EP.218 What the HEAL. Program Means to Me

lauren of love podcast Mar 23, 2021


Releasing a new program has always been special to me for two reasons:


1. I always feel an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for the women who join my programs and choose me to help them.


2. I can look back at the creation process and hold space to appreciate the version of me that it was created for.


With the new HEAL. program, I have never felt more love, excitement, or connection to the work that exists in a program. I spent so much of my life working to attain physical outcomes with an expectation that there would be fulfillment, but I was always left feeling like something was missing. I realized 12 years ago that it was because none of these physical outcomes were meeting the standards of what I was searching for emotionally. I was in an unhappy marriage and I left no room for play in my life, I just worked. I knew that things needed to change and through my time of healing I found a healthy relationship, started a business, and went through a beautiful and challenging health journey to collapse the time it takes for me to ascend more into who I am supposed to be.


 If you are trying to heal a part of your life that feels hard, challenging, or frustrating, you can make a decision NOW to do things different. Any layer of insecurity and feeling of not being good enough all comes from you trying to do your best, but it coming out the wrong way. It is crucial that we have healthy relationships with our body, money, external love (romantic and platonic), and with ourselves to live in our highest, greatest success. By going to the place where we formed these belief systems and working through them, we can shift our physical realities. 


This program will be a 6 MONTH container in which I provide a safe space for women to learn to heal their lives using the methods that I used and claim everything that they want in their lives.


I can not wait for you to join me! 






 "It is in our moments of decision-making that our destiny is shaped."- Lauren Eliz Love


The day is officially here guys! I am so excited to announce that HEAL, my six month intensive transformation program is now open for enrollment!
HEAL. Is a step by step journey of transforming your life and healing the parts of you that you know have been holding you back from greatness.
Whether you’re ready to heal your body, your business, your bank account, or your over all feelings about yourself: HEAL is a step by step immersive experience for HEALING IT ALL.
Throughout the six months of the program we go on a deep dive exploring the old limitations and patterns and repairing any past programming around fear so that we can finally claim a path of life that feels full of love, effortless, and expansive.
This program is valued at over @$24,000 and the cost is a STEAL. This program is open once a year and is only available for enrollment until FRIDAY March 26. For more visit the sales page HERE.
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