Transforming My Life Created a Million Dollar Online Empire


NO JOKE. I feel like a new woman.

One year ago, I made the decision to change my life. And I feel like I am coming out on the other side, new and improved and awakened.

If you read my instagram post, you know I’ve been wanting to write about this for months but I felt like I had some deeper inner work to do first. I think a lot of us go through transformations and then we sit back and go, "Okay WTF just happened?" - It's like we take this physical jump and then our emotional state needs time to catch up. There is an integration period that has to take place.

There was something going on but for a while, I couldn't put my finger on it. I felt like I was changing and the business was changing too, but I had no idea what was happening. Does that make sense? Maybe that has happened to you before, where you feel yourself changing before anything in your physical world happens.

So while integration was going on, I took a step back to be in the process more deeply.

***** Metaphorical sign on my door that says, “BRB, Healing RN.”

One year ago on July 2nd, I set the intention to enter a new stage of my life. That day in 2018, in the midst of total emotional burnout, exhaustion, and having spent years operating my business from a wounded space, I made the decision that I was going to change my life. (Literally, I marked that day in my calendar as "the day my life changed forever" and set a one-year anniversary reminder before it even happened.)

Back then, I wasn't exactly happy in my business.


Okay... real truth? I was miserable.  

I was so incredibly unfulfilled, totally burnt out, and operating the business from a wounded space.

 I was tired, stressed out, doing everything by myself, working endless hours in front of the computer, and feeling like I was never happy.

I was running my business to chase financial milestones so I could feel accomplished and successful. "Look at me and look what I did!" and it didn't exactly serve me to act that way.

I had spent so much of my life struggling and feeling inferior, and here I was making more money than I have ever made and feeling more successful than ever.

I was chasing fancy handbags, and big beautiful "I made ______ amount of dollars this month look how successful I am" Instagram posts.


So that day, one year ago, marking the date forever in my calendar, I made two very important decisions:


  • I am going to start putting my own inner healing before my business.
  • I am going to believe with 100 percent certainty that the more I heal, the more money I will make.

 Since then the business has exploded and my time freedom is at an all-time high.

But arriving here started with me putting my foot down and deciding I was no longer going to hustle and obsess over achieving business goals.

Coming from someone who was chasing financial milestones for a long time, I felt deeply scared to transition into a space where hustling and working hard was no longer my emotional home.

 Because honestly, I've lived there my entire life.

But I surrendered all of that and went on my own healing journey trusting that I would be making more money on the other side.

And BOY oh BOY has this been a beautiful experience. I have changed on a mental and spiritual level, but also in a physical way I couldn't have predicted or prepared for. The business has changed…grown, expanded, had magical opportunities, etc.

All because I put my inner work first.

it’s absolutely INSANE how much growth has transpired. Here’s a picture to show you. 

This is the result of deep inner work this past year. That’s me on the left-hand side in April of 2018. I was on our honeymoon. We had just hit our first $40,000 month and I had just spent the day crying because I had brought my packed coaching schedule with me on vacation. Matt had made me cancel all of my coaching sessions and I bawled like a baby about it. “People will think I am lazy and an irresponsible coach if I cancel,” I cried, and then felt guilty about it the entire trip so I drank and ate like crazy to cope with my ridiculous "not good enough" screaming ego.

 At that point in my life, I was having nervous breakdowns on a regular basis. I was overworked, burnt out and at max capacity.

That version of me on the left-hand side was absolutely miserable. Yes, I was making more money than I ever had in my life, but  I was overworked, overtired, drinking and eating heavily to cope with the stress and overwhelm I was carrying around with me every day. You can read more about it in my personal instagram post.

Now, flash forward to today, I am making more money than I ever have before, and I have more TIME FREEDOM than I’ve ever had before.

Oh…. and I am also happier than ever before.

 Totally not a coincidence. All of those things are totally connected, right?

That photo on the right is a picture of us in Austin last month.

So let’s talk about this work so I can welcome you into it.


What’s Changed?

My priorities have shifted and the business has grown in the process. I stopped focusing on hustling and started healing. I've been doing the inner work on a journey to change from the inside out. Following a very specific inner work healing process (see the bottom of this post for more details on my healing process.)

Here are some specific things I am doing differently lately.


Six Things to Drastically Transform your life and business.


  1. I stopped letting my clients affect my energy.

 Unfamiliar with my spiritual gifts at the time, I was what I like to call an “unskilled empath.” I would work with 17 people one on one at a time and had NO idea how to protect my energy. I was a walking talking heavy energy magnet and had no idea how to protect myself from absorbing other peoples’ energy. This led to stress, overwhelm and a need to want to “Fix” everyone around me.

 Since then, I recognize that I can love and adore every single client I work with but I don’t have to make their stress or worry become my stress and worry.

Remember - your clients emotions are not yours. It's not your job to shift into them or fix them. It is your job to hold space to support and guide them in the best way possible and to bring them to a higher vibration.

Don't take on the energy of other people in any environment unless it is a conscious choice.

Do a good job protecting your emotional boundaries and your physical ones too.

  1. I stopped consuming in a “mind altering way.”

Back then, on an emotional rollercoaster, I would eat and drink to alter my state. Again, another spiritual lesson in the work I was doing: Having health Issues related to stress, overwhelm and exhaustion is a sign you are running your business incorrectly. If you are drinking to cope with a long day or eating because you want to feel full or grounded, there is a problem babe. And if you are a business owner doing that, it’s a problem you most definitely want to look at.

 When I went sober, I opened up the doors to address what was REALLY going on: The deep inner work that led to our million dollar business.


  1. I corrected every single inauthentic vibe of my business.

 Because I was on the edge of burnout, helping other women create success often felt disconnected for me. "I am teaching other women how to create success, but I have it right now and I feel totally miserable all of the time,” I thought. Talk about creating an upper limit for myself right? Why would I ever in a million years want a business to grow that was exhausting me daily? Why on earth would I want to help other women create something that I had and was starting to hate?

I started to look at these inaccuracies and feelings of disconnect in my message, and I started to shift. I decided I would commit to designing a life I was actually proud and happy to have.

 Nothing is worse than helping others get where you are if where you are is not making you happy. Instead of focusing on making money, I started to design a life I LOVED having so I could inspire other women to do the same.

Now I only do things that light me up and I keep a very open schedule.

And when I am an energetic match for expansion and next level - it comes easily to me.

  1. I started putting my inner work first.

On that sunny day one year ago, by declaring my new rules, I was actually calling in a higher version of myself: a woman who made her joy a priority. I had never been a woman who put herself first and that definitely felt foreign in the beginning. Slowly I started making my own growth a priority and forming the new belief that my business would grow the more I worked on myself. This one action alone changed everything: I was now setting a new standard for the quality of my life and my life’s work.


5. I started focusing more on who I was becoming and not just what I was making.

I wanted to become a woman that was a TRUE leader and truly felt like one. And a leader doesn't obsess over financial milestones. A leader LEADS herself and others by example.

I wanted to unleash the next level of who I was so that I could create TRUE success. And by making myself and my own inner growth a priority, I stopped focusing so much on my financial milestones, which ultimately allowed me to become a magnet for success.

By becoming a more vulnerable, open conscious and aware human being with myself, I can now serve more women than I have ever before.

  1. I healed my stories of sisterhood, being seen, and being successful.

I started to look at my shadow and all the fears, blocks and insecurities I was still deeply harboring insecurities around being seen. I still had really unhealthy relationships with words like "Success" and "Hard work." The inner work of looking at my shadow allowed me to grow my business and allowed me to heal myself.

I became a different human, and as a result, our business evolved to its next level. I stopped caring so deeply about how others saw me and how I could “be successful,” and I started asking instead, "How do I see myself?" and "Who do I want to become?"

Ready to go on your own transformation following our process?

This inner work has become the very thing that took us to a million dollar online empire.

Because the more I have dedicated myself to growing and developing me, the more our business has grown.

And omg has it grown.

And I am truly so very grateful.

Guys, I cannot say this enough: When you focus on being the best possible version of yourself, you can transform the world.

And when the Universe sees you doing that, it brings you a fuck ton of money to support you in making that happen.

Kind of like your boss would do at work, the Universe throws you more opportunities when it sees that you can handle the ones you have.

"Wow Lauren! You look great lately. You've been handling your life so well, here are some more opportunities for me to throw you!"

When you don't take care of yourself, the Universe says,  "Well... you want to help people but you still need to help yourself first.... I'll wait to give you these opportunities while you get your shit together."

When you sacrifice your deep inner exploration time for a packed schedule and no time for yourself,  you are avoiding the work that really needs to be done for you to make an impact.

The last six months, I have done the work. I have transformed. And I feel like this new woman who is ready to take on the world.

And our business has exploded in the process. Our income has skyrocketed, and we are operating a business that meets ALL of my needs: including my need for time freedom.

Teaching this process to you.

In case you are wondering, Cora-Lynn are putting this entire process of inner work into a program for you.  We have both done tons of growing and evolving and as a result, the business has grown like a crazy beautiful and we want to hold space to allow that transformation into your life too.

That's why we are putting this process into a program for all of you. That way, anyone who is trying to get results as I've done in the last six months, can evolve in just SIX WEEKS.

This brand new program will be announced tomorrow. Our waitlist members will be able to enroll Tuesday, June 18 and regular enrollment will open on Wednesday at 9 AM.

We have a limited amount of spots.

This is a never before transformation and coaching methodology that we are SO excited to share with you.

ALL brand new content, ALL Designed to shift the BUSINESS WOMAN behind the business.

Get ready for the transformation of a lifetime babe.

But regardless of whether you join us, please please please remember: YOU are the vessel for this work. YOU are the vehicle for your abundance. Make sure you are doing the inner work, looking at yourself, overcoming fears, and showing up to put yourself first.

Because when you transform yourself, your business has no choice but to transform with you.


Lauren Eliz Love