EP247: The Art of Self Healing to Create Wealth (How to Unblock Your Finances With Healing)

lauren of love podcast Jan 11, 2022
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 Okay... Now lets dive into todays episode shall we? 

Todays episode is all about healing your relationship with WEALTH, MONEY, ABUNDANCE and FINANCIAL FREEDOM.


Before sitting down to talk about today's topic of wealth, I got a download from the universe. This download was, "An un-wealthy woman is a waste.”  I thought, "That sounds terrible.. What is this message?" But after sitting with it for a while, I believe that it really means when a woman is truly wealthy, she has all of her resources available to her. She is at her utmost potential and power. She is going to change the world.

Wealth is created by passion, drive, and risk. A wealthy woman has a life of pure abundance and prosperity.. How liberating is that? And is that about how much money she has or is it the energy she's carrying?

Today I want to dive into what stops us from creating the action steps we need to take to show up fully in our physical reality. We are also going to look into the wounds of wealth and what stories we tell ourselves that we need to rewrite once and for all.

I want you to explore in your emotions the vision of life where you are fully wealthy and the possibilities that would be available to you living a life as the highest version of you. Awaken the pure view and come home to the freedom you innately are. Let the essences of you be fully expressed in this lifetime. Understand that any fears or setbacks are patterns or programing in the 3D reality that we have identified as truth. By shifting our perspective, we get a miracle in life. We understand that we are perfect, all of us. And that shift in perspective, changes everything for us. 

Manifestation is a process of changing your growth and aliveness. When your life feels alive, it flourishes. The more vibrant it becomes, the more the energy around you changes and impacts the 3D. Ask yourself if all of the aspects of your life currently, make you feel alive. If the answer is no, take a minute to think of what you would need in these aspects of your life to feel alive.

When you are creating aspects of your life that feel alive, they bring in more light and nourishment (food, water, money). Think of Mother Nature. She has aspects of herself that are so dynamic (fire, wind, running water). Having a good relationship with money is turning on all of those senses on and living in an ebb and flow of proportion. Are you creating balance in the vision to create wealth? What is holding us back in our thought process?

 It is not necessarily thought holding us back but the energy it produces. Thoughts impact the physical body and our 3D reality. The problem is the negative thoughts we carry now take up so much space and distract us, creating dissonance between the energy we hold and the reality we want. We have the ability to calibrate to an energetic thought and have that frequency be so strong that it expresses fully, but releasing these thoughts is different for everyone. 

One of the biggest things holding us back is the need to heal reactive mode based resistance. Reaction mode is a place our minds get to when we have been through trauma and have to react to it because negative things were happening. If you carry trauma from how you had to react to the world, we are taught that our reactions are important to protect ourselves from the world. When you focus on what might be going wrong or why you’re failing, these thoughts are feeding an old trauma pattern. This is a bad state to be in because you are trying to find the really scary thing that supports your belief that the world is not safe. So when you are showing up to step into a new paradigm of wealth, there is a period of limbo mode where you can look at your physical reality and dig into why nothing is working but we don’t have to show up all of the time in fight or flight. This makes us miss those cookie crumbs showing us what really is going right. 

So what do we do?

We work on correcting those patterns as they show up in our lives. Anytime you notice a negative reaction to an experience in the world, catch it and look for what is coming through as an opportunity for light. Change the direction of your energy, and you will start to get signs from the Universe that things are changing for you. Live in the higher frequency that you envision for yourself. Be in energetic alignment with what you want. 


Harness and hold the energy instead of waiting and reacting. 


Let go of the insecurities and lack energy that causes us to block wealth. These are all stories that are attached to you, not stories that are you. 


 So, what insecurities stop us from creating wealth?


  1. We are insecure to lead.

When we experience a trauma where we are judged for leading, it follows us from our childhood. When we are on a path of healing, there are gifts of rewrite that come through as a gift from the universe to bring that leader back home. Just because we are resistant to leadership, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lead. So, where was this belief shaped for you? 


  1. We are insecure to receive

We don’t feel safe to receive. We may feel greedy when we think of taking something from someone. Receiving may follow with hurt but it is about opening up and letting in. If you block your channel to receive, you block wealth. Start implementing practices that nourish your feminine energy, it’s about flow and losing time. Fill your own cup and fuel your own energy.


  1. Insecure to feel secure

We don’t feel safe in the idea of being safe because we have never experienced the safety we have needed before. We expect bad things, we expect struggle. This is all rooted in the idea that suffering is the state of our consciousness. We carry patterns that are preventing our security by believing the world is not safe. It is possible on the other side of healing to live a life without struggle. Be aware of your nervous system and the way it reacts to your environment. This is all indications of stories we need to look into. Identify experiences that make you feel unsafe, can you release them?


  1. Insecure to break patterns of our reality. 

We fear of the what ifs. We fear being different than family friends, peers, the world. But, part of being a leader is recognizing that you are so divine and sacred. Let that shine. We are all special, but we don’t want to be someone stuck in their patterns, we want to break them. We have a choice to break from what others expected of us. But we can’t fear rejection, losing people. 


The root at all of our insecurity is a component of worthiness. For a long time, I doubted if my product was worthy of the price I was charging. I doubted its value. I realized that these fears I had of what others would think, is really what I was thinking about myself. When I changed my thoughts, I saw my product as pure and sacred, I knew my job was to carry that medicine and let it shine. I was capable of making a difference. 


Start empowering yourself, believe yourself, focus on what you are doing right. Celebrate yourself. You’re doing a great job.


When you believe in your magic, you are always supported. 



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