughs. 

If you're wondering why spirituality is an important part of growing a business, I'll do a separate blog post on that, but for now, let me just say this: business is really a lot harder than it has to be when you are forcing all the time and making decisions from your ego. Having a spiritual practice allows you to tap in and open up to source, the divine, and a higher power (not to mention all the magical creative ideas that are up there!)

My current favorite tools:

Right now, my top favorite tools for my spiritual practice are the Threads of Fate Oracle Deck, my new Reverie Harp that I ordered on Amazon, and an Essential oil spray I made myself (a combination of Rosemary and Sandalwood oil.) My tools change from month to month but in this post, I wanted to give you some guidance on how to pick your own spiritual tools by exploring my list of regular go to tools for my own practice.


First: Crystals. 

I remember my very first crystal was a small square piece of citrine. I walked into a crystal shop, picked it out (not knowing what it even represented) and then found a crystal book in the store to look up its meaning and representation. Most metaphysical shops have a book on hand for you to look up the crystals you are interested in purchasing. I recommend for your first time, walking into a shop and letting your eye pull you towards what interests you and then looking up the meaning of that crystal. They say if you are attracted to a stone it is usually a sign you need it. Note: That Citrine I picked up happened to be the stone of manifestation and abundance!

Some stones I often include in my practice: Rose Quartz for self love, Black Tourmaline for Protection and Chrysocolla, the stone of communication for my throat Chakra. I also love Celestine which is the stone of the angels!  To use your stones, place them on your body where you feel called as you lay down for a meditation or hold them in your hands while you sit to pray. I also keep many of my stones at my desk while I am working!

Second: Plants (and Fire.)

I am a BIG fan of activating the energy of a room before I sit for meditation, after I sit for meditation and even before I start my work day. I light fire to some sort of dry plant during my ceremonies. My favorite go to plants are White Sage for protection and cleansing energy, Palo Santo to welcome love, creativity and good fortune and Blue Sage for calling in the spirit or the light. Note: Palo Santo requires a lot of flame while any sage plant generally burns pretty abundantly. I usually sprits mine with a water bottle when I am done with use. I also love incense when I am working at my desk!

Third: Oracle Cards.

I love communicating with spirit/source/consciousness through pulling cards. After my meditation, I will sometimes ask the universe for messages and things I need to hear. My very first deck was the Doreen Virtue Goddess deck which was great for helping me learn to honor parts of my feminine. Gabby Bernstein also has some great card collections to choose from. My personal favorite, like I mentioned is the Threads of Fate deck. And I also got Chris-Anne's new Light Seer's Tarot that I am slowly learning to use. If you need help, you can also read my post: "My top three favorite spiritual decks and how I use them."