EP 213: My Journey With Kambo Medicine

lauren of love podcast Mar 16, 2021
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In the most recent episode of the podcast, I dive into all things Kambo.


First let's start with some background and important information!

When discussing Kambo, it is extremely important that we recognize the Matsés tribe and their ability to provide us with this sacred medicine. The Matsés are a tribe of 3500 Natives that are devoted to animal spirits. They believe that when the spirits are happy, they are safe and protected and that hunting is prosperous. Please refer to the links after the topics discussed in this episode for more information regarding the Matsés tribe!

Kambo medicine is considered the "vaccine of the jungle" and is used by the Matsés tribe in South America. It is a medicine of sovereignty and allows for the release of what no longer serves you and the calling in of all that is for your higher good. Kambo comes from the Giant Monkey Frog and is a slimy excretion or "poison" that exists on their backs. When facilitating this medicine, small burns are placed on the body and the slime is applied onto the burn. Within a minute, you begin to feel physical symptoms (not a hallucinogenic) such as face swelling, nausea, sweating, and a rapid heartbeat. This medicine is a purging medicine that cleanses the body and allows it to heal. 

When finding a practitioner, it is crucial that you ask where the medicine is coming from (should be the tribe), where they studied (should be the jungle), and who they have served. They should have received permission from the Matsés tribe to be using the medicine and holding space for others to receive. Also be sure that if there are any medical concerns that you discuss those with your practitioner. 


Now onto my experiences with Kambo!

I first began my journey with Kambo on a trip to Sedona with my soul sisters. I had never felt called to sit in ceremony with Kambo until I became extremely sick due to Lyme disease. On this trip, we came in contact with a practitioner and the Universe told me that it was time I sat with this medicine to heal my Lyme disease and the symptoms that I experienced with it. In the beginning, I used Kambo only for physical benefit. As I continued to sit with it and heal my physical health, I noticed that it also brought up emotional principles that needed to be healed. I began attending ceremony with intention of addressing these principles and releasing the parts of myself that were not truly mine, but belief systems of my parents and family. As I brought these emotional principles into my healing with this medicine, I noticed that so much had started to change so quickly for me (physical health, lifestyle, etc.). Each morning after ceremony, I would wake up feeling like a brand new person. I practiced with this medicine so deeply that I am now able to self-administer at home with Matt holding space for me (Kambo should NEVER be done alone). 

Through Kambo, I have a deeper understanding of the path of spirituality. It is about bringing the soul back to its place of power above the mind and body. We must be able to clear and release in order to rewrite our story. 




"People led by their minds don't live fulfilling lives. It's about being led by the soul."- Lauren Eliz Love




Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What is Kambo Medicine
  • How to use Kambo medicine for emotional healing & physical healing 
  • How Kambo medicine works 
  • Animal medicine - what it is and how to use it
  • Why and how to release emotional trauma 
  • How to find your step in the plant medicine world 
  • The different types of plants medicines
  • The importance of spirituality as a tool for healing 
  • Protecting the medicines and their tribes 



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