EP 238: Dark Night of the Soul

lauren of love podcast Sep 14, 2021

  Dark night of the soul is a part of a process coined by Jospeh Campbell called “the Hero’s Journey”. It is the traveling and navigations of the life of the “hero” archetype who is claiming their life and freedom. It is a circular process, an evolution that this person goes through to find themselves. I encourage you to look more into this if it interests you. There is a documentary called, “Finding Joe” that is amazing. 


  The hero claims and continues to reclaim their life. They are waking up to their power and truth, The dark night of the soul is a moment of darkness that exists in the process of returning home to yourself. These seasons of life are TEMPORARY. Some people live in this space, but YOU a conscious, evolved being working on themselves need to know that you will move through this. It can be really hard to anchor into this realization as we can get lost in the darkness, but please know this is temporary.


  The term was originally coined by Roman Catholicism and was identified as, “a spiritual crisis in the journey towards union with God.” This can feel like a bit of a stretch for some of us, but this principle can be rephrased as, “a spiritual crisis in the journey of returning to your highest self.” It is known as an extremely painful period of life and can be caused by a lot of different experiences. 


  You may feel depressed, detached, or like your world is falling apart. You may fear that it will never go away. I like to look at dark nights as rattlings and recalibrations. Our worlds feel stressed and intense, but at the same time we are recalibrating into our highest self and everything coming up in our dark night is here to be released. 


  My dark night started after my rape trauma in 2019. After my experience, I dealt with PTSD, total withdrawal from the world, anxiety, depression, etc. I identify this as a dark night because I feel like my soul separated and was gone. I was lost and hopeless in this energy for many years until I started to find personal development and take my power back. As I found tools in my studies to explore myself, healing started to take place. I remember as I raised my vibration even more and came into who I was meant to be, I got this feeling that I was really meant to help others.


  After this realization, I went to Sedona with my husband, and I experienced a Kundalini awakening (a spiritual, energetic experience in the body where you feel oneness and peace). Sometimes, with these huge vibrational shifts, you come back to the 3D and feel the need to integrate and change your life. These dark nights can show if we don’t follow through and hold ourselves back from our highest selves. I wanted to leave my corporate job, but my fears of security and disappointment made me resist my desires. This resistance forced me into a dark night. I was depressed, I was doubting the purpose of my life. It was a push into who I was truly meant to be. I learned from this dark night that when things start to fall apart, they are not meant for you. 


If you are in a dark night ask yourself, 


“What am I resisting?” 


“What am I resisting in my life that is causing this chaos?” 


“What am I stepping into that all of this shedding is waking me up to claim?”


  A lot of the time, this chaos exists because we are not allowing ourselves to surrender to the process and recognize it is there for our greatest good. This is a study of learning to be present in your life, being grateful and appreciative of what unfolds for you, and seeing the highest good in everything.  


  If things feel heavy, please do not be hard on yourselves. Often times, our dark night times bring out the emotions we hold back. Be able to experience the process without the self bullying.



 SO, how do we move through this?

Take solitude. 


  When we go through dark nights, being alone with ourselves can be one of the most painful, but necessary experiences. I recommend grounding in nature with Mother Earth. The more time you spend connecting with energy of constant birth, nurturing, and prosperity, the more results you will have. 




  So much comes through to process and journaling was one of the most effective tools for me, whether I liked it or not. Just writing down what I was thinking and feeling helped me to correct my thought pattern. 


  Start with, “What is happening to me?” And list everything out.  Then, on the other side of the paper ask, “What is this actually here for?” Find the beauty behind the shadow. All of this is our resistance to suffering. 


We shouldn’t be afraid of low vibrations, they will go away once we learn the lesson. You will look back on this experience with love and appreciation for the lessons you learn in your dark night. 







Signs You are Going Through A Dark Night:


  1. You feel lost, powerless, or hopeless.
  2. You are no longer interested in the things you once loved.
  3. Your definition of success is no longer the same anymore.
  4. You’re having physical symptoms you’ve never had before.
  5. You’re having really intense dreams. 
  6. Very emotional in connection our inner child.



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