EP248: Hear from a HEAL Program Graduate - How Georgia Changed Her Life, Created Abundance, and Found Her Freedom

lauren of love podcast Jan 13, 2022

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This episode of the podcast is super special. Today, I released an interview that I did with a graduate from the HEAL. Program, Georgia. Our conversation was so magical, I am beyond grateful to be sharing it with you.


Lauren: You did HEAL. and are out of integration, I would love to hear what has hanged over the past couple months.


Georgia: I’ve actually made a few notes. There’s so much, even since you first asked that has happened. I’ll start with what I wanted to HEAL.


I found you at a time where I had a level of awareness from about 4 years of working on myself, but I still had a real lack of confidence. I was the first person to apologize for myself and that has just gone.


I came in wanting to heal my relationship with myself. I felt like there was lots I wanted to work on but it all begins with me and the way I am in all of these situations. So, when I sort of randomly found you on Instagram and sort of read bits you'd been through I was so you know, when you see someone you think that I so relate to so much of what you share. So then HEAL. obviously popped up, and I thought, “I need to do that.” And I think you know, if you remember, I signed up within three minutes, I was like “Getting it!”


And it's just so much has shifted. And it's so odd because at first I didn't really know what was going on. I was just I was doing it all. And I didn't really know what was shifting, and I don't think I've really truly known what has shifted until even as much as the last month because my integration seems to unfold without me really knowing, and then suddenly I'll realize things have massively changed. And I don't apologize for myself, and my friends have noticed so it's not just me. It's not me saying this has altered, it's other people saying the change has been massive because I carried a lot and I don't need to carry that… 


Lauren: No, I’m here for it all and keep speaking because it's it's really making me very happy and very like grateful because you know, anytime you design a program that's like channeled, which is essentially what that program was, there's a lot of fear in that of like, “Oh, is this gonna work? You know what I mean, and like I don't know, is this like, this is big and it was deep, like the stuff we were doing was so freaking deep going back into childhood and teenage years. And to hear stories like this is just like, so warming and nourishing to my heart. You know, it reminds me like this, this has been so effective for so many women. And you're right, like you go through that process of healing and like uprooting things, and you don't really know what, what it's changing or how it looks. But integration is an unfolding, it's like, things just kind of open up and blossom. So I really love hearing you share that, that makes me feel really happy.


Georgia: Well, I think it, I can only say this honestly, hand on heart, it works. I don't really know what's happened. But I just thought, “Right, I'm just going to commit to this”. Because the big thing that I've had my whole life is, and you know, I'm sort of really passionate about mental health and how people feel and having four and a half years ago had what I you know, we talked about the dark night of the soul and all of that stuff, that was my breaking point and my whole life changed overnight to the point of, and you've helped me to understand that because now I lost a lot of things within a very short period of time, through choice to save my health, let's put it that way. 


So my job when you know, all of the life that I knew, flipped on its head. And I didn't really know why at the time that had happened. But through HEAL, I don't, I now don't look at it, like a negative thing. I feel like to be where I am now, I needed all of that to happen. Which I know a lot of people think that that's odd, to welcome challenges, but I've learned so much from that pain and my whole thing, and I'm very careful with my words now, because I always describe my life as quite challenging. But actually, I've had a very good life. It's how I interpreted those experiences. And I think that two people can have really similar events, but it's how you have that experience isn’t it. And my experiences were very emotional, I played the victim role. You know, I was hurt and wounded. And I carried that my whole life. I started that in my childhood and I carried it my whole life. And I I'm less of that person now. And I don't pick to be the wounded tie. You know, this is so true, I'm the master of my own kind of, I can sit in the negative emotion if I choose to. It's me that does it. And I know that before HEAL, I thought no, things are happening around me and I'm reacting and now I know I don't need to prolong my suffering. Yeah, I didn’t know that before. I didn't know that.


Lauren: Yeah, it's you know, it's funny, because like that what you just shared is a prayer I have for many women to realize when they go through this program. And the reason that's like a part of this program, is because when my I was going through the thick of it, and I was in my victim consciousness and was sitting in a lot of Ayahuasca ceremonies, at one point, my teacher said to me, he's like, “Are you ready to just stop being addicted to your suffering?” And I was like, “Ohhhh” like, you know, I saw it for the first time. And so, you know, the fact that that's actually coming through for you to just makes me feel really happy and grateful, because it's an important lesson to learn, you know, like, that really gives you firmness in your life so that no matter what happens, you got this, you know what I mean? And that's like, learning how to be in that strength is what allows you to stretch and be brave to take risks. And again, uncomfortable because you know, you got it no matter what, you know. 


So, so yeah. So tell, can you tell me like, I know, I've been following you on Instagram. And like, your audience has been growing like at a rapid friggin pace from my perspective. And I feel like you're sharing more and yeah, really showing up in your power. And so how has that been?


Georgia: You know, it's funny, isn't it? Because, for me, social media is potentially one of the most challenging things because of the whole lesson of it feeds into my insecurity. But I sort of sit back and I can see that so you can say such lovely things then, but my perspective is, I don't sometimes see it that way. I think, oh, it can be such an odd place to exist in, and yet, you need it sometimes to spread a message and you need it to sell, you need it to have a business. And I just look at it slightly differently now that I show up in ways, I test things with it because it is a bit of an energy game. It's a bit kind of, I don't need to, I sort of play with it.


And I'll do, do the people like this? And it's just, it's not quite as painful as it used to be? Because I think it's set up, isn't it to make you base your worth on your interaction? And I think it's quite difficult. If you don't get that interaction, how does that make you feel? But it's, I definitely noticed the difference in the way that I am. And I don't know, I just, I don't want to say I care less, because I care greatly. I don't create my content from a position of not caring, but…


Lauren: But I guess it's the not taking it as personally that I’m hearing. And that that to you know, that's a really big thing, because I think part of the heal study is that boundary work of learning how to be aware of when you're giving your power away, or when you're giving something more meaning than you should you know. Yeah, so that's, that's phenomenal. That's fucking rad.


Georgia: I think there’s one thing as well, because I think it's, I just spent my whole life and I again, it's something I know that we've talked about, and you have had similar experiences where I went outside of myself, to find the thing that was going to save me, that's how it appeared. So whether that be alcohol or food, you know, I've had such vast food issues, and none of it connected up. And so again, social media is a similar kind of a machine, isn't it that you get, you think you're getting love. And actually, I just have an awareness now that I prefer to be there to spread some love and some kindness. And I sort of want to pick my words carefully, I had an unusual experience last week. So I had an experience where something had happened in my business. And it as is this day and age, I sell things that are positive to people, and they're sent with a lot of love. And I can imagine it's similar for you, it’s a different business model, but you pour your soul into what you do. And mine's on a much smaller level, but every sticker I sell or whatever, it's there to change someone's feeling and help them to feel that they're not alone. So I had a really tough experience last week where somebody did something online, for whatever their reason was, in our people review products. And it wasn't the kindest. And that was a massive level of learning for me, because I noticed what the lesson was there for. And I am so not responsible for someone else. That was what came through. And I just sent love. And it was honestly, I don't want to be too negative about it. But it was tough. And it was upsetting. And I have had my time to be upset, and then I've gone no, because I know what my intention is in life. 


I don't know, I think the important thing is I've reacted differently to an experience that it's not sitting with me, you taught me I can move the energy. And another massive thing you taught me was, this is not my anxiety. This is an anxiety feeling. It's not mine, I don't have to own it. And I don't have to own the feeling, I can shift the feeling. So it was quite powerful to have an experience that taught me that I almost was like it you haven't given enough to please. And that lesson comes up for me time and time again. But I don't need to live my life like that. I can live feeling I'm enough. I don't need to seek someone else's approval to know that I'm doing the best I can do. I don't know if any of that made sense.


Lauren: It’s gold. It’s true, because this is all you know, all of this is the study of being in your own power and having control over your life in a way that's not controlling but just as you creating your reality and you know, part of that is that reactionary study and that boundary study of like really figuring out how to not take on what we are experiencing in life but to receive the perspective of like that happening for you. 


Wow, that's like powerful integration to be able to literally go through something that old you would have been fucking crying about for months and freaking out and having panic attacks, you know, and now you're here and you're like, that person. You know, man, there are people like that, send her love, love, you know. And that separation, that’s it. That's, like, that's huge. Being able to do that in your life makes you run faster towards your goals and makes you achieve what you really want and allows you to be happy in the process. So yeah, it's incredible.


Georgia: Older me would have shut my business. Yeah. Doesn't want that, you know, don't hurt me. I am, you know, and I didn't. Yes, I had my time. And I allow myself that time to feel whatever I need to feel. But then it doesn't haunt me. And that I don't know how that happened.


Lauren: You did your work. 


Georgia: I don't know how that happened. It just isn't there. Mind blowing.


Lauren: It's so beautiful. I'm so happy for you, sweetie, it's really amazing. Is there  any other thoughts or feelings you want to share or come through or other things that you maybe took notes on to share that you can recall or feel like you need to, or want to hold space to share?


Georgia: I just think there is so much, you know? A lot happened for me during that program. And it's just, it's still happening now. And because I'm in your membership as well, I'll delve in and I'll think, right? There's just so much. I dress differently. I'm back, finding myself in the way that I dress, I am back in terms of losing weight because I didn't need the food to make me feel… It happens and is happening in so many ways. 


And the other thing is, I used to really struggle with walking into a room. And when I went to college the first time, I was so insecure that I wouldn't go into the room on my own. So if I didn't have someone to walk in with, and it only dawned on me recently, things like that don't even crossed my mind. My confidence was so rock bottom. 


And like I said before, my friends have just said, “The first time I met you, you apologize for your mere existence.” And I don't apologize anymore. There is a lot that I have learned and continue to learn from what you do that, you know, I just would say to anyone it is so worthwhile, it is so worthwhile to put in that work because it… I still don't know what happened. I don’t, I can't say too much. I did this. And I just did what you suggested. And it's just so much has changed. And it's more about me, about how I show up, how I feel. It's not perfect, I get it wrong. You know, it's not some magic cure, but I don't know what to say there's just so, so much that's just brilliant.


Lauren: Thank you, sweetheart, thank you for doing that work for yourself, really. Because now, you know, in that vibration, the medicine that you carry for everybody around you is showing fully, because it's not blocked by any of that other stuff. So thank you for doing that work, because now you get to carry even more happiness for people even more inspiration, and healing, and helping, and radiating. So. Yeah. Thank you so much. And it was an honor to have you in the program and to continue to have you in The Soul Portal. So that's super cool. And yeah, thank you for doing it all. I'm so proud of you.


Georgia: Thank you for creating it. Emotional mastery, that's what it is. But genuinely, it's life changing. So thank you.


Lauren: Yeah, thank you so much. I love you. And can you tell everybody too… I love your Instagram. I'm always on it. And I love the little sticker boxes you send out and all of the magic, like, can you just hold space to tell people where they can find you? 


Georgia: I’ve got an Etsy shop, I've got an Instagram page. And it's just, it's something that came out for me when I was at my lowest with how I felt that a big tool for me is journaling and how I journal and I just started to turn my artwork into things that sort of replicate my feelings and other people use them in their journals and stuff. So yeah, it's just spreading a bit of love and magic, I think. Just to lift you.


Lauren: Thank you. Yeah, this was beautiful. It was such an honor to have you. Have a good day sister.



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