EP 226: Healing Trauma for Success

lauren of love podcast Jun 08, 2021
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  Today, I am diving into the inner workings of trauma. Specifically, the power it has on us, what it means, and how it shows up in our lives. I have noticed that many of you coming into 5 day challenge have awareness around the fact that you aren't showing up fully in your business due to feelings of unworthiness.
Many of you probably relate to these mindsets of:
"I'm unworthy to receive income."
"I can't be myself."
  These mindsets are ways that we develop patterns of avoidance and self-sabotage due to our worry of not being good enough. For me, I realized that these patterns were not a product of my business, but of the traumas I have held since my childhood.
  Our traumas are the gateway to personal transformation that allows us to become the fierce successful woman that has achieved it all, but we are not fully awakened because of the trauma patterns that we have internalized from our traumatic experiences. There are two parts of a woman with these patterns; one really wants to be successful and knows her power, while the other is fearful and scared, plays out thoughts of not being good enough, and talks badly to themselves.
  To fully become that woman who knows her power, we must acknowledge we have been through a lot in our lives. Take a minute to think, "What does that mean?" and "How does that feel to know what it means?"
  There are two types of traumas that cause us to fractal out. These are ripple traumas and earthquake traumas. With ripple traumas we're told we aren’t enough through our experiences whether it's by being told exactly that, or shown in another way. Earthquake traumas are soul shattering traumas where a deep part of you is separated.
  When we experience these traumas, the complete self that feels good enough for everything starts to split. We separate those parts of us that a confident and pure so much that they begin to go away. Eventually, our souls awaken, we feel called to help others and heal ourselves, and build something out of nothing. A magnetic awareness washes over you, showing your darkness as you grow and bringing up the traumas that have been affecting you and the wounds you are carrying.
  At first, we feel this inclination to judge, “I should be better. Ive done work, why don't I feel good about myself?” but this is an opportunity to acknowledge that we need to build new relationships with our experiences. Spirit brings your shadow to see what you are going to do about it. Do you take it as a chance to heal or continue to internalize it?
  As creators of our destiny, we must believe in worth, what we are calling in and that it is possible for us. We reconnect our confidence of safety, power, and certainty. 
  So, take a pause and look at the patterns that have come up in ur journey to financial success. Ask yourself these questions:
I want to be a confident women. How do I become that so it shows up in all aspects of my life?
What created this reality for myself?
What does the inner child need to her from me to feel safe?
Now, let your power unfold and make it your reality.

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