EP250: She earned $38,000, lost 48 pounds & found herself in the HEAL. program

lauren of love podcast Jan 25, 2022

Today’s episode is an interview between myself and a HEAL. Graduate, Aurelia. She has been on a journey of expanding her relationship with spirituality, creating abundance and prosperity in her life and business, and she has been healing her relationship with her body. She came into the program feeling financially blocked and disconnected from herself. She got SO much medicine in this program. Not only did she manifest almost $40,000 but she lost almost 50 pounds and is returning to the program this round to expand herself even more.


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Lauren: I'm so happy to talk to you and like dive into this conversation today. I started recording because I just didn't want to run the risk of any glitches. Yeah, but like, really, honestly, Sister watching you grow and like, expand over the last couple of months has been so amazing. And just really looking forward to hearing you share, you know, your perspective of observing yourself and like what has changed and what has shifted throughout the HEAL. program and then beyond because I think you're coming back for this round. Right?


Aurelia: I'm coming back for this round. I wanted to come back for the second one, and I caught the first two weeks, but then we had an incident at my daughter's school or preschool and we ended up pulling her out. And she was injured and they didn't tell us. Like, not severely injured but enough that they put big, they put band aids on her hip, and they didn't tell us it was a big deal. So we ended up pulling her out. And we didn't realize she was also being bullied in the class. She's not autistic, but she's special needs and she has speech delay. So the children bullying her and she fell down. Instantly. I had to go to mommy mode and for like six or eight weeks, just I didn't do anything but stay with her during the days but it kind of, it was funny because with round one, two weeks in, my product went viral. So that interrupted it. Like I was almost upset when it happened because I was like, shit now I can't doHEAL.work which like I think it was like 23, 16 hour days to get all the products out. It was insane.


Lauren: Yeah, what happened with that you had a big financial explosion, the first round of HEAL. Let's talk about what happened for you.


Aurelia: The very first course I ever took was back in September 2020 with Nicole Walters. Well, she had like, we've built a rapport within a business group. And so she saw that I had launched a new product, a new company, new income stream, she was my third customer. And then like I was sitting here, my neighbor child and my child were putting makeup on me. And like my phone starts blowing up like deep. Like I don't get a lot of calls. It's like what is going on? She was on Instagram with my products like this just holding it up and digging into it. And I could not get to Instagram because all of a sudden I heard like cha-chings from Etsy. Like I could not literally move past the sales notifications to do anything. And I think it was $28,000 in 36 hours. Yeah, but it was just me. It's like just me like my husband had to take like a week and a half off. Like of work to help me do all the orders. We had 570 orders.


Lauren: Holy crap, that's fucking amazing. You know, I think it's funny because a lot of us are very focused on the strategy, and the steps, and the how's to like making success happen but when we take a minute to really do deep inner work and like calibrate our frequency and shift our vibration. We become a match for these opportunities that just kind of show up out of nowhere, you know, so oh my gosh, yeah.


Aurelia: That's true Lauren, because like this year I'm launching, so as  of Monday, I will have four standalone businesses. I work about 18 hours a week. But I spend four to five hours a day in ceremony and meditation and sacred space. I get up very early so I can have time before my daughter wakes up. She she's very good. She doesn't take naps. So she's 7am, 7pm. And I spend two to three hours an evening, either watching programs or journaling or baths. So I do more sacred self care than I do work. And I am able to handle four businesses.


Lauren: That's amazing. Is that a study that really expanded for you in the HEAL. program? Like, I know we were talking about this before, on our first recording, when we glitched up, maybe you could speak to it now just how that has, how the study has shifted and changed in your practice.

: The main thing that sort of trained me into the study was journaling. I am dyslexic, severely dyslexic. And I never really got into like journaling because it was harder to write. It was harder to follow along, but I wanted to do the HEAL. program. So I'm like, we're gonna do the journal prompts, we're going to do what she says. And it really started flowing. It was the catalyst that got me comfortable with journaling. And now I probably have not only do I have like my first HEAL. notebook, I'm gonna get like the new printed HEAL. notebook. I have like journals and notebooks everywhere. I'm constantly writing. So that, and it was nice, because HEAL. was the first spiritual program I ever took. And it sort of, you know, it made me realize, like, not so much like consistency and discipline, but it taught me devotion to my own practice. I would, you know, I knew, Okay, we had homework, we have calls on Tuesday, so I need to get my homework done. So on Sunday nightS, I started, you know, really cultivating. Sunday nights are my nights. So it's just funny how, things that you start to do carry over and you keep them because they just, you know, they help you and you become accustomed to them.


Lauren: Yeah, yeah, that ritual that practice that routine is so important. If you could look back, like, and ask the question, "How has my life changed before HEAL. and after HEAL? And let me let me hear that response from you. I'm really curious to hear what you have to say.


Aurelia: I don’t even feel like I’m the same person. I felt like I've had a different incarnation within the same lifetime. You know, I just, I don't know, like, I am so much more confident and comfortable with myself. And so much more aware of my power. You know, like, I can create literally anything I want. Like, I was fairly shy, you know, I've lost a ton of weight, 48 pounds last year,  20lbs the year before that. I'm trying to do 111lbs this year, you know, but I think the thing was, I would I would see you do it first. And it let me know it was okay. Like you would post a before and after of your pictures. You would post like like if you see over there, that's my guitar. I am not like a musical person. But I saw you like playing with your drum. And not only would you wanna like in the ceremony you would do like, you know, ritual music, but you would do like this silly drumming and everything on Instagram. I'm like, well, if Lauren can do it, I can do it. Then it would be other things were like I remember. Like, do you mindvalley.com? Yes, I took this like, free masterclass on Mine Valley. And he's literally talking about I forget what the technique is called, but you cover it in HEAL. where you see, you know, you envision something but you see it on a screen. And you know, six months after HEAL. he's talking about it and  I'm like, wait, wait Lauren said that, Lauren taught me that. So it's like, it comes around. I'm constantly up in your world, whether you realize it or not.


Lauren: I love it. I love it so much. And I'm up in your world too, because I've been watching you as you grow and expand and change. And it's like, it's so cool. Because now you're stepping into your leadership of spiritual practice and really honing your gifts in your life and how that pours out. It's just absolutely amazing. Like, I'm so excited. I'm so blessed to watch that process for you. You know, I'm curious in the HEAL. container we did so much deep work right there was like inner child work, inner teenager work and all this like heavier stuff. And, you know, I think a lot of people do have that fear of like going deep into their shadow. And I'm wondering for you if that was, what was that like for you really sitting with these components of self that maybe are uncomfortable or these components of your past that are uncomfortable. What was the process like?


Aurelia: I think it was easier with yours. And I hear, I think in most of the spiritual community, you hear things like, Oh, inner child healing, shadow work, like, you didn't just tell us, okay, let's do this, or here's a meditation of how to do it. You broke it down in like bite sized pieces. And you know, being neurodivergent and just being new to spirituality I've been, I had my spiritual awakening two years ago. So I'm fairly new to this world, I was an atheist before. But you, you broke it down in bite sized pieces. And that's how my brain got around it. Like you're the only person and I've done you know, Shadow Work stuff and read Shadow Work books after heal. And it just kind of doesn't compute for me. And it was nice to you know, your inner child healing, but you honor the teenager, you know, I was bullied profusely. In high school, I left home I stayed with you know, couch surfed I stayed with other family, like friends, and my friend's parents and family, stay with teachers, because my own home situation was imploding. That was a whole separate issue that needed to be tackled outside of the little five year old girl that had problems. You broke those apart.


Lauren: Yeah, yeah, I relate to what you're sharing as well. And it was like when I designed the program, and like channeled the components, it was so evident to me that that inner teenager is just such a missed study, because that's where a lot of the toxic pattern stuff starts to become illuminated. Like, yeah, you can have a difficult childhood, but like, what about all the challenges you faced in your teenage years? So I love that the study, breaking it down in simple terms was really effective for you. Yes, so now you have more confidence, right? You're more in your spiritual practice. You've lost all this weight your businesses blow it, I'm like, all smiles just hearing this.


Aurelia: I'm happy. Like, I'm so happy,  I'm a better wife, I'm a better mom. And it's not that I needed to be a better me or I needed to fix anything. I just needed to be kinder to me, I needed to like, basically move the darkness out so I could receive the light.


Lauren: Yeah, absolutely. And the lightness that you feel in your energetic field, right, that's, it's so evident how powerful that release work is. Because I know from my experience, releasing all that heavy stuff, you just feel so much lighter, and life is lighter, and absolutely beautiful. Did you have any, like prior to coming into the program, you know, what was your deep intention, like what brought you into that container in the first place?


Aurelia: Before this, you were posting weight loss photos. So the weight loss was a big part of it. And I just wanted to really deepen my practice. I wanted something like like, the thing I did the five day challenge. And I think it's a three day now. I did the the challenge with you. I was having shifts in the free challenge. Like you know, like I remember the you know, where you write your story and you cross it out. And like I used color pens, and it's very sort of tactile, I think that's the thing you've sort of crossed over. When you take a lot of courses online, you don't get the in person feeling. You know, you're writing stuff, you're doing stuff you're doing ceremony, it like, computed for me, it made it tangible and real. And it was, you know, moving like, I had so many shifts in the five day program. And my husband and I were broke at the time and I went upstairs and told him like, I need money. I have to do this program. It's healed me in five days and then like two weeks later, we hit $25,000. So it's like, okay, I'm listening. I just looked up at the universe. I'm like, I'm listening.


Lauren: I can't tell you how emotional it makes me just to watch. Oh, I'm so proud of you. So proud of you. It's amazing. Like, you know, like this work isn't really it's not about me, it's about this, you know, and seeing these other sides of life and shifting in like what you said, like, I feel like I've been reborn into like this lifetime.


Aurelia: Well, it's funny, Lauren, because I found you from business stuff. Like in 2020. I was just bored and lost. So I took you know, I took the other business course. And you had done like another free challenge. And that's how I found you. I found you through the business stuff. And I kind of watched that evolution of you know, this like high powered business coach into you know, this touchy feely, warm spiritual coach, and I see how you approach your business. I approached mine the same way I don't have any like grand marketing schemes or anything. The universe just sends me stuff and it works out and it's magical. That's my marketing plan. 


Lauren: That's the only way to do it. Yeah. And I think like, you know, my prayer, because I've gone through this, like very deep evolution over the last couple years is that women themselves who watched that give themselves permission to evolve, because it is a very important part of our expansion is to be detached from how we have been doing things, to doing things differently. And surrendering the old way to go deeper. And to go into a different perspective. I think it just really is such a beautiful process, too, because I'm not doing it by myself. I'm doing it with all y'all.


Aurelia: That's one of the really neat things I thought for HEAL. So yours was the first program like the first spiritual container I was in. I've done others, you know, I'm a content junkie. I love like, my hobby is my spirituality. But you know, you feel sometimes, or I felt with other programs, that the teacher is, it's definitely a separation. There's a gap between, you know, she's teaching you, she's leading you, and you're learning. You're in there with us, you know, you're telling us the stuff you're going through, you're crying with us. It's very, very warm, and it's very, very different, that sort of vibration and energy you've created. And two, I think it's because you can, you can do it more than once. It's not like, okay, it's cohort four, four of HEAL, you know, you never made two and three, it's like you can meet sisters and people that are further along than you. And you have the community to ask, you know, you're a busy woman, but I can post a question in the HEAL. community, and people reach out to me, you know, it's this, it's just, it's magical. I don't know how to, like describe it.


Lauren: I'm so happy that you're coming back for another round, it gets me so excited.


Aurelia: It's nice, because like, I'm a different person healing this time. And I think every time I do this, I will be a different person.


Lauren: Oh, 100%. So this is my third round of doing the program because I like you said, I do it with you guys. And like, every time something changes, something shifts, something expands. And I'm like, wow, like, what's next, I'm gonna be like, it gets this this big evolution each time. So really excited to see what you stretch into next. And I'm so honored to guide you. And, you know, I really love what you shared about the fact that you were in a financial hardship prior to coming into the program and now you're not right, like things have expanded. But for sisters out there who maybe are on the fence, or who are feeling like it's a financial stretch, what would your advice be? To somebody who's feeling that way?


Aurelia: I think that, you know, everything can be a financial stretch, if you approach it with that energy. You know, if you if you needed the money to you know, buy a brace or buy something to recover, you would find it. But because it's an online program, quote, unquote, you're like, Oh, well, you know, you, you put it in a different, like, context. If you look at this as something you need, something that's going to further you along, you know, there's this I saw it, do you want to be in the same place you are a year from now, this is the key to that. It's going to help you it's you know, if you never take a risk in life, you're not going to get anything out of it. You know, you're gonna have to eventually say, you know, this is the line in the sand. This is enough, I'm tired of the bullshit, I'm tired of the darkness, I'm tired of this, I need to change. And that's with anything, whether that's healing or weight loss or addiction, or, you know, you've gone through all that. You know, I cannot do this anymore. I cannot live like this anymore. And this is the it's a I think to with spiritual programs, you don't sit there and tell us, okay, this is everything that's wrong with you and everything you need to fix. You're like, no, let's, let's work on this. Let's approach this. You're the softest, like most gentle, most graceful coach I've worked with. And I think that, you know, HEAL. is like the introductory program. If you're lost and you don't have a clue where to start. You'll find it.


Lauren: Yeah, you're amazing. You're making me like so teary today.


Aurelia: You're like, sunshine, there's this, like, I thought I sent it to you, but it's like, you know, stay close to people that feel like sunshine. And it's easy. It's like if I want to, I think the thing is too, you're not going to be healed. This is is like constant work, you're going to re approach this. But you know, you've shared your own journey with you know, quote unquote, mental health and the psychotropics they gave you and the damage it did. You know, I was diagnosed with you know, a myriad of things bipolar,  panic disorder, I don't have any of that. I am fine now. I think what is mislabeled as mental illness is like literally parts of yourself that you need to heal.


Lauren: 100%


Aurelia: But it’s like the recovery. So like, this week, like last Friday, when we tried to do the recording, and it didn't work, that just pissed me off like I was, I was so angry afterwards. And not only did my internet stuff Friday morning, we lost power for like, 36 hours over the weekend. I'm trying to get my business launched. Like I was just in a funk for like five days. But it was only five days. And I think when you're depressed, it's five weeks in bed, it's two weeks in bed, you know, here I am, you know, I had suffered severe postpartum after my daughter was born. Five years ago, you know, I spent months and months in bed. And even during those five days, when I was quote, unquote, in a funk, my actual state, my, like, my physical spiritual state, was still okay. I was still functional. I was up, I was still chasing my kid and making her laugh. I didn't feel great, but I was okay. And it was five days, not five weeks. 


Lauren: Yeah, you know, I think, like, what you what you shared about, like, it's a process. You know, I think even for myself, like, when I've healed certain elements, there's a continuation of study that happens after that. And so even just the analogy of what you're sharing the control body that wants everything to be a certain way and doesn't want to have obstacles or deterrence, or setbacks or roadblocks. When those things come up, you're like, ahh, why is this happening? And it's showing you, you know, where in your energy, are you not still surrendering, where in your energy are you still trying to control? Where's the fear body still there. And that's not a reflection of not being healed. When you have the self awareness to really be observant of like, Oh, I see what's happening. I see. I'm stressed, I'm seeing I'm anxious. What is this coming? What is playing out for me? Right, and like, that's a beautiful study. And the fact that your energy is still being held in a strong container, when you're moving through those things, is such a testament to how deep you've gone into this work to be able to carry your sovereignty in any obstacle. And I think that's a that's very important. In the mental health stuff, too. I mean, like, gosh, how many people are misdiagnosed with I was diagnosed bipolar type two, too, and I have panic disorder and anxiety and depression diagnoses and borderline personality disorder.


Aurelia: A rap sheet of everything that's wrong with you. And here's one pill to make you feel better. And here's another pill to counteract side effects. Here's pills to make you not feel like crap from the other two pills. It's like, you know, it's just, it's horrible. You know, I went into I remember, I'm from North Carolina, there's like a, it's like a mental health emergency room, basically. And I went, and I needed to talk to somebody. And they gave me a prescription. And they did an intake, I remember begging them to please just talk to a therapist. So I went on a Sunday and they're like, Oh, we can get you an appointment for 10 o'clock Monday morning. Okay. And I go in, and it's another intake, because they did not get right. And I just left.


Lauren: Yeah, the mental health system is such a disaster. And I think a lot of that, it's exactly what you said, when you're experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD, symptoms of ups and downs, that kind of look like bipolar disorder, you know, a lot of those things are actually signs of on an unintegrated self, it's like a part of you that is not fully realized, or a part of you that's not being fully embodied, or a part of you that is wounded, that's just playing out. And, you know, it's part of the reason I love this work, right because it's not only shifting you on a spiritual level, but it's changing your physical reality in all the ways and it's changing your mind. It's changing your mental health. So it's really cool to see you share that perspective, too. Yeah, so so, so excited. You're coming in for next round, what have you come up with your intention of what it is you're here to heal from?


Aurelia: I haven't yet. And the reason why the first time I did it, I brought in something. I kind of like want to lean in to it. I want to see how the energy shifts. I think, you know, this will be the third round. So and even being with new people, being with people that have been there before, you know, I want to see what the energy brings. I just want to like lean into it. And what I'm supposed to heal the universe will give me. 


Lauren: I love that. I love that. I feel like yeah, I want to speak to that because I'm probably going to talk about this In the HEAL. program this round too because there's more content being added, and there's new, we have a new workbook and the new meditation so we're gonna bounce around. When I go into ceremony, like, I'm going into ceremony this weekend for my birthday, and I could focus all the weeks before I'm like, Well, what is my prayer? What's my intention? What am I calling in? What am I releasing? And I could do that. But you're never really going to know what the specifics of that are until you're in that moment right there ready to step into it. So I think it's great that you're saying, Yep, I'm ready for my next level of expansion and I don't know specifically, what that thing is that I'm working on. But it will be illuminated, it will show itself and I'm going to flow I think that's an incredible way to go about this process too.


Aurelia: Yeah, it all comes when you just you stop trying so much. I think it's that control body, like you said, we try to control everything, even our damn spirituality. Seriously, take a breath, relax, lean into it will come to you. I used to be so uptight. And I'm like, so much more laid back. And my husband calls it noodly, like you are so noodly now.


Lauren: Oh, well, I'm so happy that you get to be in that medicine. Being noodly is great. I'm gonna, I'm taking that with me, that expression. So I'm gonna share also in the show notes a link to your products because I love them. I've been using them. They're so beautiful. And I'm just sending you like a ton of love and best wishes for this magical journey. I can't wait to see what this opens up for your next round.


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Aurelia: Thanks so much.


Lauren: So welcome. Thank you for being here on this. This was a phenomenal dialogue. And I hope it you know, really just inspires anybody to know, regardless of whether or not they come into the program, like you can rewrite your reality you can change your life you can shift anything that is not serving you and calling exactly what you want. And you are such a walking testament to that truth. And yeah, just really pumped for you


Aurelia: Me too! I really feel like you changed my life Lauren so thank you.


Lauren: You're so welcome. It's my honor. And you changed your life. I just held space for it. Yeah, beautiful job. Yeah.

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