My wild 2020 ride - and the big shift in our business

lauren's life Nov 18, 2020

Heyyy  {{ first_name }},

Okay.. I have SOOO much to tell you. Be prepared for a long ass email babe. It's been a while since I wrote you a heart felt message, and I am excited to pour my heart into you with this love letter. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it helps you on your path to business success. A lot of shifts and changes are happening within me right now, and if you feel like you're changing, shifting and evolving in new ways too.... you are not alone. Especially this year.


2020 Failures and Revelations

The other day I read a post from a girl on instagram that said there were 40 something days left in the year.

No joke, I legit freaked out.

"I only have 40 days left to reach my goals for 2020?" Instantly my ego kicked in.

"You're far behind. You aren't where you could be if you worked harder. You should have made more of an effort this year."

..... the negative thoughts go on and on.


2020 was nothing short of a rollercoaster. Like... a BIG ONE. Am I right?


With everything going on in the world, it felt really hard for many of us to show up in a connected energy for our businesses this year. There were days where cancel culture kept us feeling scared to show up and post on instagram. The violence in the U.S., protests on the streets, and the BLM movement that filled our social media feeds made us feel like there wasn't an appropriate space to speak about our businesses on social media. The health crisis that plagued the world this year left so many people without jobs and struggling to provide for their families that it almost felt selfish to promote our offers...even if we ourselves were struggling. And the political environment this year made everything feel heavy and stressful.


We didn't expect this. We didn't prepare for it. The Universe had bigger plans this year.


When we stepped into the year, 2020 was defined as the year of VISION. And many of us interpreted that to mean that THIS was the year where everything we desired would manifest into physical form.

We set our intentions in January, filled our hearts with excitement and stepped into the new year ready to create financial abundance and success in our businesses.

And then the year came harder and more challenging than we ever could have imagined.


But the year of VISION is still here with us.

Even if it wasn't the vision we expected to receive, a lot of us have awoken to a clearer more impactful vision for ourselves and for our businesses.


  • We realized that old niches and ideal clients we were supporting no longer served us, and we found ourselves waking up to our true desires to help a different type of ideal client.
  • We discovered a deeper calling in our hearts to speak on different topics that felt more impactful, more aligned, and more connected to our soul's purpose.
  • We fell out of alignment with our old forceful ways of marketing and found ourselves craving new more flow filled practices of sharing our message and impact the world. 


We woke up to a CLEARER vision. And whatever financial outcome you achieved this year (or didn't) - That clarity and the calling you woke up to is worth celebrating, cherishing and being super proud of.

My shift into a clearer vision.

As many of you know, this year has created a deep shift of vision within me as well. 

Two years ago, when I hit my first half a million dollar year in business, I was burnt out, exhausted, and making little to no room for my personal self care. I got diagnosed with Lyme disease and found myself bed ridden, unable to get out of bed, walk up the stairs or even remember my birthday some days.


I was in a deep dark night of the soul. I had built this big financially supportive empire to live an abundant life and I was so sick I couldn't even enjoy it. Publicly, my business was growing and expanding and behind the scenes I went on a deep soul searching journey to find the ways to heal my body of this chronic illness.


I kept hearing this message within my soul that I was meant to go to Sedona Arizona for several months to heal.


Sedona has TRUE healing energy. The vortexes, the red rocks, and the people... there is true medicine here. I had my first spiritual awakening here in 2014 and came back with Matt to get married in 2018. Sedona feels like my birth place from many lifetimes ago.


"Go for three months and your life will completely change," spirit said. So in July, I made a deal with the Universe as we launched our Coaching Mentorship program. "If I am meant to truly be in Sedona, show me by making this launch the biggest launch we ever had."

We did $190,000 in sales for that group coaching program. Day one of open cart I fell to my knees in my office sobbing as I looked at the numbers.


"I am safe and supported. Always. It's time to go to Sedona." 


So on August 8 (Lions Gate) I got on a plane barely able to lift my suitcase and so weak from the Lyme disease. I left my hubby in Connecticut for a long three month journey of healing.


I went DEEP into my process.


The more I embodied my healing journey, the more I realized that this old way of doing business no longer served me. As I cracked myself open to heal my body I realized that the only thing stopping me from attaining pure prosperity for my health was my mind and emotional body.

  • I needed to heal the trauma lingering in my body from being raped in 2009.
  • I needed to forgive myself for attempting to take my life after that incident, and all the years of taking antipsychotics that followed to numb me from my pain.
  • I had to do deep work around the wounded masculine and discover a new healthy relationship with men and the masculine energy within me.
  • I needed to embrace my feminine and heal the shame and guilt I was carrying around being embodied as a woman.
  • I needed to start listening to my body - an intuitive voice that I had shut off for so many years.

I found new healing modalities like Kambo frog medicine, Ayahuasca, Breathwork, Bee Venom Therapy, and goddess yoga. And slowly, my body started to heal.


And as I healed my SELF..... my business expanded.

Coming into this experience, I had all of this fear around pausing my life to do this deep inner work. But I did it. I stopped recording podcasts, stopped sending emails and text messages, and slowed down in my day to day tasks for business to only do what was required... and I was SO scared to do this. I was afraid my business would crash and that the financial stability I created would get pulled out from underneath me if I wasn't fully 100 percent always in my business.


But the wild and beautiful thing is, the more I actually spent this time working on myself, the more my business started to flourish. And that's when I realized that STRATEGY for your business is important... but transforming YOURSELF is where the profit is.


Growing a business is about growing YOURSELF. And the more you spend time working on your identity - who you are as a woman and who you want to become, the more you start to hold space for prosperity.

  • What's stopping you from feeling ALIVE right now?
  • What's holding you back from feeling confident?
  • What old stories from mom or dad are you making YOUR stories that aren't serving you?
  • What old traumas are plaguing you and haunting you that still need to be released?

A confident woman makes money. And Confidence is rooted in living an aligned life, taking care of yourself, and focusing on becoming empowered.


And now that I am on the other side of this deep healing, I see the vision of business more clearly now than ever before.


Growing a business is about growing yourself. And the more you do this inner work, the more successful you become.

And as I recognized this more deeply within myself, I felt a true calling to fuel the brand, you and this gorgeous community with all of the teachings I am learning.


As I grew, "business babe" started to feel less and less aligned. And I knew in my heart it was time to step into finally OWNING myself... claiming my TRUE identity and merging my old content with the new content that is pouring through me.


Mindset. Inner work. Spirituality. ALL OF IT. Because THIS is where the prosperity magic is.

So of course, we made some big leap changes.


All the beautiful epic changes:


The more I did my inner work, the more I realize that "Business Babe" is an old me, and maybe an old version of you too. So we made the decision to retire and now we are on <3 The site is the same, your logins won't change... but the identity of our mission is shifting!


Say hello to a new podcast name too! The old Business Babe podcast felt restrictive. As I have grown, I feel a deep calling to talk about ALL of the elements of me and my journey to help you... and not just business. The podcast has a new name, and new content starting next week!


The Rising Sisterhood mastermind is now open for enrollment! I am pouring all of my inner work mastery into this next level container. The eight month mastermind starts in January and includes an in person retreat to Sedona as well as monthly trainings from incredible experts I love and trust! All of the details of the program, including testimonials from our graduates are on the sales page for RSM here.


Finally, we renamed our Facebook Group! I took a lot of time off from the Facebook group community, and now with a new name - the Sacred Success Community - it feels more aligned and more exciting to show up for all of you in there! I recorded a video in the group this week about my decisions to stretch and change our brand. You can watch it here.

Finally, as I close this long wild and crazy email, I just want to say thank you to all of you for being on this wild ride. 2020 was a big year, and now, with this new intention and declaration of our true soul's calling, we can make 2021 even more magical than we ever visualized possible.


So here's my final request... today, I want you to ask yourself how you can more FULLY embody your TRUE soul's calling.


If you woke up tomorrow with no business, what would you create from scratch? 


If you were speaking in front of millions, what would you be talking about?


If money was no worry for you - what would you do every single day?


and finally.... what old stories do you need to let go of to finally be that empowered women you always wanted to be?


Cheers to an epic next chapter my darlings. I love you so much.




Lauren Eliz Love