EP 211: The Secrets to Achieving Everything You Want in Your Life

lauren of love podcast Mar 09, 2021
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Our mind is a powerful tool that controls our thoughts and reality. The way we focus our beliefs and the energy we are in while we perform an action, is decided upon by the way we interpret thought. It is important that we focus on healing the mind, the body, and our spiritual connections to reach all of the goals that our thoughts may get in the way of. Everything we do and create comes from making decisions. Decisions are something that happen in an instant, but it is only those followed by action that create our result. 
There are 5 Decisions we all MUST make to create success in our lives. 
1. We must decide what we want and must create purity in that decision
With this decision, we acknowledge the past wounds that have made it difficult to have a clear vision of what we want. When we imagine what it would be like to show up in a world where we have everything we want, we replace the stories we hold that say we can't have something or that it may come with bad consequences.
2. We must decide that we will do everything in our divine power to make things happen
With this decision, we are working with spirit to know what we need to do and when. We are active listeners of the lessons and messages brought to us and we do only what feels good to us. In this process of decision, we observe and reflect on the work we have done and revise it to do better without carrying any feelings of failure or self-sabotage.
3. We must decide that we are going to be the best student of self awareness and show up as much as possible
With this decision, we are strong in who we are and sovereign in our energy. We are curious about our patterns, belief systems, and tendencies. We question how we are showing up and observe with our hearts to transmute any stress. In this space, we can pause to evaluate our successes and failures free of judgement or criticism of ourselves.
4. We must decide that we are destined for our success
With this decision, we recognize that what we want is put into our reality because it is meant for us. We take all things that stand in the way as lessons learned so that we can fully enjoy reaching our goals. 
5. We must decide that we will heal everything within us to transmute the resistance
With this decision, we understand that we do not need to avoid or push through resistance. We acknowledge that is a byproduct of something being out of alignment. We take this as a sign that there is something we need to heal and that we are here to embrace the journey of creating health and wellness, financial success, and self confidence. In this decision, we change resistance to happiness. 
6. We must decide that this is all great
In this decision, we accept everything we move through as something beautiful. We fully embody our divine selves and exist in a pure state of bliss. We are committed to the healing path.

Now here's my challenge for you:

Which of these decisions do you need to master more deeply to create the success you desire in your life?





"The more you commit yourself to learning more about who you are, the more likely you are to make achieving what you want simpler and faster." - Lauren Eliz Love

Some other topics discussed:
  • What it means to be a student of self awareness
  • What the four steps are to results based action taking
  • What specific limitations block our abundance
  • How to use personal self-healing to collapse time and achieve your dreams quicker
  • How your childhood upbringing stops you from reaching your goals
  • What it means to be a pure energetic match for your desires
  • What really creates self-sabotage
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  • The steps to removing any limiting belief that you may be carrying about yourself, your business, or others..
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