Staying Fit in Life and Business


This week Lauren sits down to talk with Stephanie Schultz founder of the Courageously Confident online community!

In this juicy episode (EP138) , we talk all things staying fit mentally, physically and in your business. Stephanie helps women level the F*CK up in life through fitness, mindset, and business coaching.

She’s known for her signature fitness program, Courageously Confident, her mindset course, Mediocre to Magical and her intimate Mastermind for the Ambitious Af Woman.

In this episode we covered:

  • Stephanie’s journey of quitting her college path to have faith that her passion and purpose would appear.
  • How following a path that wasn’t aligned for caused anxiety, depression and an eating disorder.
  • How she let her business unfold with trust, faith and passion
  • The journey of growth and evolution of a business and brand.
  • How confidence has a direct connection to money manifestation 
  • How to fix the disconnect of confidence and bring you back to your power.
  • Knowing you WHY in business
  • How to stop chasing the numbers and comparing yourself to other people
  • Hearing No and Dealing with Rejections
  • Setting boundaries and stopping the “rush” to appreciate where you are with true gratitude.

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-Lauren of Love