EP249: Heal Your Relationship With Your SELF

lauren of love podcast Jan 18, 2022


I’m coming up one my one year home from Sedona. I left my life in Connecticut and moved to Sedona for a year to focus on my self healing with all of the resources the beautiful land and community had to offer. Everything in my life was put on the back burner other than my health and it was magic. I wasn’t going to settle for feeling less than good enough in my body, I was going to figure my shit out. When I discovered my HEAL. method, my life changed. I had to trust the big leaps and push through the discomfort to release my old stories, and rewrite the new ones.


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When we are in our healing process, it can feel like we are trudging through murky water and when we find our way out we feel so relieved. But then, we find our way back to that murky water and we have to go through the same process of finding our way out over and over again. It’s exhausting. I want to invite you to believe that as you continue through your healing process, you can overcome the feeling that there is always an obstacle at the forefront of your ability to heal. There is another side to this.


Right now, I’m in integration. I’ve made it through, for now. I’m sure I’ll be thrown back into the thick of it at some point, but when that happens I will know how to help myself through. Imagine if you finally learned how to rewrite the stories that are holding you back, what would your life look like? Any of these symptoms are a symbol of a great issue and an influence for you to take a look at yourself. I get asked, “Why are these things happening?” And my answer to that is, these are all symptoms mirroring to you an un-whole relationship with yourself. They are all this way because we have experiences in childhood and teenage years where we formed not so strong beliefs of disempowerment, dysfunction, etc. those things separate us from our wholeness, safety and empowerment. We bring ourselves back home by healing from these experiences physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have to form new habits, recondition our minds, and take action in the 3D. 


A way to come back home to ourselves is to make a prayer that we will work on our relationship with ourselves. We have to understand our needs and suffering to meet and release them. We need to know ourselves. So what does that look like? It’s building confidence, appreciation, and love for ourselves. Investing in my relationship with myself changed EVERYTHING for me. I got to show up in happiness, radiance, certainty, and empowerment. It changed my relationship with my family, my partner, my fellow sisters. 


So many of us neglect the time that we need to spend within ourselves. We need to change our communication patterns and the patterns around our lives. So however it looks to you, make time for yourself and things will start to change. Sometimes you will slip up and lose that connection with yourself, but use it as a chance to correct yourself and come closer to you. The solution to all of this is knowing you are worthy of love and nourishment from yourself. 


I know for me, the decision to go to Sedona away from my family, my husband, my business, I felt so much judgment and guilt towards myself for needing something so drastic to heal. I think so many of us can relate to feeling unworthy of working on ourselves, but you have a choice to change that and take the steps you need to change your life when you are presented the chance to do something for YOU. 


I knew Sedona was it for me and I don’t regret my choices at ALL. It changed everything the way I knew it would and you are worthy of that too. So if you feel a pull to make an investment for yourself, step into that and jump into the portal where you will be facing all of your challenges and given the gift of rewrite. 


I went through ALL of this and came out a new woman.

Do not dismiss yourself.

Learn to love yourself.

That is what healing is about and you are deserving, worthy and ENOUGH for it. 



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