EP.210: Real Talks About Limiting Beliefs

lauren of love podcast Mar 02, 2021
We have all experienced times where we have had nagging feelings and thoughts of self-doubt. In this episode, I explore the shadows around business and the fear of not being enough. I focus on incessant thoughts and the impact they have on your life. As we tell ourselves stories of self doubt and use limiting words in our daily thoughts, we create a life for ourselves that is negative and unfulfilling. It is so important that we use tools of activity to bring ourselves back to a space of confidence, trust, and strength. Everything changes when we choose to think differently and take control of our thought. If we start being intentional with our beliefs and making space to hold onto the vision that is right for us, we open ourselves to a complete change in our state. 
"When the self is not enough, it's hard to have a beautiful experience of life." 
Some other topics covered:
  • Where these states and thoughts stem from
  • How to start fixing these states of mind with acknowledgment and acceptance of self
  • Learning to challenge yourself by changing the questions you ask yourself
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