EP245: Make 2022 the Best Year of YOU

lauren of love podcast Dec 28, 2021

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  In 2021, I spent time for myself going inward, reflecting, and exploring instead of focusing on my business. I started to explore myself and discovered that we need to do this inner work to grow and expand ourselves so we don’t run and avoid our shadows and limitations. 

  So, for 2022 the intention is to take everything we have learned in our lives, harness and process those lessons, and move forward in a different way. We'll be diving into becoming the new you in 2022, principles and foundations of showing up in a new energy, steps to take, and how to embody everything you want for your future. 

  First, we have to reflect on 2021 and understand where we have been. This has been a year of surfacing trauma and recognizing that old patterns, blocks and stories are carried from our childhood and teenage years. Thinking is a technology. We carry these old ways of being without realizing that these outdated programs are what have been stopping us.

  Over the past few years, we have been waking up to our power and knowing of who we are, who we want to be, and what we won’t settle for. Awakening has been going on for years, but 2019 and 2020 were years of limitation, patterns of dark nights of the soul, and realizations/illumination. Dark things are illuminated and mirrored to you in your physical reality. If you move through a dark physical experience, you are being shown what you need to move through inside. All of this, no matter what it is, it is there to help you come more deeply into yourself. You have the ability to create miracles in your life and if you don’t believe it, I will believe it for you. You need to know who you are so you can do it right.

  Approaching 2022, we are now in a position where we know a lot more about ourselves (what we want, are capable of, won't settle for, our demons, stories, sufferings). With these stories we can do so much more. 2022 is the year where miracles in your life can unfold. It can be hard to believe when we look back and see a lot of difficulty and hardship, but if we look back on our past with shame and regret, we will repeat these patterns that hold us. The new year is that clean slate to show up for ourselves and not let fear debilitate us. We will figure it out. This is the year of mass expansion.

 We must know and believe that this year can be far beyond different, unique and original than anything we have experienced before. We are going to be guided, supported, and led to everything we need to see, feel, experience, and learn so that the magic medicine of 2022 continues. We will learn how to sustain and work with what is presented to us knowing that we are supported, and promising to do the work. For many, we are scared to put in the hard work because we’ve put a lot of effort into doing things thinking they would bring us fulfillment but once we get there, we haven’t had that fulfillment. We must realize that old reality does not in any way impact what we are moving towards now. We hold to the keys to do everything we want, we need to feel safe with that and start birthing the world we want to have right now.

  This is not a wake up one day and be perfect reality. It’s years of programming that you are working to change. You may find yourself not fully focused at times, but you can use those moments to look at what is happening in your life to cause that. When you fully heal something, lessons are not moments of failure, but moments of correction. It becomes a moment of your time, a quick check of patterns and what you are changing or have changed in yourself.


  You can't be afraid to dream and honor your goals.


  So, here are some things you can do to make 2022 the year of YOU.

  First, imagine yourself at the end of the new year reflecting on what has changed.


What do you see? What have you achieved? How does that feel?


  After, pick a date. On that day, make a list of your goals. Look at them and determine what emotions having that goal would make you feel. It is those feelings that show where opportunity of cultivation lies. When we understand the energy and energy outcome, we can ask “What rituals and practices can I adapt that will cultivate this energy?” Make this process sacred and clear.

 Then, write a letter to yourself on everything you are deciding and forgive yourself for how you showed up previously because this has all lead you to here to this sacred moment. Self judgement is a distraction, be grateful for the hardships even if you dont understand them. Be open to learning; having on and off days, failing to be consistent, it's all a study. 

  Remember: This process no matter where you are is always moving you towards your inevitable outcome. Things will never unfold the way that you think they will. Our process for achieving will be messy sometimes, but we are here for the wild ride. 

  Be sure to monitor yourself, we have the responsibility to care for and nurture ourselves. 

  When opportunities present themselves to you and your body is reacting to it, do not be afraid to take those big leaps and honor your timeline. But, go at your own pace.

And finally, something SO important... Love yourself fully. You may not feel that way now or know how to get there, but do what you can to figure out how to do that for yourself. 


This is the year of miracles.



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