EP 240: Healing Your Relationship With Success

lauren of love podcast Oct 20, 2021

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Today’s blog post is all about rewiring our relationship with what we have known success to be, and about conditioned success! We are faced with hard learnings, struggles and setbacks and I hope after today's conversation you can address it from a higher perspective. 


My intention and prayer for today's conversation is to share my heart around what I have learned and navigated and what has unfolded in my journey of creating success. 


Before we can do anything for other people we must first do it for ourselves. What you create in your life and the experiences you have in your 3D world shape and shift you and become the foundation for you to support others.   


This is a never ending journey. We often have the approach “one day I will never have to deal with this” and we may not have to deal with the difficult energy but the study of the energy is always there. 


The first step is to look at, “What have I been through as a child, what are the blocks and challenges?”


I learned at a young age that success is important. We often inherit generationally wounded belief systems and perspectives from our parents, so if you are trying to create success and are not looking at dissecting and transmuting the things you witnessed and experienced as a child around your relationship with success you’re going to be trying to climb a big mountain of achievement with a really heavy backpack of rocks, and the journey is harder. One of the Master Class Series Modules focuses on transmuting energy from childhood experiences. We have the power to rewrite those stories and lift that energy from our beings. 

The story I created is people only love you if you're successful and wanting recognition of success from others is a top priority. As an adult this went beyond making money, I wanted a good job, to go to college, get married, everything that would make my parents proud because I was chasing external validation. I went down this journey, got a really good career climbing the corporate ladder but I was unfulfilled. I was doing everything “right”, but it still wasn’t working. There is a lot of grief and shame involved in this realization that I put so much time and effort into something that doesn't bring me joy.  


When we are chasing success from an egoic standpoint we experience burnout. I was sitting with this creation energy waiting to be birthed and the thing that blocked it, or resisted this channel from being fully activated is when we begin forming this relationship with success, we focus on things we do not want, we do not have a definition of what success means for us. Setting intentions with these wounded views, we idolize success as a savior, when in fact success, feeling whole and worthy is our natural birth right, this is how we are meant to be all the time. 


If you are just trying to get out of pain, escape, it will never be enough. You will always reach a limit and continue the story of suffering. The story of suffering needs to end no matter what your financial standing. You are chasing freedom, but freedom can be cultivated wherever you are in your life. 


Something I did early on is paint a vision. We want to be really clear on two components when painting the vision of success. 

  1. The vision of our business and the vessel of our channel of abundance. What do we want it to look like when we show up in that space?
  2. The vision of what life looks like in the energy of success 


Success is an inside job. Prosperity in your physical world, in your bank account, in your travel experience are a byproduct of the internal work. We have to look at our disruptive or destructive behaviors that prevent this. 


For me, success is having time freedom and  financial opportunities for variety in my life,  but also me believing in myself and having confidence. 


Two years ago I was deeply ill and traveled to Sedona to study plant medicine. I was able to travel back and forth between my home with my husband and my rented home in Sedona. Success is the freedom, flexibility and financial stability to do that. But then I started to have that feeling again like I did when I was in a corporate job, and I felt like there was much deeper work to be done, and I had to change my path again and let go of what I had been working toward because it wasn't fulfilling me. 


Success is about total alignment. It is our job and responsibility to do the scary things that grow and expand us, otherwise we are not living our truest potential. We are self sabotaging. We need to release the old and make the space for new energy in more perfect alignment with our highest self. 


My truth is I have abandoned my strongest legs of revenue and I am still making $20,000 plus months. It may not be what I was making, but I am still so supported, and this is what it is all about. 

It is my prayer for you today that you embody that belief “I am worthy and deserving of success. My success is inevitable and I am available for all of it”.





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